The marriage of Diana,Princess of Themyscira and Clark Kent was not like most marriages. To the outside world they were nothing to each other. As far as most people were concerned the mild mannered reporter from the Daily Planet was still a bachelor, and he did his job studiously and quietly raising no suspicions that when he left the building and went home to his top floor apartment,the most desirable woman in the world would be waiting for him on most evenings. No one suspected Mr Kent had a wife;certainly he had visitors and friends but the elderly tenants were too old to be over inquisitive and just knew him to be a very respectful and quiet neighbor, who gladly helped them carry their groceries or did any favor he could for them. Many a time they often would tell him he was a good fellow and he should get himself a wife. Mr Kent would just smile and say he wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility.

There were times Diana could not get away to go home,and it was not unusual for Superman to go to the Embassy and spend the night there. The staff were very discreet and Superman made sure to leave without being seen. Occasionally Clark Kent visited from the Daily Planet and no one blinked an eye if he ended up staying longer than usual or what was normal for a reporter. Then there were the times Superman and Wonder Woman spent doing League duties and after a mission,they often flew off to the most remote or sheltered part of the world where no one knew them nor cared who they were,and put on civilian clothing and just blended in and did normal things like go into a market and shop for food together or just stroll down a street hand in hand for an hour and then fly back to the apartment in Metropolis.

The Fortress and Themyscira were reserved for special getaways where they could cut themselves off completely,and not have to worry about work or duties or villains. They did not get to this as often as they would like but when they did they made the most of it. Life was always going to be hectic but shared burdens and responsibilities made it bearable and having each other made all the difference.

Diana was at the Embassy. She was staying in Washington instead of Metropolis,as Clark had gone off on a deep space mission and had been gone for over a month. The League had expanded and the chairman was now J'onn J'onnz. Oliver had gotten fed up of it and had tried to foist it onto Clark who held it for a couple of years but found it was even harder to balance his private life and work and League duties as Chairman. So he handed over the reins to the individual most people though the ideal candidate.

She sat at her desk and looked over her correspondence tray and tried not to think of Clark. He had gone with Kyle Rainer and J'onn and it was the longest they had ever been apart since they had gotten married four years ago. Times she felt very low,even tearful and she found it bewildering. She never imagined she would miss him so much. She also felt more tired than ever. She put it down to having a grueling schedule with her role as Ambassador,which involved being a diplomat, humanitarian, teacher,and fund raiser. She looked at post card at the top of the pile and laughed.

It was a post card from Dinah and Oliver Queen. They had gone on a trip to the Far East and they were both currently enjoying their tour of the Orient very much. Ollie was almost tempted to remain for another six months and do India as well. Diana smiled as she read how Dinah was trying to get Oliver to stop encouraging street children and she was dreading that they would be coming back home with a bandwagon of orphans.

Diana laughed. She could imagine Oliver giving away everything in his pockets to begging children. She had encountered it numerous times and it broke ones heart to see them but she was involved in charities to get children off the streets and into school,and she knew how hard it was to not encourage begging.


There was a knock on the door. It was Ferdinand. He had brought up her lunch."Princess,it is past two and you haven't come down for your meal..."

Diana looked up."Oh...I almost forgot. Please put it down there."

Ferdinand tutted."You need to eat. You look as if you have dropped a few pounds since the last couple of weeks..."

She looked guilty."I...My appetite hasn't been all that great. What have you got here?"She lifted the lid and she saw it was a nice bit of tuna and vegetables and a delicious looking mini fruit flan."It looks delicious...I'll eat as I go along."

Ferdinand watched her. He knew half her problem was that Clark was absent. But he didn't press her. He just wagged a finger."Eat,okay?"

Diana smiled and nodded. The moment he closed the door,her face contorted at the smell of the tuna and she covered her mouth and ran into the on-suite bathroom. She retched,and brought up remnants of an apple she had nibbled an hour before. She vomited nothing else but spittle. She stood up and looked at her reflection with some irritation.

She had gone to a hospital several days before where people had broken out with some mysterious viral illness and she had not taken any precautions; well simply because she never had to. She wiped her mouth and considered whether to go to the Hall of Justice to get John to run some tests on her. The last thing she needed was to land up in bed or contaminate her staff. She had so much to do this week and there were plans for the Ambassador to go on her tour of North Africa,starting next week.

Before she could even consider her next action or thought, the JLA communicator beeped. Diana straightened up and hurried to it. It was Scott Free who was standing in for J'onn."Diana,we have a situation. We need your help in Metropolis."

Instantly Diana forgot her own discomfort and said,"Will get there as fast as I can. Fill me in on the way."

Wonder Woman landed in Metropolis and found Steel trying to hold off a huge monster-like creature that looked part cybernetic,part reptilian. Diana gasped. She recognized this creature as someone Clark had encountered two years ago...he was the one of the updated versions of Luthor's super-soldiers who went rogue and he was called Equus. He was powerful,had super human strength and endurance, enhances senses,rapid self healing,and his teeth were as jagged as a sharks and his claws were a foot long and Diana remembered how it had pierced Clark's skin and nearly reached his heart.

People were already running out of buildings and being evacuated by police

She unfurled her lasso."Hera,help me."

The creature had Steel on the ground and was pounding at his armor. Diana flung the lasso and pulled Equus off with all her might and flung him. He went smashing into a nearby building,carving a gaping hole that seemed to go right through the entire annex.

She flew down to drop near Steel and help him up."Are you alright,John?"

Steel was bleeding in places he was punched with the claws. He gasped,"I think...he got me in the lung..."

Diana looked at him in alarm. She was about to call Scott when she saw the debris move and out of twisted iron and steel emerge the creature. John saw it coming and groaned,"Diana,look out!"

