The Finale: Letting Go of the past

A look through Cartoonopolis shows that the entire city was empty. Everybody, native and alien, were long gone. A Street light was flashing red. The wind blew a quiet blow. Here, we see a newspaper tumbling down the street. It stopped for awhile.

"50 Year return of the Dark Comet! Best View Tonight!" the paper said.

The wind then blew the paper away again. Now, a look out in space shows the Dark Comet passing by the planet.

Area: Dark Comet

Here we see the protagonist, Ross the Pokemorph. The seven Life Auras orbited around him. After his long and tiring adventure, he finally found all seven of them.

"Finally!" Ross said to himself. "I've got all of the Life Auras! Now I can recover my memories. All of them."

After he finished saying that, Darkrai appeared through the ground. He was pleased that Ross found all the Auras.

"Well done, Deoxys," the alien leader said. "Our ritual can now commence as planned. Give me the Life Auras."

Ross stared at Darkrai with shock in his eyes. He was a bit dumbfounded.

However, his confusion was cut off. "ROSS!" a bunch of voices yelled.


Ross turned around to see Darkmagicianmon, Gantz, Airnaruto, Hikari, Juliet Gamer, Erinbubble92 and even Drake, Ino, Meladonna, Omaddon and Johan running towards him. They all had worried looks on their faces.

"Ross, give me the Life Auras!" Darkmagicianmon shouted in panicked.

"Do not give the Auras to that fool, Darkrai!" Drake ordered.

Juliet was the one that managed to ring the bell. "They're trying to destroy our planet."

Darkrai wasn't fazed by any of what they said. He simply laughed at them.

"Ignorant fools!" Darkrai said. "We're here to save the sub creatures from their own demise. We offer….salvation."

Ross was confused. "What?"

Darkrai wanted to explain the problem. "Their greed, thirst for power, and affinity for betrayal has them on a path of self-destruction. Their actions will lead to the extinction of all species."

As Darkrai said this, the heroes and Darkside's all had concerned looks on faces. Darkmagicianmon, Drake and Ino kept a straight face. Erin, Hikari, Airnaruto, Juliet, Meladonna, Omaddon and Johan all had their mouths a gape. Gantz was shaking like a maraca. But they will be shock at what Darkrai was going to say next.

"We're here to save them from themselves, with our perfect order, allowing them to live through their desperate lives in peace. The sub creatures are a great energy source for us. They will be well kept."

Everyone gasped and shouted phrases like "What?", "Huh?", and "No!"

Soon enough, the Life Auras then began to float away from Ross and towards Darkrai.

"HEY!" he shouted.

"Let us began our ritual of prosperity," Darkrai said as the emeralds floated toward him "CHAOS CONTROL". "This can't happen to me!" Ross said before he and everybody else was engulf in light.

Out in space, the Dark Comet was hovering pass the planet. However, the Comet then disappeared from sight.

The Dark Comet then reappeared on the ruins of Cartoonopolis. It hovered a few feet above the ground. Tendrils then sprouted from the Comet and crashed through buildings to get to the ground. The Comet had successfully attached itself on the world.

Meanwhile inside the Dark Comet, everybody was scared and confused to what happened a few seconds ago.

"Uh," Erin started. "What the heck just happened?"

Darkmagicianmon seemed to have known. "That monster just teleported the Comet down to the surface, using some kind of beefed up Chaos Control."

"No way! That's impossible," Juliet said in disbelief.

Ross now knew why he was even here. "So that's why you needed the Life Auras…"

Darkrai laughed again. "Precisely. The Comet's velocity isn't powerful enough to pass through another planet's atmosphere. The Auras amplify the space-time control powers of Chaos Control. We need them to charge to full power. It's the perfect plan. That's why I needed Wormtail and your father to help me.

"W-WW-WHAT?!" Ross stammered.

"That's crazy talk!" Drake defended.

Darkrai explains what happened. We see him, three people, two men (One has a worm-like tail) and a woman, and a little baby boy. The men and Darkrai were talking. The woman gave Darkrai the baby for him to hold.

