Sectumsempra – Snape's Perspective

After Harry cast the Sectumsempra spell on Malfoy in HBP, Snape sees it as his responsibility to make Harry feel the consequences. The Story is the same as my other one, 'Sectumsempra – The Consequences', but this time it is written from Snape's perspective. It starts in the bathroom directly after the curse hit Malfoy and Snape rushed in and healed him. The text in bold letters is a direct quote from the book.

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Warning: This story contains corporal punishment

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Snape supported Malfoy across the bathroom, turning at the door to say in a voice of cold fury, 'And you, Potter ... you wait here for me.'

He had to support Draco almost all the way to the hospital wing. Although the wounds had healed, the boy was still weak from the loss of blood. When they arrived, Madam Pomfrey rushed to meet them immediately and ushered Draco onto the nearest bed. Waving her wand over him, she checked his condition.

'Dittany for the scars and a Blood Replenishing Potion should do the trick,' she stated. 'Then lie down for a little while. By the time dinner is served you will be as good as new.'

Snape nodded, feeling relieved. 'Alright, Draco,' he said. 'I'll leave you here with Madam Pomfrey while I go back and deal with Potter.'

Draco didn't even smirk. He still looked deeply shaken.

Snape turned around and headed for the bathroom once more. Even before he got there he could hear Moaning Myrtle's wails. They only added to his fury. He was determined to make Potter pay for this.

Snape silently wondered if the boy had obeyed him and was still waiting in the bathroom. As soon as he entered, he noticed that, indeed, Potter had. The boy was leaning against a wall, his face ashen.

'Out!' Snape yelled to Moaning Myrtle, who immediately dived into the next toilet and disappeared.

'How's Malfoy? Will he be all right?' Potter asked in a rather shaky voice.

'He will, though that does not lessen the trouble you are in!'

He stared into Potter's face.

'Who would have guessed,' he continued, 'the Chosen One using Dark magic on a classmate. Who taught you that spell?' he shouted suddenly.

Potter flinched.

'I didn't know what that spell did, honestly! I read it somewhere, in some book…I forget which one it was...' he finished somewhat lamely, looking at the floor.

Snape grabbed his chin, raised his head and stared into Potter's eyes.

The boy had never been able to close his mind to him; this time he failed as dismally as he always had. Snape could clearly see a copy of 'Advanced Potion Making' come to the front of the boy's mind. The book opened, revealing the notes inside. Snape felt the room begin to spin as his worst suspicions were confirmed. It was his old book.

'You liar,' was all that he said before he went to the door and opened it. 'Come along. We are going to see the headmaster.'

When they finally arrived in front of Dumbledore's office, he again said, 'You wait here, Potter.'

Potter nodded and his teacher knocked and entered, closing the door behind him.

'Severus…' Dumbledore stood as he greeted him. 'Is anything wrong?' he asked, scrutinizing his younger colleague's face.

'One could say that, Headmaster,' Snape said dryly. 'It's about Potter again.'

'Oh, dear.' Dumbledore's eyes twinkled. 'I do hope he has not been mischievous again…'

Snape snorted. 'That's putting it very mildly. The Chosen One almost killed Draco Malfoy. I have just come from the hospital wing.'

Dumbledore's face drained of all amusement instantly. He slowly sat down again.

'Do sit down, Severus. How is the boy? Tell me what happened.'

Snape sighed. 'I didn't witness the act myself. The boys obviously quarrelled in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. I was alerted, in fact, by that aggravating ghost's screams. When I rushed in, Draco was lying on the floor with blood spurting from his face and chest. I was able to perform the countercurse quickly enough. I entered just in time. Draco is still being tended to by Madam Pomfrey; however he will be able to attend dinner. There is no permanent harm done.'

'Was Miss Myrtle able to tell you anything about the fight that led to all this?'

Snape snorted. This was one of the numerous occasions that Severus found the Headmaster irritating in his politeness. Only he could refer to that nuissance of ghost as 'Miss Myrtle'.

'Of course not, she was simply wailing like a banshee.'

Dumbledore smiled at him. 'I know I have said this before, Severus, but I must tell you again I am very grateful that I have you here to help me look after the students.' He gave a deep sigh. 'So Harry has been using Dark magic. I must admit I'm deeply surprised and disappointed. Do you know where he could have learned it?'

Snape shook his head jerkily. 'I do not. He must have read the spell and tried it out for the fun of it… He didn't have a clue what he was doing!'

'Do you know where he could have read about such a thing?

Now Snape was feeling uncomfortable himself. Of course Dumbledore knew about his fascination for the Dark Arts that he had cherished even before he actually became a Death Eater. Still Severus would have preferred if the man could have left his role out of this.

He grimaced.

'Obviously Potter has got hold of my old Potions text. I should have known from the beginning. I found Horace's praising over Potter's talent for brewing potions undoubtedly suspicious. Among my potions notes, I jotted down some spells that I invented.'

He forced himself to look into Dumbledore's eyes who regarded him with a thoughtful expression.

'Don't you find it odd, Severus, how fate toys with us?' the headmaster wondered philosophically. 'Harry and you are deeply connected by your determination to keep him safe from the dangers he faces from the Dark Side. However, it just so happens that you – without intent of course – taught him a Dark spell.'

Dumbledore frowned. 'Is there anything else in this book that we need fear?'

'No, Headmaster. The rest is rather harmless. Nevertheless, I will confiscate the book from him.'