Diana turned to see claws arcing and she lifted her bracelets in time. She kicked it in the gut and somersaulted out of its way. She was hovering in the air when it picked up a car and flung it at her. She caught the car and hurled it back at him. Equus roared and punched it apart. He leaped atop an abandoned bus and jumped at her. He was able to leap hundreds of feet and he had her by the boot. Diana felt his claws slash her thighs. She gasped and they plummeted. She used both fists to pound him on the top of his skull. He held on and was weighing her down,she could feel his claws reaching for her throat. Diana saw his cold reptilian eyes and his teeth was coming near her face.

"Get off her!"

Diana felt Equus' hold on her throat suddenly loosen and he was yanked away from her. Even as she tried to control her fall she could see the flash of the red cape. She felt herself cushioned by a green light like a sort of platform and she saw Kyle Rainer with his power-ring setting her upright. She steadied herself and looked to see Superman draw his fist back and punch Equus so hard he went flying through a whole block of buildings.

Diana's heart leaped with joy. She cried,"Kal!"

Superman hovered for an instant,his gaze was drawn to her and she saw his blue eyes, which seemed warm with affection, suddenly cloud. He looked turned to the Martian Manhunter who had also come into view and was going towards Steel.

He shouted,"J'onn, get Diana out of here. NOW!". He looked at Kyle. "You take Steel!"

Kyle asked,"What about you?"

Superman flexed his fists,"I'll be fine..."and headed in the direction Equus had been punched.

Diana saw J'onn appear behind her. Diana began angrily,"What?I'm not going anywhere. I can help..."

J'onn put his hands on her head."Sorry,Diana..."

Diana let out a cry of indignant rage as she realized what the telepath was about to do. She tried to fight it,but he had invaded her mind and she felt herself being lulled into a heavy stupor. She fell backwards into the Manhunter's arms,murmuring,"No...I need to help him..."

Diana awoke to find herself in the infirmary of the Justice League Headquarters. She raised herself and saw she was not alone in the bay. John Henry Irons laid with a chest tube,iv fluids and a heart monitor attached to him. He appeared asleep. She saw her left thigh had a large dressing on it. She winced and quietly got up and left the room to find J'onn sitting out in the main anteroom of the infirmary at a desk.

Diana clenched her fists and he turned as if knowing she was behind him. His voice was implacable."You are awake. How are you?"

Diana stalked up to him."What in Gaea's name was that about? How dare you do that to me,J'onn!"

He looked at her with his calm demeanor and said,"I was following orders."

Diana uttered astonished,"You were following...?Don't give me that!You are the one to give orders!Where is he?"

"He's not back yet..."

Diana's face creased with concern for a moment as she recalled the battle. "Is he okay?Is that creature captured?"

"Yes,he is fine. He's helping them clean up. Should be in soon..." Diana turned and stalked away. J'onn looked after her."Where are you going?"

"I'm going to be there when he gets in to give him a piece of my mind!"she shot back,leaving the Manhunter to murmur,"Now he's in for it."

Up in the main control room was the the Flash,Green Lantern and Scott Free. All three were chatting about the recent mission that Kyle had come back from as well as keeping an eye on the monitors showing various satellite feeds. The moment she entered they turned.

Bart said,"Hey,Di,what's up?You okay?How's the old leg?"

"I am fine,"she said abruptly and folded her arms and came to stare at a monitor that showed televised pictures of Superman battling Equus. She sighed inwardly. At least it was not live footage.

Kyle put his hand on her arm."He's alright,you know. It was tough but we managed to capture and contain the creature."

She turned."Really?Well,isn't that nice of you all to take me out of the equation?"

Scott coughed."Er,Diana,that was Kal's idea. Not ours..."

"I'm sure he has some rationale..."began Bart."I mean Blue has never been one to dictate to you what to do,has he?"

Diana frowned. That was true. Although he often worried for her safety he never presumed to stop her from her duties in the League or think she could not handle herself. She was a warrior and he often said he would have no qualms with her having his back. So why today of all days did he stop her?

She said abruptly,"He better have a darn good explanation cause if he thinks disabling me makes me happy...he has another thing coming...Do you know how worried I was?"

Bart said ,"Look,Diana, maybe he just wants you in one piece today of all days...The guy has been away from you for over four weeks...I mean if it were me,I would do the same...I would way prefer to come back to a wife in one piece than one laid up in an infirmary. Remember Supes fought this thing and nearly got his heart pierced..."

Diana maintained stubbornly."That is no excuse.!He could be the one in the infirmary...and I could have helped...I..."

The sound of doors opening made them all turn to see Superman walk in. He stopped and his eyes met his wife's. She was rigid and her cheeks were flushed and her eyes flashed.

Her voice was acidic."Well?"

He seemed to take a breath as if preparing himself for this onslaught. He came closer."Are you okay?"

She snapped,"What do you think?"

"Look,Diana,it's not as you..."

"How dare you make J'onn take me out of a battle?Whom do you think you were helping?"

"Diana,Equus is an animal...a rabid animal...no better than Doomsday..."

She threw her arms up."And removing me is supposed to make me feel better?Knowing you are facing him alone?"

Kyle interjected,"He wasn't alone for long...I came back and..."

Diana shot him a deathly glare and he shut up. Superman walked over, took his wife by the arm and asked gravely,"Can we discuss this quietly somewhere?"

She wanted to shake his hand off in temper but saw the look in his eyes. It was full of concern. She pulled her arm away and stalked towards the conference room. He followed her.

Bart shook his head."Man,that is why I am single.."

Alone in the conference room Diana paced whilst he watched her.

"You think I was not worried out of my mind?I saw what he did to you the last time and when J'onn pulled me away...I had nightmares of you being killed...!"

He said drolly,"Well,I'm fine...See,not a scratch on me..."

She gave him a glare."Don't you make light of this situation,Clark Kent. Why did you do that?Because you think me incapable?"

"Of course not. You fully well know I think you are a great warrior...and more than capable..."

"But not this time?"

"No...it's not..."

