Netto had never been in such a dilemma. Netto had given up hope of ever finding love, and now here he was, lying under and being straddled by the one person who had ever given him a lick of respect. This was so sudden. Netto didn't know what to do. He wasn't scared, he was almost…happy, or to put it more clearly, excited. This happened to be very noticeable to Rockman who could see that the boy was very aroused; though Rockman was much too mature to take advantage of Netto in his current state.

"Netto-kun, I'll stop if you want me to. I won't do anything that you're uncomfortable with."

Netto brought his arms up and around Rockmans neck.

'He feels right. My perfect fit…'

Rockman accepted Nettos silent answer and leaned down to gently kiss him. Rockmans soft lips on his confirmed Nettos solid hypothesis.

'Hi is the perfect match; the key to my locked heart.'

Rockman shyly slid his hand under Nettos shirt while their tongues played together. Netto groaned and broke the kiss, slightly arching his back, as Rockman had accidentally touched the boy's very sensitive groin.

Rockman sat up for just a second to slide Nettos shirt off. He was about to kiss Netto again when he was stopped.

"What about this?" Netto was questioning the suit his navi wore.

"Do you want me to take it off now?"

Nettos smile was his answer. Rockman sighed and stood next to the bed. He tugged his gloves off and followed with the boots. Netto was surprised that the suit continued to his toes and fingers. Rockman pulled the suit down to his waist from the neck. Getting it off completely though was a different story. Rockman tried to pull it off while still standing which only resulted in him tripping and falling. The suit did, however, come off.

Netto laughed at how clumsy he was. Rockman began to blush profusely, more so because he was now completely naked, not because he fell. Rockman quickly scrambled on to the bed finding that Netto had already removed his pants and underwear. He had wasted no time in ridding himself of those restraints.

"Rock!" Netto moaned as Rockman firmly grabbed his member, stroking it, and bit into is neck to mark Netto as his.

Rockman could feel the pre-cum steadily oozing from Nettos cock which turned him on so much more. Rockman had no idea of what was possessing him to do this. Was it the need for touch by another person, the feeling of making someone experience a world of bliss? Was he just ignorantly horny? Or… was it the love he harbored for this boy? The boy that contorted beneath him, who was on the verge of tears with pleasure, who cried his partners name with an intensity and longing for that the navi had never heard before.

Nettos body convulsed and he sharply inhaled as he released. Rockman brought his fingers to his lips and licked the seed off. He smiled in pure delight as he savored this luxurious meal.

"You're so sweet Netto-kun."

Rockman leaned down to kiss Netto so the boy could taste himself. Netto noticed that Rockman had become very hesitant in his kiss. To encourage the navi, Netto began to rub his ass. Nettos groping made his legs quiver and almost fall onto the boy. Netto lean upwards to try and suckle on the navis collar bone, but was pushed down and kissed. After about a minute, Rockman pulled away and whispered closely to Nettos ear.

"Netto, I don't think I can continue much longer. This'll have to end soon."

Netto seemed upset, but allowed Rockman to spread his legs. The navi gently prodded Nettos entrance with his index finger. He managed to push through, but Nettos body kept refusing the intruder. Rockman massaged Nettos inner thigh. This seemed fairly effective as it allowed for his middle finger to enter, but made Netto squeal in pain. He scissored his fingers, needing to make room for another finger. Nettos body absolutely refused this.

"Netto-kun, if you can't take the third finger, I don't think this'll work."

Netto thought he was half-kidding. He couldn't be that big, could he? Either way, Netto relaxed as much as he could, letting the third pass. The pain he felt was worse than having bamboo shoots pushed beneath you nails.

Rockman moved his fingers slightly, still trying to stretch him, but also making the experience more pleasurable. Just as Netto was beginning to become comfortable, Rockman withdrew his fingers and put the tip of his member to Nettos entrance.

"Are you ready, Netto-kun?" Rockman was so aroused that his voice began to quiver. Netto nodded and inhaled as Rockman pushed halfway into him. He stopped to let Netto adjust to his size.

It didn't take long for Netto to begin enjoying it as he wrapped his legs around Rockmans waist. He pushed the navi in deeper, squirming at the pleasure he was feeling. Once he was fully in, Rockman pulled out and slowly thrust in again. Rockman moaned softly as he repeated the action, gaining speed and power. It wasn't that Netto was too tight; he was actually a perfect fit… that was the thing. Netto was perfect in every way possible. He was beautiful in the silver light the moon cast through the window. Nettos hair was matted to his head due to the sweat that now glistened lightly over his body. Nettos soft groans and pants were like a song from deep within his soul. To Rockman, Netto could never be compared to anyone else.

Rockman stopped immediately when Netto cried out loudly.

"Netto, are you okay? Did I hurt you?"

"P-Please, Rock, do that again…"

Rockman realized that he had hit Nettos sweet spot. He smiled and hit that spot again, leaving Netto to convulse in ecstasy. Both of them were very close now.

Netto moaned loudly as his release triggered Rockmans and both came simultaneously. Rockman rolled off of Netto and curled up next to him. Netto put his arms around the semi-conscious navi and pulled him close. He kissed his forehead and closed his eyes.

"Netto-kun," he whispered as he fell asleep. "Were you a virgin?"

"Yeah, you were my first."

Rockman sighed and drifted off.

"That's good."

Netto laughed and pulled the lithe body closer.

"I love you Rock-koi…"

A small smile appeared on the angel-like face.

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