Darkrai was in voiceover, "Your father had recently received you as his newborn son. But there was a problem. You were sickly child on the verge of dying from an unknown illness. Even though your father's friend Wormtail96 was an adventurer and scientist he couldn't find a way to heal you and he needed my help. So we made a deal. I helped him and he promised to deliver me the seven Life Auras. That's why you're still alive Ross. You would help us do both!"

The flashback ended. Ross was speechless. He just stood there in disbelief.

"Me?" he wondered. "I can't believe it…"

Ross dropped to the floor and somehow froze there in a trance. Now, the others were worried about all of this. Especially Drake.

"WHAT?! That's asinine! My idol betrayed his own home for some son?! For Darkrai?!"

Darkmagicianmon was in deep thought but then he knew what to do. "So? We can't just stand here and do nothing. Are you ready Gantz?"

Gantz was still shaking at all of this. "U-uuh! L-Let's-a go! W-we'll d-dddestroy this comet."

Then something horrible went wrong. Gantz raised his fist in the air, and then froze.

"Ugh" he moaned.

Everyone looked at him with concern. "Gantz? What's wrong?" Darkmagicianmon asked. But then Darkmagicianmon and everyone else but surprisingly Ino suffered the same fate of freezing in place.


Darkrai simply laughed at all of this. His plan was going along smoothly. "A special weapon. This gas, once released, is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream. In a moment, total paralysis, with the expectation of your eyes and mouths, will hit your nervous system. And the reason your mouths and eyes will still function is because it pleases me to hear your cries of despair. The end is near now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Everyone was frozen in place like a bunch of statues that was depicted of people running.

But then Darkrai noticed Ino was still moving,

"Hmm that is strange the only beings that can move in this Gas, are Black Arms, Pokemorph's and SPECIAL Darkside's" said Darkrai, he then notice's that Ino looks a lot like Hikari,

"So you must be her Darkside, the Darkside of a Balance?" he said

A few black alien larvae came up to Darkrai.

"AH, my dear offspring," Darkrai said. "Eat and devour these savory dishes!"

The larvae began to slide towards everyone. Everyone began to scream cries of help and trying to tell the aliens to back off while Ino tries to Fight off the ones going for her fellow Darkside's. But they were in vain.

Ross, however, was going through something else. He was in deep thought of what people told him.

"Remember, the sub creatures are your enemy," Darkrai

"I will avenge those whose blood was spilled!" The G.U.N. Commander

"Did I…die?" Ross himself.

"I gave you life, Ross!" Drake

"That's why you are alive," Darkrai again.

And last but most importantly.

"Please help me, Ross…" Alyssa

Recalling all of that made Ross opened his eyes and stand up. He sees a larva besides him. He stomped on it and uses Psychic to kill all the other ones.

"WHAT?" Darkrai furiously asked.

Ross also had a new determination. "I am Ross the Pokemorph. And I've decided that it is time to let go off my past. No one can tell me what to do now! You're mine, Darkrai!"

"I gave you life, and THIS is how you repay me?" Darkrai asked with tension rising in his voice. But he laughed it off and calmed down. "The irony of it all is I gave you life. Now, I'll take it back!"

Darkrai floated away laughing. Just when Ross was gonna chase him Ino grabs his shoulder causing him to turn around,

"I am going to help! He did this to Drake and he will pay!" Ino said,

"Well try and keep up!" said Ross,

Ross and Ino chased him down. Everybody else was paralyzed so they couldn't move.

"Ross!" Juliet said.

"Ino!" said Drake

"You're our only hope now," Darkmagicianmon admitted.

"We're screwed!" Johan said.

Ross and Ino wasted no time grinding down a slimy, red path. Darkrai has somehow gotten way ahead of them. But Ross and Ino was determined to catch him. Ross's acquaintances also managed to speak to Ross and Ino somehow.

"Can you hear me, Ross, Ino?" Drake asked.