"What then?Four weeks and I don't see you. Every day I dread getting news that you may be hurt or worse,and now when you do come back,it is to see you engage with that thing on your own! I won't stand by and see you put your self at risk if I can help and then you get poor J'onn to do your dirty work. Well,I will not tolerate it,do you hear me?"

He sighed."Are you finished?"

Diana stopped and glowered."You could at least apologize..."

He smiled softly and his eyes seemed to caress her face as he walked up to her and rested his hands on her upper arms and pull her closer."How are you?"

She looked at him perplexed now."What?What do you mean?How am I?I am very much annoyed..."

Clark stroked her hair off her face and brushed her cheek with the back of his palm."Apart from that. How have you been?"

Diana felt her pulse flutter at the touch of his fingers on her skin. She muttered grudgingly,"I...missed you..."

He claimed her mouth in a long,passionate kiss that made her forget she was so mad with him. She leaned into him gratefully but frowned,"Stop trying to turn the subject..."

Clark cupped her face."Diana,have you been ill?"

She looked at him confused."Is it so obvious?I mean,I know you have super vision. What do you see?I haven't been feeling well today and I was worried I may have caught something off the people who are quarantined with that virus in Metropolis General...I..."

Clark's chest rumbled with laughter and Diana looked at him bemusement. "This is funny to you...?"

He took her hand and rested it palm down against her flat stomach."Honey,you're pregnant."

Diana looked at him perplexed."What?"

He nodded."You're pregnant."

"With...as in child?"

He nodded and chuckled to see her bewildered face. She clutched his uniform."How?"

Clark said teasingly,"Well, I would think we've done the procreative act enough times to conceive a child..."

"But I ...I wasn't expecting...Hera,the tiredness,and nausea...that was...?Oh heavens,how stupid I have been...But the tea...?"

He grinned."Don't you know abstinence is the only hundred percent guarantee?And no one can level that charge at us."

Diana gulped."I need to sit down."

He took a seat on a chair and pulled her onto his lap."Now,Mrs Kent,that's why I made J'onn drag you away...We can't afford any one punching you in the tummy,can we?"

Diana looked down in wonder where his hand rested on her lower abdomen. "You can see it?"

He nodded. There was such a softness in his eyes and voice."It was the first thing I heard...your heart beat and something else...J'onn confirmed it when you were out."

"What's it like?"

He seemed to smile broadly with a kind of pride."Oh,er,very small for now..."

Diana looked at him in awe."Gaea,so I am going to have our child? Oh, Kal, I...I am so happy,...and so...so terrified...!"

He laughed and hugged her."Me too."

She asked."So what now?"

He kissed the tip of her nose."How about we tell our mothers first and then our friends?And then get you a good obstetrician?"

"Well,you know,you have to give up the Ambassador role now," said Hippolyta with a sigh.

Diana was sitting on a divan in her mother's chambers having come to Themyscira to spend a few days since telling her the news weeks back. Hippolyta had taken it very philosophically as she said it was something she had half been wondering about as she knew that with Diana married there was every possibility but she also hadn't been quite sure whether Diana would have been able to have children.

Diana was a full three months now. Still barely showing. She said worriedly,"I...suppose there is no way I can continue,is there?"

"When you start to show...the press will have a field day...and we can't afford that. We have to get someone to take over the post for now. I will talk to the Senate. I am not sure how happy all of them will be. But you are their princess and champion and they owe you loyalty and fully understood that when you wed Kal-el you were bringing in a male into the dynasty. What about you duties in the League?"

Diana said tersely,"Clark and I have been arguing quite a bit about that. He wants me off the roster. I feel I should be on it still...Oh don't look so horrified. I will not go out on any rough missions. I could do the diplomatic ones or even help coordinate from head quarters..."

Hippolyta sat next to her."Diana,no one can know when a mission will turn out to be rough..."

"That's what he said...but I have a lot of experience and at least, whilst I am not showing...I can feel useful..."

"And I know you .If your friends are in danger and you are the only one there,you will go off to help...co-ordination be damned..."

She frowned."You sound just like him...I am not so foolish to put this baby at risk...I would know what to do...I..."

Hippolyta tilted the stubborn chin."Would you really?"

Diana groaned."I can't sit around all the day doing nothing!I will go crazy in the apartment..."

"I thought Clark is looking for a house for you two on the outskirts of the city?"

"He is...and he also says I need to adopt an alter ego..He is suggesting I can always stay with his mother or at the Fortress when I am bored...Bruce Wayne is setting up my new identity..and suggests I can come in as Clark Kent's wife whom he met on his trip last year in Europe and we had this world wind romance...It's for the benefit of all his Planet colleagues,friends and acquaintances who don't know about us.."

"Sounds reasonable to me. And you know you can come to Themyscira anytime. Have you thought about where you will have this baby?"

Diana looked at her wistfully,"I was hoping here. If the Senate will permit it."

Hippolyta's eyes gleamed."We would be honored. And they will permit it. But you know if you come here,I will insist you come earlier than your due date in order to be monitored ...as babies,if I recall rightly, are notorious for not adhering to a schedule,and we must ensure you are taking things easy closer to term."

Diana slumped back."Between the vomiting and mood swings and having to take it easy...I don't know which is worse."

Hippolyta laughed."Poor child. It has been an age since we had anyone pregnant on the island but I think Epione will be most excited to use her midwifery skills once more."

Diana sighed."I will tell Clark. He's been very patient and understanding whilst I have been quite a shrew at times...I never knew a baby could wreck your hormones like this. One minute I am laughing,the next crying and then shouting..."

Hippolyta touched her stomach."It'll be a fierce little Amazon princess..."

Diana smiled weakly."It could be a boy you know..."

Hippolyta shook her head."No. It is a girl. I know it is. I expect Clark can see it?Everything is well?"

"Yes,the obstetrician says things seem okay...although it's impossible to see via a sonogram because my skin is so dense. Clark are his eyes and he says it's too early to know the sex and in any case I don't really want to know...I prefer to be surprised but my blood tests and other investigations seem normal...if you can call having a half amazon half kryptonian normal."

