My name is Toshio Saburo Mariko and I am thirty eight years old. In this past week I have been charged with abuse of my daughter and the murder of my wife. I honestly couldn't tell you if I am guilty of either or not and the reason is I don't remember anything from the last five years. The last thing I remember is what happened the day before my wife died mysteriously, four years ago. But let me back up and give you the story from the beginning.

I was a young and ambitious nineteen year old when I dated and married my wife Serenity Tranquillia Tsukino. My angel on earth and Princess of the Moon. Serenity was everything any one would have wanted in a wife: beautiful, loving, a wonderful cook. She was a goddess with flowing long golden blond hair and the perfect hourglass figure. Her family disapproved of the union but we were both happy and I loved her with all my heart.

Then just before our first anniversary she told me that I was going to be a daddy. I cannot begin to tell you the ecstasy I felt that day, I was going to be a father. I had helped create a life! The pregnancy was relatively easy. There was no morning sickness, I could have done without the untimely cravings and the mood swings, but so is life. So, Nine months later on a beautiful June morning I was blessed with a little princess that we named: Usagi Serenity Mariko. Usagi was the spitting image of her mother and I fell in love instantly. As she grew she became an attentive, playful, and curious angel. I remember waking her up to see the amazing sites of the world like eclipses and sun rises. One night I had Serenity pack two over night bags an drove Usagi into Tokyo to see the sunrise and the capital waking up from the top of Tokyo tower. Ah, the memories a father never forgets. I can still hear her shrills of excitement, it was her first trip to Tokyo. We spent the day just father and daughter...

Then the night of her fourth birthday I got called in to work just after her bedtime. It was the last night I remember kissing my precious bunny good-night. I don't remember coming home that night but waking up in bed but I couldn't move or do anything. It was like watching a movie through the eyes of the main character. I watched as this new me became more distant and pushed my family away from me. Then it was the night before she died I was too tired to stay up any more and so I closed my eyes and when I woke up I was sitting in a cell.

As far as I can tell I was possessed but after four year they got tired like I did four years ago and I finally got to be me again. I remember when I first "woke up". I asked and pleaded with the guards to see my wife and daughter, but they just cursed at me and told me I was sick. Then my lawyer came in and told me what I had been accused of. I was speechless. It couldn't be I would never but he showed me the evidence and I resigned to my punishment. All I asked was that I be allowed to mail a gift to my daughter, just one.

The judge although skeptical allowed me to give her the one gift. So in front of the court I handed my Usagi a necklace that I had given her mother a long time ago. "Usagi, I don't ask for your forgiveness. Just promise to be happy and maybe one day you will come visit me, even if it is supervised. Be happy my angel bunny and remember I do love you as a father should love his daughter. Good-bye, Usako."

That day in court was the last time I saw her. Kenji, my brother in-law, had enough heart to send me pictures and every once in a while I would get a letter from him updating me on how Usagi was doing I would have been content with that life. But then he came back...