"Yes master," Ino said. Then Ross added, "In some strange and twisted way."

Drake continued, "That alien freak has got to be inside."

"Use Chaos Control to make your way inside," Darkmagicianmon explained.

"Ross, Ino," Gantz kindly said, "I believe in you both. You can do it."

"Aw, man!" Airnaruto whined, "Don't give up."

"Hurry!" Hikari commanded.

Juliet added, "You're strong enough. I know you are. You never shut up about it!"

When they were finished, Ross and Ino ran threw a long tunnel. They defeated some Black Arms and continued.

Ross continued to run.

"Man! This is long!" Ross complained, Ino added, "Stop complaining!"

Wario eventually reached another area. He saw a spaceship materializing overhead.

"LOOK OUT!" Gantz said. "It's a black alien gunship. Run!"

"How the heck does he know? He's not even here!" Ross thought.

Ross and Ino ran pass the ship and defeated three more black soldiers. They Duo ran through a door and headed left. He saw a Black Volt. He tamed the Volt and hopped on. The Black Volt flew with Ross and Ino riding.

"YEEHAH!" Wario shouted.

He caused the Black Volt to fire worm shooters to destroy mines blocking their path. With carefully maneuvering, Ross got through the air while destroying the black creatures. Wario hopped off and went through another door.

Ross saw a slime path that spiraled down.

"This will be cool!" he thought.

Wario grinded down the slime. A gun ship fired on Wario but it was too slow to him.

"Kiss my butt! Loser!" Ross said Cocky,

Ross got to the end and went through another door. Wario defeated more aliens in his path and continued running. He ran pass the alien worms. Wario went up a path but reached a dead end. However, black aliens came dropping down. Ross defeated the aliens and he became Hero Ross.


Wario flew at super speed with Ino hanging on for dear life. Defeating some aliens along the way. While flying, they passed a spiral slime path. When the Chaos Control ended, Ross found himself in a tunnel. He ran through the tunnel. When he exited, he saw a stair like path and then climbed up.

Ross and Ino managed to arrive in an area in red fog. He navigated through with no problem. He defeated some shielded black aliens with ease. He saw Black Volts hovering over an abyss.

"Be careful of your jump timing," Juliet said.

Realizing that wondering how they talk was meaningless, Ross and Ino jumped onto the flying aliens as stepping stones. He arrived to the other side of the area. He defeated a couple of elite Black Arms with ease. Ross and Ino arrived to another dead end. To their blessing however, the Black Arms appeared. They defeated them until he became Hero Ross again and Ino grabs him!

"Chaos….. CONTROL!"

Ross flew through a path with incredible speed. When he was done, he wound up in another dead end.

"COME ON!" Ross yelled.

Ross and Ino defeated two Black Oaks and some more elite Black Arms. Ross became Hero Ross and Ino grabs him again.

"Chaos……. CONTROL!"

Wario flew at amazing speed with Ino again. When he was done, Ross and Ino saw Black Oaks. Ross realized that they must be close to Darkrai.

"No time for you lamer's," Ross insulted.

Eventually, they ran through a tunnel. When he came out, he saw Darkrai with the Life Auras.

"We found the bugger at last!" Ross said, "Yeah!" Ino added

They were going to settle this once and for all.

Darkrai began to speak to Ross. Ross and Ino were walking up to Darkrai.

"Well done, Ross!" Darkrai congratulated. "You've gone farther than I expected…. I'm impressed."

Wario was still walking up to him and was still silent.

"But you still don't understand, do you?" Darkrai continued. "The future we offer is the only option for these humans"

Ross wanted no more. "Okay that's it! You're boring and worthless, Darkrai. We're taking you down!" "Yeah!!" added Ino.

Darkrai simply chuckled. "Such bravado for a little pokemorph and Darkside. I thought you were different from the rest…. But maybe not. We are more alike than you think Ross. The same blood runs through our veins." Darkrai lifted a hand.

