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Chapter 17: Goodbyes and Regrets

'Goodbye my lover,
Goodbye my friend,
You have been the one,
You have been the one for me'.

James Blunt


Blaise and Draco pulled out their wands and held them toward Harry and Oliver. Victoria spun round and pulled her hand on Blaise. Hermione had not noticed this turn of events and was still sorting through papers on the large table.

"I don't fucking believe this." Blaise said.

"So, this is why you brought us here, no witnesses." Draco eyed Harry. His wand twitched. "I knew you couldn't be trusted."

The fire burst with green flames. "Here you are, Harry." Stepping out, Arthur Weasley pulled his wand out with his free hand and aimed at Blaise. "Thought we might have a problem with these two."

"What the hell's going on?" Hermione had turned round and was looking in disbelief at the group now facing off in the drawing room of Grimmauld place. "What are you all playing at?"

"If you think we're going down with out a fight, you've got another thing coming, Potter." Draco was turning red win anger as he eyed Hermione, the woman who had tricked him into coming here. The woman he had laid with and thought he could trust. But how could you trust a woman who had a boyfriend and slept with another man, he mentally kicked himself for being so stupid. 'Now look where loneliness has got you.' Glancing down he could see the papers in her hand, papers, just papers. "Where's you're wand?"

"On the mantel, why would I need it?" She couldn't understand, what had she missed? "This is a protected place, no one can find it if they don't know it's here. Now what the hell's gotten into you all?" She looked round at the group still at a stand off. Neither side seemed to want to lower their guard. Looking down she could see the ministry report form in Harry's hand, she wondered. "What set this off?" She turned to Blaise.

"Well, Potter told us he was going to kill us. That kind of thing usually makes me a bit tetchy." Blaise levelled his wand at Harry.

"Did I, bollocks. I told you that you were official dead."

"No you fucking didn't Potter." Draco narrowed his eyes and glared at Harry. "You said that we were dead and you turned on us with your wand ready." He wasn't going to be tricked twice.

"My wand ready..?" Harry looked down, he now understood what had happened. "My wand was out because I've just finished my report to the ministry, I was going to seal it. Here.."

Harry shoved the parchment under Blaise' nose. Taking it in his free hand Blaise read silently down the page until he came to his name and Draco's. He lowered his wand as he read out the line Harry had intended him to read. "As of this time, I believe that both Mr Draco Malfoy and Mr Blaise Zabini were removed by the Death Eaters when they discovered the muggle in the house. Should either Mr Draco Malfoy or Mr Blaise Zabini be found, there is no evidence that they, in anyway, aided the escape of Mr Lucius Malfoy and so I see no reason for charges to be brought." he glanced down at the two passports in Hermione's hand. "Draco, mate, put your wand down."

"Thank you." Hermione walked into the crowd and held out the passports and papers to Blaise and Draco. "These are yours, we've had them made up so you can travel relative freedom." They both scanned through their papers. "However, should you come across someone who knows you, they may still recognise you. So it is best you leave England."

"What's this?" Blaise had found a blue piece of parchment under his passport. "Birth certificate?"

"You might need it." Hermione turned to Arthur who was putting a brown box, tied with blue ribbon, down on the table. "Is everything ready Arthur?"

"Should be Hermione. Kingsley had it sorted last night, no one knows except the order." Pulling the blue bow apart he lifted the top off the box to reveal a little figure of a monkey dressed in red Persian robes with a cymbal in each hand. Turning to Draco and Blaise, he knew there was no need to tell them it was a portkey. "At midnight this will transport you to your new home in Austria. We've found a nice little cabin for you about ten miles from a Trieben so no one should bother you."

"What happens if something goes wrong and they need to come back?" Hermione looked worried, but was it worry for their safety or something else? "we can't just dump them in a foreign country and leave them."

"After twenty four hours..." Harry took over the explanation, this was getting much like a game of tennis watching the ball. "It will become a portkey, home. If either of you touches it you will transported back to England."

"Where?" Blaise raised an eyebrow.

"I didn't ask, knowing Kingsley you'll end up in cell." Harry smirked at this, in truth he had no idea where it would land them. "Now you know, I suggest you get sorted."

Hermione turned and walked out of the room, Oliver and Victoria walked toward the fire place.

"Well Harry, I'll see you tomorrow when it's less crowded." Oliver shook Harry's hand and then stepped into the fire place. Followed by Victoria who glanced back over her shoulder to Blaise, he still thought she was beautiful, even with the scar. With a smile she stepped into the fire place, kissed Harry on the cheek and Oliver dropped the floo powder. "Diagon alley." The green flames shot up and then Oliver and Victoria had vanished.

"Where you off Hermione?" Harry had seen her disappearing round the corner toward the stairs. He watched her stop, frozen like a burglar caught in a searchlight "Do you want to sort out some clothes and other essentials for these two?"

"Ok, Harry. I'll just nip and get my coat." 'And my knickers'. With that she drifted up the stairs to Regulus' room and her knickers and then down a floor to get her coat. On her way down the stairs she was stopped by Draco who was standing on the second floor landing. Fidelis was cleaning the floor near him as Hermione came down the to his level. "You going to tell me you'll miss me?"