Hippolyta laughed and smoothed her hair and tenderly kissed her temple. "Life has come full circle. I am going to be a grandmother. I never believed I could be so blessed after all the pain. Hope is a truly blessed thing and this little one will carry the hope of two heritages on her shoulders."

Diana was about to lift a stone trough from the back garden of her new house in the suburbs of Metropolis. She had taken to gardening lately since she had been banned from all League activities and had handed over the reins of Ambassador to her Amazon sister Mala. She was now five months pregnant and she sported a bump that could not be hidden even under tunics,and although the more annoying symptoms of nausea and fatigue had subsided;she had begun to want to use the bathroom more and the baby had begun to move.

It had been the most stunning revelation to feel her child kick her. It was as if for the first time she could not ignore the life growing within her. Diana,apart from gardening and trying to set her new home in order, spent time reading numerous books on her condition,but none of the books really knew what was normal for a amazon/kryptonian baby,and she could only watch,wait and hope.

Clark had been very careful of the home he chosen for them. It was an old Victorian style,three bedroom house built in a cul-de-sac in a very quiet neighborhood. Clark ensured there was a decent size back yard and it was fenced off completely. None of the neighbors could even peer over and it was unlikely they would see anything as an open area of greenery stood at the back and trees flanked the house itself.

Diana had to admit it was perfect. The nearest neighbors were an an elderly couple and a middle aged spinster. Both were very private and quiet and polite and did their neighborly duty by dropping by to greet and meet the Kents;and did not show any over zealous interest to nose in the new couple's affairs;but made it clear that if the expectant mother needed anything they were only a phone call away.

Diana wanted to carry the whole trough to a shaded spot closer to a bench under a trellis and she heard a voice behind her."Put that down,Diana."

She turned to see her husband coming down the garden path. He was in his suit,an indication he had driven in from work;something he did occasionally for effect when he did not fly. If he flew he made an effort for folk to see him taking the bus to the train station.

Diana looked up and saw he was already at her side and taking the trough off her. She protested,"But it's not even heavy,Clark!"

He said firmly,"I don't care. No heavy lifting. You were warned. Where do you want this?"

She pointed to a spot."Over there. Honestly,I'm not made of glass that I will break..."

He rested it down and gave her a stern look."No,but you are a pregnant woman who is trying to see how far she can push me. The doctor said no unnecessary stress. We don't know how your carrying a Kryptonian will affect you...You are relatively powerful and equal to me in strength but my cells are powered by solar energy...we have to be careful as you go further into term...We have nothing to compare this pregnancy to...to even know what to expect. We don't even know how long your gestation will be...nine months,is just a guess."

Diana grumbled."You seem to be enjoying ordering me around. Just wait till this pregnancy is over..."She bent to pick up a trowel and let out a gasp. He was at her side instantly.

"Honey,what is it?"

She exhaled."Your child just kicked me!"

Clark put his hand on her stomach and sure enough the baby was moving. Clark's blue eyes danced."I'll never get enough of that."

She rolled her eyes."Easy for you to say. You are not the one being used as a football...Hera,this kick was the strongest...My mother says she'll be a very strong warrior..."

Clark looked amused."She?Diana,not even I have deciphered the gender as yet..."

Diana smiled."Mother says she feels it in her gut..."

He asked curiously,"Would you care what it is?"

She shook her head."No,I just want a healthy hearty child...and I really don't want to know the gender even if you found out...It's one of the miracles of life I think everyone should be allowed to savor at the birth..."

He said wryly,"Unless you are blessed with super vision..."

She wrapped her arms about his neck."Yes,but you get to see everything I can't see...and were it not for you,we would really be going in blind. I do feel a little jealous at times you get to see its progress and I cannot."

He kissed her lips tenderly. He then said casually,"I have some news. Bruce and Zee have announced their wedding date."

Diana brightened."Really?When?"

"In three months time."

She looked unimpressed."God, I will be past eight months...They say you gain over approximately thirty five pounds...but that is with a normal baby...and I am carrying your child...I will be a veritable elephant then."

Clark laughed and hoisted her up in his arms."Then let me carry you whilst I still can,Mrs Kent."

Diana Kent sat on an armchair in lower salon of the grand Wayne Manor. The house was filled with his close friends,who had come to celebrate the wedding of Bruce Wayne and Zatanna Zatara. It had been an elegant church ceremony and then the grand reception was held on the grounds of the Wayne manor. Bruce, in typical billionaire style, had made it slightly over the top to satisfy the nosy press and the creme de la creme of Gotham.

Diana guessed he would have liked nothing but a private wedding for him and Zatanna;but one had a facade to preserve, and now outside a live string quartet were playing and the guests were milling around drinking champagne and eating fine desserts after having dined luxuriously under a white,wooden pavilion he had ordered up especially for the reception.

Diana found at thirty four weeks she was tiring fast and was happier to be inside and sitting on a comfortable chair with a few cushions behind her. Alfred himself and come to ensure she was comfortable,and he had even pulled up a stool for her to put up her aching feet. Clark had at first not wanted to leave her side but she had insisted he go out and mingle,and enjoy some light conversation with his friends. Bruce had invited most of the Justice Leaguers,who were all there in their civilian identities.

Diana rubbed her tummy. It was huge now and the baby seemed to be moving around frequently since the music had began. She looked down at it and whispered,"You like that noise,hmm?It's Vivaldi's spring...I love it too..."

"Talking to our self?"

Diana looked up to see the bride walk in. Diana beamed."Zee... It's just the baby is kicking."

Zatanna came and sat next to her. She was a radiant vision in a strapless ivory creation. Zatanna touched her stomach."Wow. I can feel it. Strong baby. You guys know what it is?"

"Clark does. I don't really want to know. The ceremony was lovely,Zee..."

