Velveteen by Violet Garnets

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"I didn't think it would bother you so much." Kakashi muttered as he ran a gloved hand through his hair.

The blonde, his hair falling over his sullen eyes in a haphazard manner, only drew a circle in the dirt with his finger.

"It's not like I was going to know that the main character is ostracized by everyone else and no one likes him!"

Looking upwards into gray eyes, the brow above the right eye arched neatly in skepticism. He quickly looked away though, to rub off the dirt on his fingers. Then he crossed his arms to parallel his short legs.

The elder sighed and put one hand on his hip, tilting in a girlish fashion. Naruto giggled slightly at the idea. Kakashi paused, letting the blonde have his fun, then continued. "You're not that upset! He finds someone who loves and cares for him in the end!"

Lips jutted out in a pout and a small nose crinkled when he sniffled.

"Don't do that."

Naruto pronounced his pout and sniffle even more in retaliation.

"Don't make me say it—you were planning this from the beginning, weren't you?"

Another sniffle, and this time, his lake blue eyes welled up into oceans. The copy-ninja slapped his forehead when he finally noticed the little twinkle in his (former) student's eyes.

Finally, with a heaving groan, he muttered a rapid-fire response. It was hardly intelligible, but it was good enough for the smaller one. Naruto propelled himself on top of his…well, he didn't really know what Kakashi was, but that didn't matter for now.

To the side of them, the book lay open to a random page, which read:

The velveteen rabbit had been shunned by all the other toys because he was made of cheap velveteen instead of velvet, because he couldn't do all of the fancy things they could, because they couldn't see outside of the box they lived in.

But…one boy could, and that boy loved him.


So that was my first Kakashi/Naruto fanfic, a response to the Velvet challenge at the kakanaru community on LJ (Go check it out, it's full of fabulous fics). Please tell me what you think! I'm definitely open to criticism, as long as it helps me in some way. I'm hoping to contribute more to this fandom!

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