Again I apologize for taking so long. However I wanted to see where season 7 was going. I will try to post as I can. Depends on my work schedule. I hope you enjoy this. Let me know if you think I am off. Some entries are shorter because of little Ziva involvement.

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Leap of Faith

23 October 2007

Today we were summoned to a Naval Officer that was on top of a building getting ready to jump to his death. I can only imagine what was going through his mind. Gibbs tried to talk him down and had convinced him not to jump when a shot came from across the street hitting him and he fell to his death.

Tony had fun teasing McGee about his fear of heights. I reminded him about his rock climbing experience. What else would Tony do to impress a girl?

Abby is being flirted with by some company headhunter. Tony says they want her to leave NCIS and work for them. I can not believe the rumors going around. However I hope they are not true I would hate to loose my closest friend I have had since Tali. Tony is moping around because she might leave, he really needs to stop trying to find trouble.

The naval officers wife was interesting. I had my suspicions, Geesh, now I sound like Tony. Blaming the wife every time.

Tony told me about the psychiatrist office and how the Doctor thought that he and McGee were a couple. He said McGee got really embarrassed. I would have love to seen that. However I know Tony would die if anyone in the office thought he was not straight.

Met Niki Jardine this week she is an intel analyst. I am a little concerned that Tony maybe interested in her up till she showed that she is OCD with cleanliness. However must admit Tony's fake sneeze was priceless. Though I loved getting to tease him about his interest in her.

However I know that he is really not interested in her, at least not past looking at her. Though they do have a few things in common, fear of Gibbs, movie buff, fear of Germ for her, and commitment for him,

I am getting tired of Tony throwing it in my face that I am a foreigner. I wish he knew how much it bothers me, however maybe that is why he never tries to ask me out.

Tony compared me to the wife, who is a secret spy. Again another dig, I should hate him, however I keep finding myself drawn closer to him.

Tony was almost killed today, he was hanging for his life on the side of a parking garage seven stories up. When I stopped the wife, I wanted to kill her however Gibbs was nearby and knew I did not have a reason to kill her. However if she had done anything or if Tony would have feel I would have killed her without a second thought.


30 October 2007

Tony came near dying today, I was trying to complete a report and he continually hit me with spit balls. He was saved because Abby showed up, and I had to try find out a way to get out of going to this thing called Brain Matter. Then Gibbs came and rescued us.

Well this mission is top secret so the rest of this diary entry is not related to anything.

However I will recall that Tony is afraid of rats and a hypochondriac. McGee is seasick and really needs more like a patch than just the pills, he cost me $10.00.


6 November 2007

Tony was the hero this week. He not only saved Gibbs, he saved Kelly's (Gibbs's daughter) best friend from childhood.

I feel guilty however, as I should have been their to back him up. We could have lost all three of them. Tony should have called me.

Designated Target

13 November 2007

Tony again almost died this week, and at my hands. Not only did he interfere when he should have not, he now has me married and having to explain to relatives about Tony. I was talking to my Aunt Nettie as I was coming into work and she was asking advise on how to tell her mahjong partner she wanted to separate. Tony thought I was talking to a man, and well lets just say he probably has heard what he told Aunt Nettie many times since it seems many of his dates are married women. Aunt Nettie thinks I should keep him, and that he sounds nice, not to mention she loved the flowers he sent, even though I told him not to. I will have to find out how he got her address.

Abby gave up caffeine again and is barely able to function. McGee has a new girlfriend, however she took him to the cleaners I think is the saying. Only McGee seem to not mind that she was taking his money and wanted to try to work out the problems with her. I will never understand men.

The crime we investigated this week was a Admiral that was killed in a taxi. However he was not the intended target. Instead it was a man from Burundi, and was a gypsy driver. He was a political refugee.

I had lots of fun with Tony concerning his interest that I have not adapted to the US yet. I know I mix up things with my language and say things backwards, however sometimes I do it just so he can correct me many times.

Tony needs to learn to talk with people from other countries he would never last in Mossad. If he had to go to other countries he would not know how to adapt. His sarcasm would get him killed.

The man we were looking for had a wife, she told me all about how they were soul mates. She asked if I had met mine and told me I would know that person the minute I did. I believe in soul mates, however I do not think my soul mate senses what I do when I am around him.

I asked Tony about his feeling about immigrants and he just gave me a bunch of bull. Then when I asked him about soul mates he did his typical avoidance tactic and compared it to some movie or tv show.

However in this case the soul mates was not enough, the man had thought his soul mate was killed and so he had remarried in the US. It was so very sad, and the look Tony gave me as the women drove away, it was like he said so much for soul mates.

I never considered myself a romantic, however I guess somewhere deep inside I do have a romantic side.