Zatanna rolled her eyes."I guess. I have just left Bruce running away from the photographers. We did the obligatory shots in the grounds and after ten minutes Bruce was fed up of posing. Now I am going to change as we have a plane to catch to go to our honeymoon."

Diana grinned."That bit makes up for all the harassment. Where are you going?"

Zatanna smiled."He wants to surprise me. All I know is the jet is waiting somewhere to fly us to some locale he has set up...Even with all my magic he is still able to make me feel giddy with anticipation...I wish I could sit and chat but we have a time allotted to us to fly...So,will you excuse me?"

Diana nodded,hugged her and sighed. It was such a pleasure to see her friends happy. She picked up a plate of cake and rested it on her stomach and looked at her tummy."Yes,yes...it's chocolate. I swear you must have super vision even inside there."

The bride and groom were leaving and the guests followed them out into the front driveway to see them off and catch the bouquet. Diana had been trying to get up and Michael Carter came in and saw her struggling. He ran around the chair."Hey,take it easy there,Di. I got ya!"

He gave her his arm and he yelped as she pulled on him to heave herself up."Owww!Owww!You'll break my arm!"

Diana looked at him guiltily."Sorry..."

Bart strolled in. He had resolved not to be there while any bouquet was being thrown .He tutted. "Jeeze,Carter,you are such a weakling."

Michael frowned."Come here and help me..."

Diana gave her hands to them both and they heaved. They were puffing and panting when Clark Kent walked in. He tried not to laugh when Bart wheezed. "How much weight did you put on Diana?No disrespect,but what have you got in that womb?A boulder or a baby?"

Diana said acidly,"Thanks,Bart. I feel so much better now. It's bad enough I am like a beached whale wearing a tent..."

Clark came up and said,as he easily lifted her to her feet,"Sorry,I had to dash out for a few minutes as Superman to help contain a certain eco-terrorist ...or else Bruce was going to get Batman to do it...and we can't have that,can we?"

Diana leaned on her husband."No,certainly not. It's so much nicer to have a wedding without drama."

They all made their way out onto the front in time to see Zatanna and Bruce kiss near the white limousine and the bride fling the bouquet. All the friends were there. Oliver, Dinah, Vic, J'onn, Scott, Barda, Arthur, Kyle,John,Lois,Chloe,Jimmy,Mr Zatara,and the many other friends and acquaintances of Bruce Wayne. The bouquet fell into the hands of Lois Lane who turned to look at Chloe and pushed it into her hands. Joey Elliot took the bouquet off Chloe and gave it to Lois with a raised brow. Lois gave a helpless grin and actually blushed.

Clark grinned."I think we may have another wedding on the way..."

Bart snorted."Better them than us right,Carter?"

Michael folded his arms."Darn right. Who wants the ball and shackle now when I am Booster Gold."

Clark turned to him."About that?How in heaven's name?"

Bart snorted,"He went and interfered with that chronal device the League confiscated..."

Clark's brows rose."Mike..."

Michael tutted,"Not you too. Look, I am not the only one who went into the future. What about those Legionnaires that you told us about,huh?"

Clark said gravely,"Yes but you can't fiddle with time..."

"I haven't. I was always meant to go there and become Booster Gold...and I have seen the future but as you know,Clark,it isn't written in stone..."

Bart sniffed."What sort of name is Booster Gold anyway?Sounds like a beer commercial..."

Michael looked hopeful."Think so?I was hoping to get a few deals. It will help the image of the League. Don't you think if we interacted more with the media,it would help our case immensely?"

"You are exploiting your position,"began Bart crossly.

"Am not!It might be news to you but not everyone is happy about us policing the world. They think we are playing at gods and if my making myself accessible can help demystify us then so much the better...I..."

Clark inquired dryly,"By putting your name on billboards and getting your face on merchandising?"

Diana's nails dug into Clark's arm."Clark..."

He turned at once. Her heart rate had gone up."What is it?"

She looked at him in some bemusement and pain etched on her face."My...I think my water broke..."

Clark looked down. Sure enough the place she stood was wet. Michael squeaked."What?"

Bart began dismayed,"Now hold on!She isn't due for what?Two or three weeks?"

Clark said ruefully as he hoisted her up in his arms."For a normal kid yes...for us we don't even know. Let's get you home."

Michael asked stupidly,"What...?What do we do?"

Clark said,"I'm taking her to Themyscira via the teleporter in the Hall of Justice. Can you tell everyone?And my mother?"

Diana put her arm around Clark's neck and leaned her face into his shoulder as he walked with her towards the back of the house to find a place to change and fly out with her. She whispered ,"Our baby seems ready to come into the world,Kal...I'm a little scared...I hope everything is okay..."

"It will be. From what I can see they don't look to be in any distress."

"Excuse me?They?"

Diana was being laid upon a bed in the room Hippoltya had Epione prepare for the birthing process. It was airy and full of light and had a clear view of the ocean and the perfume of flowers wafted up the balcony. Epione was burning some relaxing incense to help the expectant mother,and with another amazon sister was getting herself ready for when Diana would actually deliver. At the moment she was only dilated a few centimeters and was in quite a bit of discomfort and seemed rather infuriated.

"I can't believe you kept that from me!"

Clark was helping her out of her maternity dress into a loose cotton shift."You said you didn't want to know!"

"But twins!Hera,no wonder I feel like my back is ready to split and I am as fat as a hippopotamus..."

"You said it didn't matter ,"he said whimsically with innocent eyes,easing her down on the pillows and going to stand behind her.

She shot him a look that made him glad Hippolyta had come in at that moment.

The Queen came up and brushed the hair off Diana's forehead. "Well,what is this I am hearing?Are we really expecting twins?"

Diana began waspishly,"He never uttered a word..."

Hippolyta looked at Clark who looked at her imploringly. She took Diana's hand."Does it matter if it is one babe or two?It seems this is a time for great celebration. Double the joy."

Diana laid back and said fretfully,"We only bought one of everything and..."

