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Summary: With Kim and Shego doubting their reasons for fighting, the two woman did an introspection of their lives to finally draw out a conclusion...but an accident hastens everything. KIGO

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KP's Princess

Part 1

Kim docked when she saw Shego's legs sway her way to avoid being hit, but though she have moved away, Shego is faster, yes...Shego is a lot faster now than before, the leg attack was followed immediately by a right hand that sends Kim Possible hurling outward, Kim hitting her back on a concrete wall. The red headed teen heroine gasp as pain soared through her body, and in her pain she saw the green skinned villainess coming at her. For the first time in her entire career and fighting Shego, she felt tired, for the first time she knew she have to give up...if this is her fate, to die in Shego's hands, then be it...Kim Possible is so tired of her life, Kim Possible don't want to fight the green skinned female anymore

She closed her eyes and waited for the impact of Shego's blow that would kill her

She waited

and waited

Kimberly Ann Possible opened her eyes when after a long wait, the blow did not happen. And there she saw Shego, standing in front of her, her head bowed down, her arms shaking while resting on her side, her right hand is enclosed with her plasma power, couple of hairs hids her eyes from Kim

"What were you thinking?" the question was ask in a shaky, husky, low tone, dangerous voice, "WHAT WERE YOU THINGKING!!!!!" the green woman shouted then followed by a fist that instead of landing in Kim's face landed on the concrete wall beside her.

Kim's eyes widens, never have she seen Shego this angry, not even when Drakken had put a compliance chip on her, the force of Shego's punch made a wide dent on the wall, splurging debris, making a sizable crack, that one more hit to the wall would cause it to crumble.

"You should fight back! You must capture me!" She said while her right arm still stretch out to the wall, just beside Kim Possible's head, "You shouldn't let your guard down or give up-" The last one was said in a mellow tone, as if Shego would want to cry but force herself not to "What happened to 'anything is possible with a possible' attitude"

Kim just stayed there to where she is standing. Her knees were shaking, not because of fear or exhaustion, but because she tried hard not to lose control. Instead of saying anything, she closed her eyes and relax herself...she cannot say anything to the older woman, not until she have full control of her faculties.

Moments have pass when Kim denied the existence of her surrounding, and she is ready...

But there was no Shego when she opened her eyes...there was just the ruined lair, GJ agents coming, Henchmen running for escape, there was Ron running towards her, there was also Will Du, dragging a wailing Dr. Drakken... but there was no Shego.

It happened yesterday

Kim is still lying in her bed, the teen heroine knew that it is already time for her to dress herself and go to school, in 2 weeks time her days in highschool is over, she have already been accepted in all colleges she tried, but finally loyalty won so the heroine decided to take a science base course in Middleton University, she should be excited, she should be at school busy preparing her clearance, signing year book, taking pictures with her classmates and friends, she should be glad because in two weeks, there will be no more Bonnie Rockwaller...but today, Kimberly Ann Possible is not at all in the mood to do anything, her mind is in sync with her body...she doesn't want to go to school, she doesn't want to have fun, all she wanted to do is wallow on the feeling of resignation.

Resignation from what?

Kim have been having this thought for a long time now. The distracting thought all started out one time after a fight with the green skinned villainess...


Shego did a backflip to evade Kim's combination move, the green skinned female miscalculated her landing and slipped, landing on her ass, Shego is ready to accept the oncoming blow from the red headed heroine, thinking that her Princess have the advantage at this point. To Shego's surprise, there was no blow that follow, instead she saw a hand reaching out for her, Shego raised her head to look at the held hand, then at the owner of the said hand

"What are you doing Possible?" Shego said without the usual nickname since the villainess felt so bad, she felt weak and she doesn't like it

"What? No nickname now?" Kim said smiling, the redheaded heroine liked it when she tweaks Shego's ego, but admit it or not, there is more to it than meets the eye. Kim doesn't find Shego's slip as funny, no she never does, it just make her realize that Shego is human too, she is not just a plasma-wielding woman with a greenish skin tone, black, long, raven hair, voluptous body- ah where did that thought came from? But in all honesty, Shego is a very attractive woman.

