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This story is set six months after Hogwarts, and follows on from In The Blood

In The Dunes
Chapter 1; Laments

Draco walked down the long passageway, his eyes still heavy with sleep and his head still woozy from the firewhiskey they had consumed. The three bathroom doors gave him an idea he may still be a little drunk. Pain shot through his foot. Looking down he saw a womans wedge discarded as she had ascended to one of the third floor. He tried to make a mental note to have a little chat with Blaise, about his women leaving clothing around during parties. Yesterday afternoon, when he had gone to pour himself some Cheerios, oddly nice muggle cereal, a large lacy bra had followed them into his bowl.

After opening the milk with his teeth, he hadn't yet got the hang of these cartons, he still couldn't manage to hook and pull without covering himself, at least he hadn't had one explode on him. It had taken them four hours to clean up the mess. He swore then never to let Blaise open a new carton.

Sitting at the breakfast bar he looked out of the window, the rolling sea looked grey and cold, Draco watched as two seagulls were blown inland as a gust crossed the Cardiff bay. The whole world seemed grey to him now, he felt as if he were missing something. With his father locked in Azkaban, never to be released and his mother, well his mother broke down and was taken to St Mungos Mental rehabilitation ward. Draco felt scared, although he would never admit it to Blaise, that he would never see his mother again.

"Morning." Blaise walked over to the cupboard and puled out a bowl from the shelf.

"Afternoon." Said Draco, as he watched Blaise, still drunk, almost dropped the bowl. He remembered Blaise removing the cupboard doors a few months earlier. 'Open plan, mate. It's the way to go.' In reality he thought Blaise had had enough coming down and cracking his head on the corners when he was too drunk to see where he was going. "Would you stop your random fuck buddies, leaving their shit about the place? I'm getting sick of falling over it."

Blaise pulled the fridge door open. "Hey, its not my fault they can't keep their clothes on." Said Blasie, with his head still in fridge.

"Neither can you, by the looks of it." Draco had been making sure he did not look toward the naked figure of Blaise stumbling round the kitchen, although he was rather a big guy and it seemed even the windows wanted Draco to look, Merlin, how he wanted those seagulls to come back.

"Sorry mate, needed a slash." Said Blaise. He poured the milk into the bowl and stepped over to the table. Sitting down, he plunged his spoon in. "I'll get me kit on when I've had my breakfast."

"What breakfast? It looks to me like you've only got milk." Draco said, suppressing a laugh, he knew better than to make fun of this naked, still inebriated Blaise.

"Fuck!" Throwing his spoon into the bowl of milk Blaise stood up. "I'm getting dressed."

Blaise staggered out of the kitchen, knocking the bin over as he went. How many had he had last night? Draco shook his head and eyed the bowl of milk now slopping around across from him. He needed something to do, he needed someone to talk to, he needed someone to laugh with. Blaise was amazing, he couldn't fault him, well if he tried he probably could, but it wasn't enough. Draco stepped toward the window, wondering when he would get to crack a new joke again or sit in a new crowd. As much as he liked having his best friend there, he was beginning to get cabin fever.

The house was grand, it's four floors were massive, big enough for an army, but that was the problem. There was only Blaise and himself, well, Blaise, himself and anything between one to six women.

Being in hiding wasn't as fun as they had both thought it was going to be. Six months and counting. Draco wanted fresh blood, he was stuck in this haven for old aged muggles, who were nothing but wrinkled bags of flesh, it made him sick sometimes, watching them walk past. He wanted to feel free again.

Passing the sauna he remembered the week before, Blaise had told him they were having some friends over and to get into his trunks, Draco wasn't exactly one for swim wear. Draco missed his house elf, he'd always taken them for granted before but now he understood how much they did for him, not that he was going to go soft on the next one he had. Merlin no, nothing like a good kicking to keep a house elf in it's place. But one would have been handy to help him locate his trunks, as it was, it took him three hours.