Clark coughed behind her. She looked at him. He said with an angelic smile."I have actually ordered two of each. The rest is down in the basement..."

Diana blinked."basement?"

He stroked her hair."Sure with your becoming "as fat as a hippopotamus",I knew you would have no need nor desire to go down there..."

Diana grimaced,"I don't know if to kiss you or throw something at you right now,Clark Kent."She suddenly gave a tiny groan of pain. The contractions were coming sharper and more frequent now.

Epione threw a sheet over her lower body and examined her. "Princess,you haven't dilated enough. I am afraid it will be somewhat longer before this baby...I mean,babies come..."

Diana paled a little but reached for her husband's hand and nodded."I can do this. I battled gods and monsters. What are two babies, right?"

Clark raised her hand to his lips."I'll be right here."

Diana was in real pain as her labour continued for another three hours. By the time she was ready to deliver, Martha Kent and Dinah had come to the island via the teleporter,to not only act as support to the mother,but the father as well. Both stood by with an anxious Hippolyta and watched as Diana gritted her teeth and tried not to scream out as she was encouraged by Epione to push.

If it had been any other man holding her hand she would have broken their bones. Clark had come to sit at her back and actually had her leaning on his chest and holding her as she pushed.

She gasped,"This is the first and last time,Clark..."

Martha tried to joke."Yes,Clark,two for the price of one..."

Epione urged,"That's it,Princess. I can see the crown. Push. The hardest bit is coming...Yes...that's it...You've done it..."

Diana looked up to see Epione tap the baby's bottom and hear its cry. She looked at Clark. "We...have...I ...What is it?"

Epione clipped the cord and gave it to her assistant who swaddled it."It is a boy. Hale and hearty."

Diana looked at Clark;her eyes misted."A boy..."

Clark kissed her lips."Yes,a boy."

Hippolyta looked bemused."A boy?"

The assistant held the new baby out. Martha took it eagerly,and Dinah sighed."Oohh, he is soo beautiful."

Martha looked at her."You want to hold him?"

Dinah looked at her gratified. She and Oliver were not fortunate so far to be blessed with children. She took the baby and cooed."Hey you. It's Aunty Dinah here... Aren't you a handsome guy?"

The Queen looked at the child philosophically. She said,"I will have the other..."

Epione looked at Diana,who looked tired."We have one more baby to come out. Are you ready?"

Diana nodded. And she gritted her teeth and pushed. The second baby came out quickly. Epione cut the cord and lifted the little one up for Diana and Clark to see."We have a..another boy."

Diana looked up at Clark."Two boys?"

He laughed."We can always try for the girl later..."

"Oh very droll..."

The assistant gave the baby to Hippolyta,who took it and uttered just like her daughter,"Two boys?"

The new mother had been cleaned up and tidied and was lying some hours later on the large bed in her own royal chambers with her babies between her and her husband. Clark was watching the babies in fascination as they slept. They were not identical. One had jet black hair. The other the colour of rich dark brown .One was definitely greedier than the other and more vocal;whilst the other seemed to be more drowsy and smiley. He felt such tenderness and pride;it was akin to feeling invincible and the joy of seeing their love manifest itself into two little perfect beings was unprecedented. He actually had a family to call his own and nurture and protect.

They had also decided on names. It hadn't taken long. The minute Diana saw the quieter child she had named him Jonathan in honor of Clark's adopted father. Hippolyta had been stunned by being asked by Clark to decide upon the other child;or the little "hell-raiser" as she had laughingly called him when he had screamed his lungs off for his mother's breast. Hippolyta had given him the name Kairos,in Greek it implied a right or opportune moment in time;when something special happens.

Diana whispered,"Aren't they beautiful?I cannot believe they are ours;that they came out of me..."

Clark nodded and touched the hair of the quieter child."Thank god they aren't identical...Jonathan here has hair like my mother,Lara..."

"I think they are both going to have blue eyes...and this little Kairos,is going to have your dimples." She pointed to the ebony haired child,who jerked as if he was dreaming in his sleep.

Clark grinned."Your mother pretended to be very disappointed that she did not get granddaughters...but I think she'll have a soft spot for him. I mean for a while I thought she wouldn't give him over."

Diana asked a little nervously,"You think they will both fly soon or give us a break like you did with your parents?"

Clark chuckled and reach for her hand."The mind does indeed boggle. I mean, we have taken on the likes of Circe, Darkseid, Doomsday...what are two babies right? Albeit babies who can probably lift a car by the time they are three."

"With the Man of Steel at my side,I think...no,I know we can."

He leaned over carefully and kissed her and laid back down so they could continue watch their two sons as they slept.

Sixteen years later.

Wonder Woman looked at Superman across the console.

"You finished with your report?"

Superman looked up."Just about."

She nodded and walked casually over to a large window and looked out. Miles of infinitesimal space greeted her eyes and cushioned in the velvety blackness was the beautiful planet Earth. It was a view she never tired of. It reminded her how vast the reaches of the universe was but also on that small blue planet carried the hopes and dreams of a people,and it represented all that she loved.

The satellite had been the League's new headquarters in the last five years,and it was a wonder of technology and architecture. It was also an expensive venture that required deep pockets and brilliant minds to maintain. But the League boasted billionaires and scientists and members with access to technological advances that no one else had. Not even the government and this could have caused tensions;but having the likes of Superman,whom everyone seemed to trust,and her own work as Ambassador, had helped to ease any suspicions.

A lot had changed with the roster as well. J'onn still was chairman but they had younger faces now. The likes of Bruce kept to Gotham mostly;but Zatanna still helped whenever she could take time away from their son and daughter. Oliver had a protege in someone called Arsenal. Steel,Cyborg,Bart and Green lantern were still active. Arthur had donned the mantle of King for several years now and he only came if he was needed. Scott and Barda were still on the reserve list.