Afterwards, Ross began to feel funny. "WHAT?!" He clutched his head. "Argh!" Ross moaned in pain and fell to his knees, "Ross what's wrong?!" asked Ino. "Wait a minute, who are you?" Ross said

Darkrai was enjoying this. "Don't you know? You only survived childbirth because of MY blood."

"Wha…what!" Ross and Ino stammered. He couldn't believe it.

"That's right," Darkrai answered. "You are a part of me. Do you feel that? I can control you. You cannot escape me. Nor can you escape your past!" Darkrai then laughed evilly at his victory.

Ross was still clutching his head. "It can't be! It's not true!" "Damn it!!" yelled Ino

Area: ARK

Meanwhile in the ARK, No Limit and Neros were watching Charles trying to hack into yet another computer. Neros was getting impatient.

Neros tugged Charles's arm. "Charles, are you in yet?"

NL covered Nero's mouth. "You're not helping him by bugging him!"

Neros muffled something about stuff. NL looked at Charles. "Charles, you need to focus. Because if we don't upload this in time, the info will be lost."

Charles looked away. "Easier said then done! Why on earth did I volunteer to do this?"

Neros had enough. He got away from NL.


"No Idiot!" NL ordered. "There's no telling what might happen."

Using His fist, Neros grabbed Charles and threw him head first into the computer.

"-------" Charles was to stunned in pain to say anything. But miraculously, the computer began to work.

"Hey, it's working!" NL and Neros said in unison.

"Hooray," Charles weakly added before he fainted.

Soon enough, a monitor appeared. It has shown a teenage boy with a worm-like tail. He is Wormtail96 the scientist who saved Ross's life.

Area: The Dark Comet

"Ross…." A voice said.

Ross recognized the voice. "Wormtail?" "Who" asked Ino?

Darkrai was worried. "What is this?!"

The monitors appeared around him, Ino and Ross. The monitors showed an image of Wormtail.

Wormtail father continued speaking. It was a recording of him. "If you are listening to this, then the worst has happened and you need to know the truth. The Government of the world plans to shut down The ARK."

Area: G.U.N. Fortress

Somehow, the broadcast managed to reach many parts of the world. The President and the G.U.N. Commander was currently watching it.

"The Government plans to cease all our research. And imprison everyone who knows about you," Wormtail continued sadly. "This is my entire fault. I shouldn't have made contact with that Dark Comet 50 years ago."

The president and the Commander were confused. "Wormtail96?" the Commander said.

"Now listen very carefully," Wormtail continued.

Area: Where Darkmagicianmon and the gang are frozen at

Darkmagicianmon, his friends, and the Darkside are also managed to Wormtail's instructions. But they were still paralyzed.

"In fifty years, the Dark Comet will return. They plan to use the Comet's power to destroy this planet! The ONLY way to stop them was to find a way to use the power THEY intended to use, but AGAINST them!"

"That's…. That's genius!" Drake smiled.

"But you wouldn't have thought of that!" Juliet thought.

Area: Where Ross, Ino and Black Doom are

Ross looked at the images of his savior. "Ross, it's up to you and only you can stop them. I, created the Eclipse cannon. Ross, you are the only hope to save the world. The future of this planet depends on….. You!"

At last at the ending of the recording, Alyssa walked up to Wormtail.

"Don't worry, Wormtail. Ross and I will protect this planet. Right, Ross?"

The recording ended. But Darkrai just laughed.

"Wormtail, you fool!" Darkrai boasted. "Ross is already in my control." Then Darkrai noticed something. "WHAT'S THIS?"

Ross somehow managed to stand up all on his own! And he looked rather angry.

"Well, well, well," Darkrai mocked. "Seems like you're immune to my mind control."

Ross shook his head. "You have no control over me, Darkrai. I know why I must fight. I made a promise and I'm going to keep the promise for once. Today, I say screw the past and I'm going home!"

Ross and Ino both leaped at Darkrai to attack him but Darkrai teleported away. However, he left the Life Auras behind. Ross and Ino heard Darkrai's voice.