"Why would I miss you Hermione?" His voice cool ad collected.

He hadn't noticed but she had. "Because you've stopped calling me Granger."

"Ok." He was beginning to get flustered, this wasn't like him. "So, I thought it might be nice to call you Hermione, for once. If you don't like it I can always call you Granger." Turning from her he smiled to himself.

"Call me what you like." She walked passed him, she wanted to jump on him but this wasn't the time or place. "I only wanted to if you wanted to leave?"

Draco looked at her, had she just said that? "If I want to leave?" 'No I bloody don't.' "Why do you care if I want to... lea..." He looked at her, her soft cheeks that pale shade of red, and those eyes, those brown eyes that had looked up at him and down on him so many times. "I...I don't know if I'll like it Austria."

"It's cold, you know." She couldn't think of anything else to say.

"It's covered in snow, did you think it would be warm?" He had to say it, he had to be himself even if he was dying inside. "I'll... I'll miss the beach."

"It was nice wasn't it." She wanted to hold him, pull him to her and let him stay there. "I'm going to miss..." She looked at Draco, his grey eyes searching hers. "... miss that old house."

"I know what you mean, it was good wasn't it?..." He wanted to push her against the wall and screw her right there and then, instead he looked at her, he knew that he couldn't say that he loved her, but he wanted her.. "I'll have to find someone to do when I get there."

"Charming Draco." That's all he ever thought about wasn't it? "Do you want anything to take with you?"

He looked at her, was that a request? "I can't think of... A box of cheerios." He said a little too quickly.

Hermione stopped dead, was Draco Malfoy asking for a muggle cereal? "You want a box of cheerios? Are you serious?"

"Hey, they're nice, just because you haven't got any taste." He drifted to his own thought for a moment. "Wonder if I'll be able to get them in Austria?" It was Hermione's half amused, amazed shriek that slapped him back to reality.

"You are fucking joking? You must be joking, Draco... Stop taking the piss out of me."

The stairs suddenly came alive, Harry, Blaise and Arthur were running up to find out why Hermione had just screeched. "Everything ok?"

"What's so fucking funny?" Draco still didn't see what was funny about cheerios.

Composing herself Hermione turned to Harry. "Draco wants cheerios."

"So? They're really nice." Blaise looked at her, he couldn't see what was so funny either. "Wonder if we can get them in Austria?"

The looks they were both getting were one's of amazement, no one could believe that these two, pureblood wizards, had become addicted to cheerios. Laughing, they all made their way back downstairs. Draco was still angry at Hermione for making fun of his liking for a muggle cereal.


It was a little before twelve when Draco and Blaise brought their trunks into the drawing room and sat down on the long sofa. Fidelis had helped them sort out the bits Granger had brought back for them from Diagon alley and ASDA. She looked shocked when she had told Blaise he owed her two pound fifty and he'd handed over the exact amount from change in his pocket.

Blaise had laughed when his head off when Fidelis had tried pack Draco, He had told him, he should have been more careful, saying to a house elf.. 'If you're think your so clever, pack me.' Was bound to have disastrous results. It had taken Draco almost an hour to convince Blaise to call Fidelis back and let him out. Blaise couldn't stop laughing.

Sitting on the long couch they were both glancing round now, wondering what was to going to happen. Draco couldn't stop thinking of his father, what had happened to him? Hermione came in from the kitchen with a plate of sandwiches and a pot of tea.

"Where's Fidelis?" Harry had asked, taking the sandwiches.

"He's cleaning out the pans, thought I'd bring them through. How's Dudley?" She passed the sandwiches round, giving a Draco a longing look as she handed him the plate.

"He's fine, he's coming down next week." Sipping his tea, Harry watched Draco and Blaise over his glasses. "He loved it last time he was down. He's never seen a house elf before, they got on really well. I thought Dudley was going to spend the rest of his holiday in the kitchen." Laughing, Harry bit into his sandwich. He was trying to ignore the glances between her and Draco.

"So..." Blasie looked up from the monkey on the table. "Who's coming to see us off?"

"No one." Harry wasn't really bothered how he spoke to them, they would be gone soon. "Why would anyone? You're dead remember?"

"Just thought..."

Before Blaise could finish his sentence the fire erupted in green flames and Victoria stepped out. Blaise couldn't help but smile, he wondered if there was time for a quicky before they left?

"Thought I'd come see you off."

"You can come any time, Vicky."

"Blaise, please." Hermione scowled at him. "We all know you can't keep your dick in your trousers for more than five minutes." She shook her head as Victoria walked over and sat down next to her on the small sofa. "So, how are you?"

"Fine, I'm meeting, Oh, thank you." She took a sandwich from the plate Blaise had levitated over to her. "I'm meeting Oliver after practice tomorrow."

"He's still playing quidditch?" Draco seemed to be interested in the conversation at last.

"Yeah, he plays for the England under team at the moment."

"Great, glorified branches, again." Blaise shook his head.

"Piss off, Blaise, just cos you don't like it,."