Diana sighed. Time had brought with it sorrow as well. Martha Kent was no longer with them. She had died three years ago. It had hit Clark hard. He had not expected his seemingly energetic mother to pass away. No one had expected her to die after what appeared to be just a bad cold. It had unfortunately run to pneumonia,and she had died on her way to hospital, when he had been off on a mission. And when he had come back from New Genesis three days later to hear his mother was dead had been devastating.

Diana looked at his reflection in the glass. Like her he had barely seemed to have aged much,but there were some lines of care and world weariness under his eyes and at the side of his mouth. He also had changed his uniform entirely to black with the S shield in silver. Her uniform too had slight alterations. She wore a Greek style skirt instead,and her breast plate was more of a larger eagle at the top with straps.

Diana knew if it were not for her and their family,Clark had the propensity to withdraw completely. It was the way he dealt with grief. He would normally internalize it,but Diana was wiser and more intuitive and her pragmatism and compassion was able to break through any barriers he put up. She walked back to him and suddenly leaned down from behind and put her arms around his neck and leaned her cheek into his.

He looked up amused."What do you want?"

She tutted."Am I only affectionate with my husband when I want something?"

He grinned and pulled her upon his lap."Well,when it comes out of the blue I am apt to get suspicious."

Diana smiled."I am just keen to get going. We haven't seen the children for a whole two weeks. I hope they are not driving Phillipus and my mother insane."

Clark laughed."Can you believe two months have gone by?"

Diana sighed."Unfortunately yes. What a wonderful two months we have had as well. I love them to distraction,but having them stay on their holidays with my sisters to train is a blessing..."

He groaned."I wonder what Phillipus taught them this time?Last time they wanted to practice on me. I tell you,Diana,I must be getting old. Those two devils are fast and strong."

Diana laughed."I don't think Darkseid knew what hit him last year when he tried to come upon Themyscira. I was terrified but they held their own and they were only fifteen. Jon is very disciplined, isn't he?And Kai is such a hot head...He acts before he thinks..."

Clark teased,"Now I wonder where he got that from...?"

She tilted her chin."From his grandmother no doubt..."

Clark murmured,"Yes,no doubt."

She punched him in the shoulder. He began to tickle her and Diana squealed. A voice was hear behind them.

"Well,what kind of example is this for you two to set?"

It was Flash and Arsenal. He tutted."Aren't you two lovebirds finished duty?Get outta here."

Diana got up."Yes,come on,Kal,let's go."

Clark speedily finished up and looked at his two colleagues."I've done the routine security checks and also checked to see if we have any high priority alerts. There aren't any for now..."

Bart shoved him."I know. I know. Go..."

Superman and Wonder Woman flew in over Themyscira. They had chosen to take the longer more scenic route,instead of taking the teleporters,as it afforded them the enjoyment of just being together. They descended together,and Superman could instantly see where his children were even before they broke cloud cover. He could see them in the training arena.

General Phillipus stood watching two tall teenage boys spar in the middle of the arena. Both were roughly about five foot ten and well muscled and toned for their age. They lacked the overall mass and broadness of their sire,but they looked lithe and powerful. Both wielded falchions and there the similarities ended.

Jonathan Kent had short dark brown hair and wore a simple white t-shirt,a pair of faded cargoes and sneakers. Kairos Kent had his waving ebony hair to his shoulders and sported cropped pants,no shirt,and sandals. Jonathan's features were in a classical mould with his father's chiseled jawline and eyes. His brother had the deep set eyes with fine arching brows like his mothers, fine nostrils,strong curving lips and lean cheekbones. Jonathan had a serious air to him whilst Kairos had a roguish swagger.

Phillipus watched them with pride. They were both very good with weapons and they were very fierce when they sparred. Many a sword,lance and staff broke during these exercises.

The boys were also aware that when they did spar they were not to use any of their other gifts. They were to remain grounded and only use swords and perhaps strength. Kairos moved with a kind of lethargic grace,whilst Jonathan was just brusque and sharp.

As they sparred,a young girl about seven years old stood behind the barrier of the arena and was jumping in excitement as the two boys pressed and pushed at each other. Flanking her were the two nymphs better known as Zoe and Althea. The girl yelled."Phillipus,can I come and try?Please?"

The general looked back at her."No,Princess Lara,you will train with Euboea."

The girl slumped onto the seat. She was a beautiful little creature, with jet black curls tied up in a top knot and blue eyes that seemed more the colour of forget-me-nots. She was in a white tunic,which was covered in grass stains and mud. She pouted."Euboea makes me practice with a wooden sword. It's not the same. I want a real sword."

Zoe said,"I could get you a sword..."

"Really Zoe?",asked Lara intrigued.

Althea interrupted."No. No swords. You know what happened the last time you went and got her that chakram?She nearly took off the head of that Artemis from the Bana-Midghall."

Zoe grinned."I know. You had great aim,Princess...and Artemis did deserve it...talking like that about your Father..."

Lara's eyes flashed and she declared with a passion so unusual for one so small,"No one calls my Daddy names..."

Phillipus shook her head at them and put her finger to her lips."Princess. Zoe. Althea. Shhh. The boys are concentrating."

Jonathan pushed Kairos back,and their swords locked. It was brute strength against brute strength now and the soil of the arena was being mowed into dust. Kairos grinned."You have gotten stronger,little Bro."

Jonathan smiled."It's not a question of strength...but strategy..."

He moved swiftly and swept his foot under his brother's and floored him. Kairos fell back rolled away,from the tip of the sword coming down at him. He grinned."Too slow."

He used his foot to catch his bother in the gut and send him flying. Jonathan fell backwards. But he was up before Kairos' sword came down upon his and he swiped it away and pivoted. But Kairos caught him around the neck and put the blade to his throat."Got you."

Jonathan used the back of his skull against his nose."No you don't..."and Kairos staggered back holding his nose."Damn it,Jon!Not my nose...!"

Jonathan grinned."It's just a little scratch...You'll heal in minutes..."

Kairos looked at his hand. The nose was bleeding slightly."A scratch?You could disfigure me for life. I told you leave the face well alone..."

