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Jack awoke alone in his bed, in amongst a mass of cream cotton sheets.


He slipped out of bed and pulled on a pair of boxers, just about to go see where Ianto had gone, when the Welshman walked into the room, dripping wet, with nothing but a towel hanging on his hips.

Jack licked his lips at the site, and pulled Ianto toward him, slipping the towel of his lithe hips and tumbling back on to the bed, bringing Ianto with him. He kissed him, and for a moment Ianto responded with as much passion, but after a few moments of kissing and caressing Ianto pulled himself off Jack.

"God, you are terrible!" he laughed, "We'll be late for work, again."

Jack just moaned and tried to pull Ianto back down.

He wasn't successful. Ianto chuckled and spoke again.

"I need to get dressed. And you need to have a shower.

One last quick kiss and he was ushering Jack in the direction of the bathroom.


Jack was dried and dressed when the scent of aromatic coffee filled his nostrils, and he found himself following the smell.

He arrived in the kitchen to find Ianto pouring the steaming liquid into two mugs, fully dressed now in his suit, but his hair was still slightly damp.

He hadn't noticed the arrival of Jack, so the older man walked up behind him and pressed himself against Ianto's body, wrapping his arms around his waist.

He kissed a trail of kisses up Ianto's neck, up to that sensitive little spot behind the Welshman's ear.

Ianto moaned and turned in jack's arms, kissing him and pulling back to say a cheery "Morning!"

Jack chuckled, taking his mug and leaning against the kitchen counter next to Ianto.

"So, I'm getting my promotion today. I'll be above you. Not that that makes much difference." Ianto, despite himself, laughed. After a few months with Jack you would think he'd get used to the innuendo.

Obviously not.

"Hmm, does that mean I'll have to call you sir?"

Jack grinned from ear to ear, his eyes shining, "Oh yeah, is this Ianto Jones' kinky side showing?"

Ianto didn't even answer, just raised one eyebrow. He gulped down the rest of his coffee and lifted his keys from the countertop, slipping them in his trouser pocket and went to wait for Jack by the door.

A few minutes later the larger then life American arrived at the door, opening it for Ianto, then stepping out and locking it behind them.


They arrived at work just on time, stepping into the lift Ianto pressed the button for the 9th floor and the doors closed, leaving them alone for an extra few moments.

"Ianto?" Jack had been meaning to ask Ianto this for a while.


"I was wondering. Do you want to move in? I mean you practically already live with me, you spend more time at my house than you do at yours, and half your clothes are already there, so…"


"What?" Jack hadn't realised he had been rambling, so hadn't even heard Ianto's interruption.

Ianto walked slowly closer, placing his hands on Jack's shoulders and whispering right in his ear "I said…yes."

Jack grinned and pulled the younger man into a passionate kiss, both of them already forgetting they had almost reached their destination and that the lift doors were sliding open, giving the shy Japanese girl from computing an eyeful, and an other three thanks to the mirrored walls of the lift.

She cleared her throat, and waited for them to come back down to earth.

Ianto blushed bright red, "Oh my god! I'm so sorry. Sorry, um,…Jack?"

Jack just laughed and winked at the petite woman the other side of the lift doors.

"He's sorry about that. I'm not, and I'm sure you aren't either. The lift's all your's now."

He grinned one last time, for good measure, and pulled the embarrassed Welshman out of the lift by the hand.

Ianto cleared his throat and straightened up. Jack always noticed this change in his demeanour when they stepped in to work.

"So, guess I'll see you later, Ianto Jones."

"Guess I'll see you later," and he leaned in to whisper the last part in Jack's ear, "sir."

Ianto walked down the corridor, and Jack watched him walk away, a lecherous grin planted on his face.