Snape was eager to change the subject. 'So what are you planning to do with Potter about his irresponsible, almost fatal wand-waving? The boy is waiting outside, you should know.'

Dumbledore's face was very sombre. 'That is the question, isn't it? What would you suggest, Severus?'

'Well, an expulsion would be appropriate, wouldn't it?' Snape looked into Dumbledore's eyes. 'I am no fool, Albus. I know that you will never do that to Potter, if only to protect him. But you must come up with something more than a few detentions!'

'What else do you suggest, Severus?'

'Allow me to at least cane the boy!'

Dumbledore got up from his chair and paced his study. 'You know Severus that I am strongly opposed to corporal punishment. I do not see what good it shall do for Harry. I am convinced that once I have talked to him he will truly regret his actions and never do it again.'

Snape snorted. 'Regret his actions – probably. But never do it again? That boy is so bloody impulsive that I believe he'll do something equally as foolish and dangerous on a whim. He doesn't begin to think until it is too late.'

'Well, if this is what you believe, Severus, how do you think a caning will help?'

Snape hesitated. 'Perhaps, it will not,' he admitted. 'However, Potter deserves a harsh punishment for what he has done. This is not simply about the Golden Boy, but it is also about Draco Malfoy!'

'Ah.' Dumbledore nodded. 'Now I see your point. Draco will want Harry to be punished harshly, of course. Do you think it wise to encourage pupils in such revenge-seeking?'

'Oh come off it, Albus! I am not revenge-seeking, I am merely realistic! Your ideas on mercy and forgiveness are all very nice, but you cannot expect a sixteen-year-old like Draco Malfoy to agree with you!'

Seeing that the headmaster was still not convinced, Snape sighed.

'Do me a favour and do not repeat the mistake you made with Sirius Black and James Potter! When they almost had me killed by that werewolf that night in the Shrieking Shack, you did not punish them properly either! Do you know how betrayed I felt? I do not want to let Draco feel the same. It would be the final straw that will drive him into the arms of the Dark Lord.'

Dumbledore's face was regretful. 'I know, Severus, I have failed you on more than one occasion.' He considered this for a moment and sighed deeply.

'All right, Severus. Harry will receive a caning. However, let me speak with him first. Please call him in.'

Snape opened the door and beckoned Potter inside. He was pleased to notice that the boy was so nervous he hardly managed to look into Dumbledore's face.

The headmaster looked at Potter seriously. 'Harry, Professor Snape told me you used a life threatening curse on Mr. Malfoy, is that true?'

'Yes, Professor, but I didn't know that it would do that, and Malfoy hexed me first, so I shot a spell at him and missed and then he tried—'

'No, Harry,' Dumbledore interrupted him. 'Do not try to make excuses for what you have done. I am sure that it was not your intention to harm Mr Malfoy seriously. If you tell me so, I will even believe you that you were not the first to raise your wand. However, you are in your Sixth Year and definitely should have your magic under control. There is absolutely no excuse to cast a spell at another person without knowing exactly what it does. Do you understand me?'

'Yes sir', Potter whispered.

'As soon as Mr Malfoy is out of the hospital wing you are going to apologize to him.'

Potter nodded silently. Snape felt a grim sort of satisfaction. That was more than Sirius Black had ever done to him!

Dumbledore peered at him over the top of his half-moon spectacles. 'Professor Snape and I have agreed on your punishments,' he continued. 'You will serve a number of detentions with Professor Snape.'

Potter nodded again.

'However', Dumbledore carried on, 'we have agreed that in your special case, we unfortunately will have to resort to corporal punishment as well.'

'Corporal punishment?' Potter repeated stupidly, 'But—'

'Yes Harry, corporal punishment,' Dumbledore answered, with a slight edge to his voice. 'I am fully aware that caning hasn't been used at Hogwarts for decades, not since I became Headmaster here, to be exact. But I am sure you see yourself that what you have done cannot be dealt with by simply handing out a few detentions. Any other pupil would have been expelled for certain. However, considering your safety and the tasks that lie ahead of you, expulsion is no option. Can you understand this, Harry?" he finished rather kindly.

The boy cleared his throat. 'Yes, I can,' he said quietly.

Dumbledore also cleared his throat. 'Good. Now I am aware, too well, of the mutual dislike between you and Professor Snape. Although you will serve your detentions with Professor Snape, I am offering to mete out the corporal punishment myself."

Snape drew in his breath to protest, but Dumbledore merely looked at him, and Severus remained silent. The headmaster was fooling him once again. Dumbledore swinging the cane against his Golden Boy's backside… it will probably be more a petting than a caning! he thought angrily.

Potter gulped and tried to find his voice. 'Sir, thanks for offering, but I think...erm, I'm okay with Professor Snape doing it.'

This was one of the moments in which Snape was content with his aptitude in controlling his facial expression. He was completely flabbergasted, and for the first time ever almost pleased with the boy. Potter cast a quick sideways glance at him, and Snape noticed a trace of fear in his eyes.

'Very well,' said Dumbledore and considered Potter for a moment. 'In this case, Harry, I want you to be in my office tomorrow night at eight o'clock for our next lesson. Severus?'

He nodded, went to the door and opened it. Potter looked once more into Dumbledore's eyes.

'I'm really sorry,' Potter whispered sadly. Then he dropped his head and went out of the office, followed by his potions master, who quietly closed the door behind them.

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