"Boy's, boys..." Victoria was looking at them and everyone in the room felt like laughing. So far today, Blaise and Draco had requested Cheerios and now they were arguing over a game. Where these really the fearsome, take no prisoners, death eaters they had all known at school?

The clock struck two minuets to midnight. Everyone in the room stood up and walked toward the table where the monkey sat waiting. The room had seemed to go suddenly silent. Blaise and Draco looked around at Harry, Victoria and Hermione, this was it. Sirius, Lupin and Dumbledore had arrived in the portrait.

"Safe journey." Dumbledore called to them.

"Right you two, don't forget." Hermione was giving the last instructions, she didn't know what else to do. "After twenty four hours this will bring you back. But it's only a one way trip."

"Good bye lads." Harry shook their hands, he didn't' really want to and he knew they didn't want to shake his but, it was the right thing to do.

Blaise hugged Victoria, his hand stroking his back. "I'll come and see you some time." Was all she whispered and then she let go and stepped back. It had been quite painful for her to witness Blaise taking so many different girls back and forth to the Esplande, especially the muggle who he had obviously cared about, but then again, she had a boyfriend and was hardly one to talk.

Blaise looked at Victoria, he considered grabbing her and kissing her goodbye, but with Harry and Hermione in the room, he controlled himself.

"For fuck sake." They all looked at Harry. "We all know about you two, it hasn't been a secret since third year."

Blaise's eyes widened, he looked at Victoria who looked as if she was going to die of a heart attack. Harry had to stifle a laugh at the looks of abject horror on the pairs faces. "Don't worry, Oliver just thinks he knows, now get it over with. I can turn round if you want me to?"

Victoria looked up at Blaise's big, brown eyes and stepped forward. Blaise grabbed her blouse, pulling her to him, he wrapped his huge arms round her slim frame and pressed her body against his, kissing soft and long on her lips, pushing his tongue into her mouth, he felt hers push back against his. His hand moved down her back, his fingers pushing into her skirt. Her hand drifted to his head and traced lines on it as her other hand moved to his flies and started to pull the zip down.

"Hey, hey..." Harry grabbed Victoria by the shoulder. "I said, say goodbye, not, please we want to witness you two boning each others brains out."

Victoria looked into Blaise's eyes, his deep brown eyes and she could see the regret, the regret that they had never allowed their relationship to blossom. Both too concerned about what their friends thought, rather than what they felt. He would never cry, she wasn't sure if there were enough tears. Zipping his trousers up she thought of how he had taken her to ecstasy and back again. "I'll miss you, my chocolate bear." Kissing him gently on the cheek she let his hands hold her hips one last time before stepping back.

Draco pulled a face and mouthed to Blaise; chocolate bear? Before Blaise gave Draco a warning look, to just let it go for once.

Hermione hugged Draco. Her leg raising slightly to brush against his groin and feeling the shiver running through him, this last time was almost orgasmic.

"See ya Hermione. Sex was good, thanks." He whispered while holding her.

"Sex was fantastic." She whispered and before he could say anything back she pulled away form him and moved aside so he could get to the monkey.

"Right, one minute, come on you two, get your bags and get hold." Harry moved aside and stood with Victoria and Hermione at the fire place while Blaise and Draco took their bags and grabbed a arm each. "I hope I never see either of you again, no offence."

"None taken, Potter." Blaise said before Draco said something they would regret. "And the feeling is mutual, you can be sure." Nodding at Harry Blaise smiled at Victoria. The clock struck midnight and they vanished.

Victoria felt horrid, like a part of her soul had been ripped away, the sex had been fantastic and now it was over. Her stomach was lurching, her heart felt as if it would stop, she had just watched him vanish, disappear from her life. Oliver was a wonderful man but Blaise Zabini was a hot, writhing, six foot five, mass of lust. She had to carry on, she had to. "So, when are you organising the next gathering?"

Hermione walked over to the table where the monkey had been only seconds ago, she wondered if she would ever see Draco again? Maybe it wasn't meant to be, for now she had to live her life. Touching the table she let her fingers drift across the place where the Persian monkey had sat and she knew it, she it was over. Tears began to fall from her eyes, stinging her cheeks. She had to leave, she wanted to be alone.

"I'm going to go home." Hiding her face from Victoria and Harry she stepped into the hearth.

"I have a busy day tomorrow, long shift."

"Ok, Mione, I'll see you at the weekend." Harry laid his arm around Victoria as the green flames erupted to life.


She walked into the bed room, Narcissa was sat on the seat near the window again. Looking out into the night. Her long hair hanging down untied.

"How are you tonight Mrs Malfoy?" Hermione closed the door behind her.

"I'm very well my dear, very well indeed and please, it's Narcissa" She turned to Hermione and smiled. "Did my dear Draco get off alright?"

"Yes, Mrs Narcissa. He got off fine." Hermione smiled to herself. "I sang to him, he liked that."

"I'm so happy we have someone who will take care of him properly, Lucretia just employs anyone for that poor Blaise, I want the best for my Draco, my little baby."

"I can understand why you do, Narcissa." She smiled and gazed out of the window. "I can completely understand why."


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