"Have it your way, Ross. So be it. Be prepared to meet your maker. Your past, resent, and future ends here. TODAY! Prepare to die! Say 'goodbye', Ross as you witness my true wrath!"

Ross knew the challenge. He also had strange sensation in him. He turned to Ino,

"Ino! Head back and Help Darkmagicianmon, Drake and the others!" Ross asked, "I will handle Darkrai

"Ok, you be careful cause I want to be the one to kill you not him!" said Ino, as she headed back to Darkmagicianmon, Drake and the others.

Ross summoned the Life Auras. Ross closed his eyes and began to focus. The Auras began to spin faster. Ross was soon enveloped by golden light. When he emerged, he looked different.

His hair had turned Silver, he was wearing Bright Red Armor and the Jewel on his neck was glowing an Immense purple color and he was surrounded by a gold Aura.

"Now," Ross said. "Let's see how well you fair against the great DEOXYS!"

Ross flew out the comet to his final battle.

Ross, now Deoxys, found himself high in the sky above Cartoonopolis. He was facing off with the now Dark Demon.

Dark Demon appeared to have two heads on each side of his body. He also had three claws on each hand. Dark also sprouted wings to keep himself in the air. Finally, attached to where feet should be is the Dark Comet. Dark's Eye was on one of the heads.

"I gave you life, and yet you defy me?" Dark Demon shouted. "So be it. You shall pay for your ingratitude with relentless pain!"

Drake managed to contact Deoxys on a radio "Ross, are you there? We've escaped the Comet thanks to Ino, so that means you can now show no mercy!"

Gantz added in, "Ross, Ross, Ross!"

Darkmagicianmon finally added in, "Using the power of the Auras, you can use the attack, Chaos Beam!"

Deoxys flew towards Dark Demon. Dark Demon breathed fire at Deoxys but Deoxys dodged it with ease. Deoxys fired a simple Chaos Beam at Dark's Eye. Dark Demon felt the pain. Dark's Eye flew to the other head. When Deoxys flew too close to the other head:

"Chaos Control!" Dark Demon shouted and disappeared.

Dark Demon now appeared further away.

"Now, DIE along with these wretched sub-creatures!" Dark Demon threatened.

Meteors and building debris surrounded and protected Devil Doom. Deoxys speared them to clear a path. He also felt power increasing inside him.

A building flew towards Ross. He was pushed back considerably but wasn't harmed because he was invincible. Ross flew the head that contained the eye and fired. Dark's Eye moved to the other head. Ross was quick enough however, to fire another Chaos Beam at him.

Dark Demon teleported further away from Deoxys. Deoxys destroyed meteors that were heading his way. Dark Demon threw building debris at Ross. When Ross destroyed he used his dark powers.

"How would you like this?" Wario said. "Psycho…….BOOST!"

The blast destroyed some meteors and debris. It also harmed Dark's Eye. The eye moved to the other head for protection.

"Man, that sure is getting repetitive," Ross thought.

While the battle was going on, Ross was able to recover memories.

"FINALLY!" he shouted. "I'm remembering things again. ARK, My Adventure's with Team Revenge and the Author Fighters!"

Dark Demon was mad. "How can you recover your memories? I've made it so that you've lost them!"

"WHAT?!" yelled Ross

"Right before I've came here, I've used a special power to erase your memories. That way, it would have been easier for you to assist me. But now, you know so you must die!" said Dark Demon

Dark Demon continued his speech "Why? Why can't you understand that these sub-creatures are the parasites of this world? Absolute power is the only way to bring order to the planet... The sub creatures must be eliminated! Ross, open your eyes. Realize that sympathizing with these sub-creatures, has all been a mistake!

Ross fired another beam at Dark Demon.

"Hmm," Dark Demon said as his eye flew to the other head. "I've seemed to have underestimated the power of the Auras. Nonetheless….."

However there was now a problem.

Drake commented it on the radio, "Ross! The comet's gas…. has reached our…. location."

Hikari coughed "I…. can't….. Move"

"Don't…. worry…. about us…." Airnaruto stated. "Keep….. Fighting!"