"So laugh now Possible!" Shego said, still sitting on the ground and not reaching out for Kim's hand

"Why should i laugh?"

"Because" Shego said then pointing to herself and her situation

"I don't find it funny Shego" Kim said withdrawing her hand and putting it on her hip

"Yada-yada-yada, your just saying that because your a goody-good teen" Shego said then she did something that made Kim laugh, "See, i told you this is funny"

"Well the fall isn't but i never thought you look cute when you pout!"

There was silence as Shego looked at Kim with a serious expression, then Shego shrugged, "Nobody have ever thought of me as cute"

"well i am not just a nobody"


then Shego made her signature devilish grin towards Kim

"I don't like that expression of yours" Kim said realizing that the older woman have something going on in her head

Shego raised her brows "Are you going to help me up or not?" Shego said demandingly

"Okay-okay" Kim said then extending her hand towards the older woman

Shego's grin evolved into a full blown evil smirk as she reach out for Kim's hand and pull the unsuspecting teen forward, causing the younger woman to lose her balance and plunge forward. Shego unable to move from where she is sitting was caught, hence Kim fall on her...

If Kim wasn't Kim, there could have been green plasma explosion on the very place the scene happened...but no

Instead, Laughter errupted from the two woman, a real funfilled laughter

For just about 10seconds...but seems a lot longer from their point of view

"Well that definitely is the first" Kim said not moving from above Shego

"definitely Princess"

Kim smiled, "So your not upset anymore?"

"Well...maybe a bit still for being clumsy"

"Well atleast that reminded me that you, like me is also a human, you know, the ability to commit mistake"

"I hope not to commit them again in front of you Princess...So what will happen now?"



That answers their question

Shego gave Kim another smirk...and before the older woman get up, she stole a kiss to Kim's lips...

It was a smack, just their lips touching, but Kim was rendered immobile, her eyes widens

"Sorry Princess, it was nice having this conversation with you. tata"

And the green woman left

(End Flashback)

That Kiss wasn't the first after that incident...the succeeding fight with Shego ended up Shego stoling kisses from her

Kim is not sure if the older woman is just doing it to escape her since her reaction is still the same all throughout, or if Shego is just doing it to make fun of her.

Kim knew the green skinned villainess have no idea what those stolen kisse have done to her

Shego must have no idea

"Shego" Kim mumbled as she put a pillow on her head

-KIM! aren't you going to school- (Mrs. Dr. POssible is shouting in the background)

"NO! I am sick!"


"Sick my ass!!!!" Shego grumbled as she hung up the phone. A day after their last encounter with Kim Possible, Drakken called her, asking her to free her from prison, but being so upset with the outcome of their fight, Shego decided to cool off for about two weeks and let her employer stay in prison in those time. With the way her emotions is reacting, she needed space, she needed time-out from her boss' ranting, she needs a time of peace...and saving Drakken will not give her that "peaceful moment".

Shego let herself fall on her bed, spreading her arms up on her bed, her legs hanging out of it, she gave out a deep sighed, then close her eyes

'What the hell is Princess thinking? She just give up, is that it? Does she wants me to kill her? Hurt her?' Shego thought, "Damn Pumpkin!" She shouted then bolting out of her bed she started pacing to and fro in her bedroom

Shego knew Kim, they have been fighting since the red headed heroine was what? 14, and in the years that they fought, she have respected the girl, now a woman for being strong, for being persistent, for being consistent...


Well... come to think of it, Right now, Shego doesn't just respect Possible, there is more to what she feels for the red head than just respect.

That is why it is bothering her that her Princess, her pumpkin actually gave up just like that. What if she wasn't able to stop herself on time? Shego shook her head trying to erase the image of her Kimmie being hit by her plasma encased hands... if that happens, and Kim get hurt, she will never forgive herself

"I have to talk to her...something is happening to Possible...that must be the reason!"

