Title: Unused

Rating: G/K

Pairing: Slight RoyxRiza

Word Count: 68

Warning/s: A little mention of gore, but seriously, not there.

Summary: You want me to summarize 6 sentences? Lazy bum.

Dedication: There was this one person, they wrote a review, and if I were to mention what it said I'd ruin the plot. Let's just say they were wondering about the well being of one of the characters.

A/N: Yeah, it's short. But I find I like it. It's straight to the point, doesn't miss anything, and at the same time gives as much visual effect as most thousand-word stories. Personally I'd rather have the length of the plot equal the length of the story right about now.

DISCLAIMER: I own 6 sentences.

He should have been used to the screams by now.

Should have been used to the cursing.

Should have been used to the blood.

But at this point, Roy Mustang realized that even after years of witnessing these things on the battlefield, he really wasn't used to any of that.

He didn't know whether he should be thankful or not.

And then it all stopped.

"It's a girl."