Title: Your Squints

Prompt: A line from an Episode

Characters: Booth, Brennan

Time Frame: Judas on a Pole

Word Count: 106, Drabble

Disclaimer: I wished upon a star, but the rights to Bones did not show up under my pillow.

"We are, all of us your squints, Booth."

As soon as she said it he knew it was true, and he found himself wondering when exactly that had happened. When had they become just as much his squints as they were hers?

He followed her into the diner and Zach was beaming, Hodgins was in the middle of giving a toast, Angela had just leaned over to kiss the Z-man on the cheek. Cam was laughing. And Brennan stood beside him, practically glowing, as proud as he'd ever seen her.

Booth smiled. He didn't know when it had happened, but he was sure glad it had.

A/N: I've never done drabble before, but one of my fave authors, Lerdo, who does them so well, has inspired me to try. It's an art really, conveying emotion and mood with only 100 or 200 words, so I thought I'd give it a shot, I've got a ton of other stuff I'm working on, but I'll be adding stuff to this pretty regularly I think.

A/N2: If anybody knows the special magic trick to getting stuff to stay single spaced, please let me in on it, I almost threw my computer out the window trying to get it to work for me with the info I gave at the beginning.