Shego have decided, tomorrow, she will talk with Kim Possible


It has been 2 days since their last meeting, and Kim still cannot put out what happened from her mind. The issue that is Shego is still bugging her.


'Why is Shego doing this to me? She kisses me when she wants, then fights me, taunt me? What is running in that head of hers...and now, when i knew i am going to die in her hands, she stops and screams at me?'


'God Shego! Do you have no idea what you do to me?'



Kim was brought out of her musing by Ron who is walking towards her

"Ron? What's up?"

"Your kimmunicator is beeping" Ron said grinning at her, Ron stopped in front of Kim who is in front of her locker, "Josh and I have decided to have dinner at my house, I decided to cook for him"

Kim is half listening as she is turning her kimmunicator on,"yeah, that is great"

Ron smiled, "You think so?"

Kim frowned as she read the message Wade left in her Kimmunicator


Kim look at her with a serious expression, "Yeah Ron its fine with me"

"BOOYAH" his words were echoed by Rufus, then he stops from dancing, "What is the matter?"

Kim look outside, "Dementor is at the Middleton Art museum"

"Oh-" ron slump his shoulder, Kim noticed the crest-fallen look of her friend

"You know Ron i could do this mission alone"

"But KP-"

"It's just Dementor, he don't have Shego so fighting him would be more easy. It'slike me fighting Drakken"


"You have a point KP, but are you sure i could-"

"Oh, it's really alright Ron, just go do your stuff and i'll handle it"

"Okay" Ron said then he took Rufus out of his pocket,"Hey buddy, you go with KP, make sure she'll be alright okay?"

"Kay" Rufus answered and makes a thumbs up

soon after, they heard a roaring of a machine

Kim and Ron went out of the building finding the yellow jeepney type vehicle outside

-good morning Kim Possible- the robotic, female voice greeted the red headed teen

"Hello Saddie, nice seeing you again, it's been too long huh?"

-yes, please get in Kim, we are heading to the museum-

Kim get in while Ron just look out

-Isn't Ronald Stoppable coming?-

"He's not coming Saddie, it's his day off" Kim said as she smiled

"Very well KP, see you later"

"see you later Ron"

They separate way, and the vehicle took off, out of the school.

In a distance, where no one would put interest on inspecting, a raven haired villainess is watching, with a smirk, she activated her hovercraft with cloaking device and decided to follow the yellow speeding vehicle


Kim Possible have been fighting about a dozen henchmen now, but there was no Dementor in sight, the red headed heroine knows that in cases like this, Dementor must have something in his sleeves, and he wanted to have a clear shot, if it was a ray gun, attitudinator, or anything that hits like a gun, she should be careful. Having this in mind, she never gave out a lapse in her fighting, no giving out a clear shot.


Shego smiled as she watch her pumpkin fight, this is the Kim Possible she knew, the Kim Possible she respects..and more. Shego shook her head, it never happened to her yet things like this, the feeling deep within, her feeling towards KimPossible

Is she in love?

'Kim, if you only knew what you are doing to me'

Shego was so busy watching and thinking that she wasn't able to see Dementor in time. There in the upper floor, a mezanine, the little scientist is aiming a gun like thing towards Kim Possible, waiting for the right time and angle to hit the busy heroine

"Sneaky bastard" She growled deep within

Shego is about to go towards the small man, when dementor pulled the trigger, reacting fast, she launch a single plasma towards the scientist, hitting him on his torso, the hit cause the laser's trajectory to change...And Shego did smile


Kim heard a familiar sound, looking behind, she saw a plasma hurling towards the mezanine, she look up just in time to see Dementor's laser blast change its course a bit, slowing it down, Kim docked to the floor and the henchmen followed her action, the laser beam instead hit a mirror that is hanging by the wall, the mirror cause the beam to be deflected forward, to where it is facing, and cause the velocity to increase as well...

And Kim knew that beam is going to hit...


-end Part 1-