Hitomi sat beside the window watching the rain fall in torrents. 'Such a lovely day,' she sighed, 'I think I'll go out.' She got up off of her chair and stepped out into the summer shower. The warm water was refreshing; she decided to just stand there for a moment, soaking it all up; when all at once her serenity was ruined.

"Hitomi!" A person called while standing in the doorway. "Yes Mother?" She replied without turning to look at her. "You have to get ready for school, you leave today." She raced through the doorway, passing her chuckling mother, up three flights of stairs and to the shower on her floor.

'Why'd they have to put me on the top floor?' She groaned. After taking a fast shower she went to her room to get dressed. 'Okay, what to wear to my new boarding school?' She thought and pondered this question before choosing some jeans and a green t-shirt.

She quickly put on her shoes and raced out to her already loaded car, family included.

"Hey Kiddo, ready to start you new boarding school." Her Dad asked. "Yessir." She replied very grimly. "Hey now, cheer up, you'll finally be able to make friends, you should be happy." "Yeah right, none of those girls ever want to be friends with a tomboy that doesn't care about guys." "Can't you ever be optimistic?" "No can do Dad, I don't have the time nor the patience for disappointments." "How about not being serious all the time then?" "Do you want me to fail at school, that's all those other unserious people do." "Alright then, I give up." Hitomi just sighed and turned her head out the window before her brother started talking to her. "Hey now, don't be sad, I'll only be a few cities away, so if any big guys try to do something to you just let me know." "Oh thanks, I feel safer already. Besides I won't need you help, the agency will have their eye on me." "Hitomi," Her dad interrupted, "you are in a dangerous position, please don't do something stupid and get yourself killed." "I won't." She grumbled, and the rest of the ride was spent in silence.

"Here we are!" Her dad shouted as the pulled around to a huge brick building.

Hitomi walked into the building after saying goodbye to her parents and brother. A tall blonde greeted her. "Hello, you must Saya Atsushi." This confused Hitomi, she hadn't been informed of what her alias was to be, but before she could respond the blonde continued. "My name is Isabella Arashi, I'll take you to see the principal now, if you'll just follow me?" Hitmoi nodded and followed Isabella.

"Welcome to Gaea Prep, on of the finest boarding schools in all of Japan!" The over boisterous principal said. "I'm Principal Tsugiri, now here's your schedule and your bags have already been delivered to your room, where Ms. Arashi will take you now. Hitomi nodded and stepped out of the office to follow Isabella, again.

"You'll be rooming with Van Fanel, it's one of the school customs to have families room together, until recently the school decided to allow girls to room with guys, not many girls jumped on that, they'd rather 'stick' together. Anyways, judging your character by your essay alone we figured you would enjoy rooming with Van more than a girl. You see we have very few athletic females, and they all room in pairs. Van us also one of the few males that participates in two sports, like yourself he enjoys track and soccer. Most of our male population enjoys basketball and soccer, but finally conjured up enough gus to have a male track team. Well, here we are! Make yourself at home!

Hitomi stepped into her room and closed the door so she could survey her living area without the presence of a talking head.

Upon walking you saw a living room with some sofas and a TV. There was a door adjacent the room, which she walked through to reveal the bedroom. It was large enough to hold two huge beds on opposite walls. There were two desks and wardrobes as well as curtains that went around the beds. On the one remaining wall there were two doors that to two spacious bathrooms.

Being able to tell what things Van had chosen to occupy Hitomi unpacked and waited for her informant to arrive with her laptop and cell phone, as well as her alias.