"Kai,you are more vain than a girl..."

"What's this got to do with vanity?We are back to school tomorrow. You want me to go with a bent beak?"

Phillipus sighed and looked at Lara."Maybe I should give you a sword."

Lara nodded solemnly and suddenly her eyes widened and she squealed. "Mommy!Daddy!"

All eyes turned up to see Superman and Wonder Woman float down. Lara was jumping and had her arms out stretched to Superman. Unfortunately for her she inherited her father's inability to fly at an early age. Mother and father, after having two boys flitting everywhere from the age of one, were secretly relieved she was grounded for now.

Clark took her up in his arms,laughed as she hugged him tightly, kissed him and begged him to take her flying, as her brothers had been mean and wouldn't. They floated down upon the floor of the arena where the boys now stood grinning and dropped their swords and went to greet their mother.

Diana felt two strong pairs of arms surround her."Hey Mom..."

She kissed them both,pretended to tut at Jon and reassured Kai that his nose was not bent out of shape. She then turned to take her little girl in her arms,who was very keen to tell her mother what she did all day. Clark faced his sons who came one after the other to hug him. Phillipus looked on with a smile of affection and she and the nymphs bowed and greeted them after the initial excitement of the reunion died down.

Kairos said,"Hey,Dad,you want to see what move Phillipus taught us today?It's a cracking one where, if I do it right, I could paralyzed you temporarily..."

Clark coughed,"Er,maybe later,huh?You mother and I have just come off duty and we are desperate for some downtime..."

Diana tried not to laugh."How's grandma?"

Lara answered."Grandma is with lots of people having meetings..."

Phillipus nodded."Yes,we have had several international groups come in these last two days. But sessions have finished. She should be in the Palace."

Jonathan mused."When are we going home?"

Diana said,"We'll leave within the next two to three hours if that's okay with you boys. I don' t want us going home too late as you two have to prepare for school tomorrow. Are you two packed?"

They shook their heads guiltily. She frowned."Okay, run along and start getting your things together and I don't want anyone telling me they can't find their socks or watch or books because you two have super vision...You have no excuse leaving back anything..."

Kairos tapped Jonathan."Race you."

Jonathan rolled his eyes."Not again. That's the fourth time today."

Kairos returned,"Come on,last one in does trash duty for the entire week."

Jonathan thought for a moment."You're on..."

They took to the air and flew towards the place,leaving their parents, sister,her nymph playmates and Phillipus behind to leisurely stroll towards the Palace.

Diana had just to come back from seeing her mother in her rooms. Hippolyta had been very happy to see her and would be sad to see her grandchildren go. But it was the way of things since Diana had married Clark Kent and had her babies and adopted an alter-ego. She was very happy to take on the role of wife and mother along with her role of Justice Leaguer. She had taken back up the mantle of Ambassador after the twins were born and old enough to go to school,but with the birth of Lara,Diana had given it up totally. Lara needed her and Clark had left the Daily Planet and worked part time from home along with his contract with a reputable publishing house after the success of his first novel.

The family had also moved back to Kansas and settled in a rural farming community,similar to Smallville. Only it was even more sleepy. It afforded them the privacy and allowed the children free rein in such an environment. The farm in Smallville had been kept. Clark didn't seem to have the heart to sell,but he had not kept it up to mark either. Diana hoped when the time came it would be a project for him to restore the old place and perhaps rent it out.

She headed for her own rooms,after checking that Lara's personal assistant was bathing the seven year old and the two boys were readying themselves to return home. She found Superman dozing on a divan in the terrace .She went to him quietly."Kal?"

His eyes opened at once."Hey...You're back?Already?"

She sat on the edge of the divan and touched his hair."I was with mother for over an hour...You are tired?"

"Not anymore. That hour seems to have done the trick...How is the Queen?"

"She's in good spirits. I told her I left you resting,and you'll see her before we leave."

Clark looked around."Do you remember us here that night?Our first time?"

Diana said ruefully,"Gods, it seems like only yesterday I made my poor effort to seduce you."

He grinned and pulled her down to lie atop him"It was twenty three years ago...and you did succeed,cause you got me exactly where you wanted me in the first place."

Diana laughed and leaned her chin on his chest."It has been a wonderful life,albeit a very hectic one so far. But I wouldn't trade it for the world. I thank the gods and goddess everyday for this happiness I have."

"Me too."He nuzzled her neck."So,we got any time for some fooling around?"

Diana looked at him amused,"Kal,we did stop off on our way here and did indulge in some fooling around.."

He grinned and his hands went up to unsnap the straps of her breast plate."So that's why I was so tired...but you know a nap in the sun does wonders for me..."

Diana laughed and mused dubiously," I left Lara in Myrrha's hands and the boys packing. I know they will loiter and...get up to mischief ...You think we can take the chance?I expect Lara to come barging in any moment as she normally likes to do."

He said mischievously,"Well,we won't know if we waste time talking...And remember,super hearing,honey..."

She laughed and began to take off her tiara."Okay,Superman,you win..."

"No,leave the tiara..."he recommended,"and the bracelets."

Diana smiled coyly and unhooked her lasso."And this?"

He grinned."Oh,that'll work too..."

Diana tutted,"Typical man..."

He said smugly."No,a very lucky man."

Diana laughed and stroked his face."What would I do without you,Clark?You are my best friend,my comrade in arms,my lover. This must be what they mean by finding the other part of your self. They say we were once a circle and when we tried to challenge the Gods,Zeus threw a lightening bolt and split us directly in half. We were scattered to different ends of the earth; and our purpose in life, everything we do in life is to somehow bring us closer to our other half, our soul mate..."

Clark smiled meditatively."The Fates blessed us then...To think one born on an alien world and another born isolated in paradise could find each other..."

She smiled."Superman and Wonder Woman were destined to find each other it seems..."

He nodded and drew her face to his to kiss her."Of that I have no doubt."


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