By darkmosmordreheart

For WiseDraco . . . because she always writes me such beautiful poems.

The Antidote

I am the poison.

I am tainted.

I'm what was once

And will always be fated.

I am the moon

And I am night.

I am the death

Of the good and the Light.

I am a warrior.

I am a coward.

I am your lover

For just this one hour.

I am inside you.

I am beneath you.

I am the answer

To all that bequeaths you

With legacies and dynasties

Of sex and the rawness.

I am the master

That owns what is flawless.

I am the poison.

You are my slave.

Give me a reason

And, for you, I'll behave.

I am the whip,

But you are my chains.

If I am the dryness,

Then you are my rain.

If I cannot see

Then you are my eyes.

If I never lived,

You would never have died.

I am the poison.

I am the death.

I am the ending.

The cause of last breaths.

You are my lover.

I am just yours.

I'm to be used

Until you use no more.

My blood is your blood.

My flesh is yours, too.

I give myself willingly.

I know what you'll do.

I killed you this morning.

I'll kill you again.

You'll kill me tonight

And my death will not end.

I'll die in small pieces.

So slowly and never

Will my little death ever seem

That much clever

Until after you tell me

What you have just done.

La petite mort.

I come and you've won.

I shake and I groan.

My poison, it seeps.

You lick it and taste.

You claim you get weak.

I hate you. You've killed me.

And killed me once, twice,

And multiple times

Have I fallen to your vice.

I am your poison.

I am your drug.

I'm what you hate,

But I do what you love.

I am your hell

Yet I am above

And below and inside and around

And you love!

I am the poison.

I am immoral.

I give you stress,

But I give you good oral.

My voice awakens you.

My voice is lullaby.

My voice is the reason

You laugh and you cry.

I sit on your lap

And I bounce and I keen.

You watch me be beautiful,

You watch me be mean.

I am the poison

And I am the claws

The venom drips from

And it flows down the walls

That block you from me

And block you from feeling.

I am the poison

And you'll never get healing.

This is what is

And this is what's chosen.

You'll never get loose

From the web that I've woven.

As much as you try

And no matter how hard,

You'll never be free

And you'll always be my charge.

I'll touch you and kill you.

I'll end and begin.

I'll give you death,

But I'll come and you'll win.

So no matter what we do,

We'll be tangled, entwined ever and ever.

We'll be neverending lovers

And I'll love you forever.

And you'll love me as I love you

And I'll allow you this quote,

"I am the poison,

But you are the antidote."