In Search of the Truth

Summary: As the trio enters their seventh year, everyone is in for a huge shock when seventeen year old secret is revealed and a new prophecy is discovered.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the below characters. They all belong to the world of Harry Potter so cleverly created by JK Rowling.

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Chapter 1: Her Father

"Corvus! Please don't leave!"

"Abby, I have to go. We've been over this before. We are at war. The Order needs me."

"What about your family!? We need you too! Look, I was understanding of this whole magical thing, but I won't let you go. I refuse to let that come before me and your daughter


"You don't understand. That is why I have to go. If we don't stop him, he will come after you, our daughter and anyone who isn't purely magical."

"But why can't we just run, disappear?"

"I won't do that Abby. Do you really want to raise our child in fear that each day will be our last, her last?"

"No, but this is a death mission Corvus. I might not know much about the magical world, but I know that what they are asking you to do is suicide!"

"Listen to me Abby. You are right. I probably won't come out alive. But I do have some of the mot powerful people joining me. Lily, James, Albus, Alastor, and Sirius."

"But I can't loose you! I need you! We both need you!" she sobbed.

"Look at me Abby. I love you so much. You gave me the most precious gift ever when you gave me our daughter. Now I am trying to give you the best gift I can. I am trying to ensure

that she can grow up. I am trying to make sure that she can live a carefree happy childhood with no worries. I am willing to give up my life to make sure she can be happy. I can't

promise you I will come home alive, but I can promise that I will fight as hard as I can to come back to you. And if I don't, I have a letter for her that has a picture of the three of us with

Lily, James, and Harry that I want you to give to her when she turns seventeen.

Now listen closely, Lily and James will be over shortly with Harry. Remus and Arthur will be joining us shortly to stay with you and the children through the night just to make sure

nothing happens. After Lily, James and I leave they will brief you on what to do should someone unwelcome show up."

Abby nodded silently. Their daughter was one and a half years old, only 18 months. Her husband was leaving on a death mission. He would never hear her first words, he would see her

grow up, take her to father-daughter dances, none of that stuff. Worst of all, she would never see him, she would never know him. "Please Corvus, isn't there another way, can't

someone elseā€¦"

"No Abby. This man is pure evil. Look, there is something that I never told you. Remember me telling you about the difference between pure bloods, and half-bloods, and muggle borns?

Well, Sirius and I come from a family that believes that the wizarding world should be purged of anyone that isn't a pureblood. Abby, I am a Black. Haven't you ever wondered why I

have wanted to keep our daughter a secret from the wizarding world. Think about it. The only people that know of her existence is her godfather Sirius, and James and Lily. I haven't

even told Albus or anyone else from the order. When Remus comes tonight I am going to tell him, but I am not even going to tell Arthur. Don't get me wrong, I think Arthur is great, and

I would trust him with my life, but he works for the ministry, and as much as I trust him, I don't trust the people around him. The only reason I trust Remus is because he himself has a

very dark secret that he must keep because his life depends on it, and I believe he can keep our daughter a secret. I have worked so hard to keep our daughter a secret largely

because I don't want any of the Blacks finding out about her. Until Voldemort is vanquished, I am scared of what they could do if they found out about her. That is why I named Sirius

her godfather. He truly is her family, and he truly understands the danger she is in. I trust him to keep her safe. He kept me safe all these years."

Abby sighed her husband was right, and she was out of arguments. "Well at least come and say good-bye to her."

As they walked into the nursery, Abby fought to hold back her tears. She stood in the doorway as her husband carefully picked their sleeping daughter up. As much as she tried to deny

it, she knew that this was the last time the three of them would be together, the last time she would see her father.

As Corvus lifted his daughter out of the crib, she opened her eyes. "Hi sweetheart. Daddy came to say good-bye. He has to go do something very important to make sure that you can

grow up in a safe world."

"Da, da?"

"That's right baby." Corvus fought to keep his own emotions in check. He didn't want to go, he really didn't. He wanted to stay with his family, but more that anything he wanted his

baby to be safe, and he knew that he was the only one that could do this task. "Listen to me my precious baby girl, Daddy loves you so very much. Know matter what happens I will

always be with you, watching over you, my precious Hermione."