After making his way to the sauna he had pulled the door open and the image that was now burnt forever into his retinas; steam clearing, Blaise with his head back against the wall, the woman on her knees, Blaise smile, the womans movement. Blaise waved, he actually waved. The woman sat back and... Draco needed someone to talk to, someone who wasn't ruled by their penis.

Running up to his rooms on the fourth floor, he pulled out a selection of draws, before finding it. His, (Pansy's), old journal, which he had borrowed, (stolen), towards the end of the sixth year. He flicked through it glancing at the pictures of his old house mates. Nott; he hated him at school so Draco certainly didn't want him here. The lady herself; she'd gone missing during the battle amd he hadn't heard anything of her since. Crabbe and Goyle, they were always good for a laugh. (Bossing around.) Wand ready, Draco would soon have someone to talk to.

'Hold on, talk to?' Draco thought back to his time with Crabbe and Goyle. 'I'd just be talking at them.' He threw the journal down after flicking through a few more pages, most of the people he knew were either in Azkaban or in hiding, if neither, they were dead. Those that weren't any of the above would give him up, as soon as talk to him. Dropping down on the bed Draco wished he'd never been at the battle, but if he hadn't what would he be doing now? Sitting in the manor, alone. There was no one who would come to him now, no one who would care. Laying back he wished he had not got away that night, why had Blaise pulled him away? Did Blaise know something he didn't? He was glad to be alive but what was life with nothing to live for?

Laying back Draco could hear two woman downstairs asking which room was theirs. "Not again." Maybe this time he should let Blaise handle this alone for once? He couldn't. Getting off the bed, Draco marched down the stairs "Here we go again." Draco tried to make as much noise as he could. "Mr Zabini! Mr Zabini!" This had been well rehearsed.


Blaise stumbled back into his room, he felt like he hadn't eaten a thing, but he knew he'd just gone to the kitchen. He'd seen Draco and made himself some breakfast. Pulling on his shorts he looked over the two women laid in the bed. "Oh, I wish I wasn't so fucked."

"You wanna go again?" The little brunette had rolled over. "I'm willing, big boy."

"I'll wake you up, if you want?" The blonde had rolled over now, they were both looking at Blaise as if he were a six foot five chunk of meat, normally he wouldn't have minded but he felt like hell.

"Not this morning ladies." He knew that if he did anything that would make his blood pump harder he wouldn't be able to see for the head ache. Sex was out of the question. He couldn't even get a morning glory, there was no way he was going to purposefully try and get it up. "Maybe later."

"So, you gonna show us to our rooms?" Said the little brunette as she got off the bed, she seemed excited. "God, this place is huge, we could have a whole wing to our selves."

"We could use the second entrance." The blonde was pulling a night gown on now.

"Ooh, we could have a bathroom each." The little brunettes boobs jiggled as she laughed at the idea of being so extravagant, with a bathroom to herself.

Blaise wanted to look away, the pain had started in his head, those boobs were causing him to wake up, well bits of him anyway. "Come on ladies, lets have you dressed, I have work to do."

"Hey, you said we could move in last night." The Brunette said while eyeing the rather wobbly Blaise with distrust. "You were tellin' the truth weren't ya." She had got off the bed and started to move toward him. "It wasn't a trick to get us in bed?"

"No." The blonde had slid off the bed now, her nightgown riding so far up Blaise groaned, more in pain than in pleasure. "Blaise wouldn't lie to us, not his favourite girls. Eh, wouldn't do that, would you Blaise?"

"Mr Zabini!" Draco's voice carried through the house. "Mr Zabini!" The sounds of stomping down the stairs was very clear as Draco got closer.

Blaise wondered why Draco was calling him Mr Zabini. Had Draco gone nuts?

"Who's that?" The brunette seemed confused. Blaise had told her he lived alone. "Blaise?"

Blaise looked round, the two women were still there, still half dressed in their night gowns. Blaise was still out of it, but he knew enough to get them out of the way, one in the wardrobe and one under the bed. The footfalls were getting closer.