"Don't worry Ross I will protect them!" said Ino,

Deoxys destroyed some more meteors and used his hero powers.


Ross slowed time down. He reaches the head that contained Dark's Eye and fired a full charged Chaos Beam. When the time controlling ended, Dark Demon was still fighting.

"Before long, the gas from this Comet will have spread over the entire planet...,"Dark Demon threatened. "Ross, cease these futile attempts to resist. You alone cannot change this planet's fate!"

"We'll see about that!" Ross shouted.

Ross managed to get a few more hits in.

"Ross," Darkmagicianmon weakly said. "You are….. a warrior….. Keep…. Going."

Drake had one last thing to add, "Ross….. This might be the chance I have to speak…. To you…. When…. I said I…. created you…… I lied. I didn't…. do it…. I just…. Managed to get…. a sample…. Of your hair…. So I can…. Use for…… cloning. You really are….. The Ultimate…..Pokemorph…."

Deoxys now knew what he had to do. Time was running out. He flew towards Dark Demon very fast. Dark Demon tried to breathe fire on Deoxys, but it was futile. Deoxys flew straight into Dark's Eye. And then, there was a huge white flash.

When the flash subsided, Dark Demon couldn't keep up in the air.

"Im...impossible! I am the Supreme Being that rules this universe!" Dark Demon shouted. "I am the immortal life form! I am the ultimate power! Gaaah!!"

Devil Doom began to fall to the earth below. Deoxys gave a simple thumb up.

"The end for you and the end for my cursed past," he spat.

Deoxys landed on top of the huge Dark Comet.

"Only one more thing to do," he said to himself.

He flew under the bottom of the comet and used his strength to pick it up.

"Time to put the past behind me. Chaos….. CONTROL!"

And with that, Deoxys and the comet disappeared. However, the comet reappeared flying towards, Space Colony ARK. The Eclipse Cannon appeared and fired a laser at the comet blowing it into pieces. The Black Arms were destroyed!

Back on earth, Darkmagicianmon and everybody else was watching. They appeared to be fine too since the gas wasn't around anymore.

"Hooray!" Gantz celebrated. "He did it!"

"Ross," Darkmagicianmon said. "That was something."

"He better be okay," Juliet said.

"Don't worry," Hikari comforted. "He is Ross."

Drake and his Darkside's started to tiptoe away. "So how about giving me those Life Auras?"

Airnaruto had a sudden change in character for a little bit. "HEY! GET BACK HERE! EVERYBODY, GET THEM!"

Airnaruto, Darkmagicianmon, and everybody else chased Drake and the Darkside's. And they were laughing about it too.

In the G.U.N. Fortress, everybody was celebrating about the destruction of the Dark Comet as well. Except for the G.U.N. Commander, he held his head down in guilt.

"Wow," The President said. "After all the way we always treated him, he saved us in the end."

The Commander was still looking down. The President pats his back.

"Let us honor the Professor Wormtail96. We will protect everywhere twice as hard because of him."

The Commander looked up and smiled. "Excellent idea, Mr. President."

Meanwhile in the ARK, Ross was looking out a window holding a picture. Then someone entered the room also.

He was a short puffball with no nose. He wore a pair of red shoes. He also had oval shaped Blue eyes. It's Kirby.

"Hey!" Ross said "Where have you been?"

"When I came back home, I couldn't find you." Kirby said, panting for breathe. "Then, there was that alien invasion. I had to act like a ninja and hide while searching for you. Do you know how long I've been searching for you? FIVE DAY'S!"

"Well you've found me."

"So can we please go home now?"

"Yes let's go home," Ross said.

Kirby nodded and walked right on out the door. Ross stayed behind for a bit and took one good last look at the picture.

"Good bye, Ross the Pokemorph," Ross said to himself. He tossed the picture and went to catch up to Kirby. The picture was none other than Ross's parents when they were young, Wormtail, a younger Alyssa, and a baby with a purple hair that she was holding.