Title: Family Bed

Rating: K

Pairing: Roy x Riza (Slight)

Word Count: 341

Warning/s: SO DAMN CUTE!

Summary: Roy's had a long day…

Dedication: Dark Chocolate Alchemist. Your writing got me through the greater part of my weekend. Though my homework weeps.

A/N: This is based off of Dark Chocolate Alchemist's absolutely amazing story, A father that's never present. GO READ IT!

DISCLAIMER: I own metal, but it is not full.

It's been a long day.

Even by the standard long day that has been set out for him ever since he joined the military, it has, indeed, been a long day.

The paperwork was easy, he was used to it by now. "Just dump it somewhere."

Hughes was annoying but not truly impossible to deal with. "One more picture Maes, just one more, and I'm going to find all your albums, and the cameras, and burn them. Then I will rejoice and dance around the bonfire I created while savoring your tears of anguish"

The constant questions from his co-workers were a little harder to deal with. "You've done the same tasks every day for the past couple of years, why is it you're having troubles with it now?"

And then, of course, there were some bouts of bad luck here and there. "Did Black Hayate just pee all over my chair!?!"

Overall, it's been a long day.

Roy finally made it back home some time around midnight, on the verge of collapsing into bed. Checking the kids' rooms he found both Al and Ed thankfully sound asleep and collapsed into it.

Riza was surprised when, the very next day, Ed called headquarters to say Roy's taking a day off. She didn't really put up much of a fuss, considering the insane workload she had placed on him the previous day, and instead decided that she might as well take the day off and see what Roy's up to that's more important than work.

She didn't regret her decision when she walked through his bedroom door to find him sprawled in the middle of it, the two boys cuddled up to his sides. Instead, she found herself an empty spot on the bed and joined in on the nap.

Roy didn't regret the trouble he went through the previous day, when he woke up to see his family sleeping beside him. Not even then next day when he found a picture of them all curled up posted on the bulletin board.