"My housemate's, father." This had been well practiced, so that even when drunk or suffering from an extreme hangover, Blaise could still get them to go where he needed them. "Get in the wardrobe."

Blaise led the blonde toward the oaken wardrobe in the corner of his room, she didn't seem too happy when he closed the door in her face, he knew she was talking but he had no idea what she had said, he didn't really care. Draco was almost at his door. Pushing the brunette down to the floor he ordered under his bed. As she slid under, Draco hammered on the door.

"Mr Zabini! Mr Zabini! Have you brought whores back again?"

Blaise walked over to the door and opened it slowly. Letting Draco in Blaise took his wand from the table where it had been left.

"Mr Zabini, do you realise my son is very impressionable." Draco headed for the wardrobe as he spoke. "It is not right, you bringing these women into this house, do you understand that?" Pulling open the door as Blaise pulled up the valance on the bed, wands ready they pointed and fired.


Both woman collapsed. Draco caught the blonde and dragged her to the bed. "You know mate, I wish you wouldn't keep telling them they can come and live here."

"Well." Blaise said, as he was pulling the brunette from under the bed. "What would be such a problem? Sex on tap." Blaise dropped her on the bed and sat down himself. "Are you gonna tell me, that would be so bad?" Looking at Draco he thumped him playfully on the shoulder. "Come on mate, it's only sex."

"Yeah, sounds great." Draco was letting his eyes glide over the brunettes supple mounds that had poked out of the open night gown. "Come on Blaise, mate, these are mudbloods."

"Every hole's a goal, mate." Blaise stood up and stretched.

Draco wanted to run, they may have lived together for six months but he still didn't relish seeing his best mate first thing in the morning, it made him feel a little inadequate. "I know it's just sex.." Draco really couldn't be bothered with this argument. "Let's just get them into bed and just pay them when they wake up and we'll forget about this... again."


After removing the two prostitutes from the house, the rest of the day passed like most of the others had, with nothing. Draco had started drinking at about four that afternoon and it wasn't much later when Blaise joined him. It had been a while since they just sat together and got plastered. At least forty eight hours.

As the evening drew in, Draco wondered about getting food but after snapping his fingers ten times he remembered they didn't have a house elf and if he wanted something he would have to go get it himself. "Shit!"

"What's up mate?" Blaise was slurring his words already and it was only nine. "You've been in a funny mood all day."

"I can't remember laughing." Said Draco. His sarcastic voice was like acid.

"Fuck off, you know what I mean." Blaise was out of it again, he could feel himself slipping off the large leather chair he parked himself in when he had joined Draco in the study. "What's eating you?"

"Less than what's been eating you, I'll wager." Draco couldn't be bothered, he couldn't understand why he felt like this, so alone, so board. Even the sex had lost it's fun. The last time it had made him want to scream as he exploded inside someone was, when was it? His mind was so foggy with the firewhiskey he had trouble recalling. "I had fun that night."

"What night, mate?" Blaise wondered if he'd missed a few minutes.

"I remember that night." What was he talking about? What did he remember?

"Don't do this to me, mate." Why was Draco playing with him? He was too drunk to have a deep conversation.

"I remember the last night I really enjoyed a shag." It was coming back to him now, something was red. He could remember something red. "God that was a good shag, I almost screamed it was so good."

"What you taking about?" Blaise was getting really confused now, why was his mate talking about the last time he had sex? As far as Blaise could remember it had been last night with that little blonde... no, that wasn't Draco. She was good. His mind drifted to last night, the little bonde ontop and...

"She was really good... that Granger."

Blaise spat his firewhiskey across the room.


Author's Notes;

Firstly, thank you so much to Orbthesela for allowing me to use the character of Blaise that she has moulded and crafted over the past two years. I have tried to stay as true as I can.

To everyone out there who was expecting a Draco/Hermione, this is, don't worry, this chapter kind of ran away with me.. oops. Sorry. But don't worry she'll be coming.. hehe.

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