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Chapter I

The ANBU Pair

Harry was sitting on the bed in his room at number 4 Privet Drive reading through a letter he had received from his godfather. It said that he would be coming to stay with him and his friends for the rest of August.

Harry was already longing to return to his only true home, Hogwarts. He angrily pounded his fist against the wall. All summer he had been cut off from the wizarding world. The only contact he had had was a visit from a dementor. He had been forced to use magic so now he was being summoned to the Ministry of Magic for a hearing.

He had come up with all sorts of theories on how this had to be a plot against him. Cornelius Fudge had turned on him since he had told everyone that Voldemort had returned. He broke out of his deep thought to notice two shadows against his wall. They were coming from his window, crouching on the tree in his backyard. Harry spun around and grabbed his wand so fast he almost lost his balance.

But the shadows were gone.

From the bushes below Harry's window crouched two figures. Their faces were hidden in the shadows.

"That was close, un," whispered one of the figures

"That's because you had to fucking insist on seeing this fucking kid now" growled the other drawing his fist back to punch his companion.

"Neh be quiet or he'll hear us, un"

"Why'd I get stuck with you anyway, you're like the worst fucking partner you bastard."

The full moon left the cover of the clouds, revealing a young man, his long blonde hair blowing lightly in the cool breeze. His features were lit up with an evil, almost manic grin making the other man cringe inside. He would never admit it but the younger Akatsuki had a way of intimidating him.

"What is there to smile about now you freak?" The blonde did not answer but instead disappeared in a puff of smoke leaving him on his own.

"Brat" he growled under his breath before disappearing too.

Deidara couldn't help but smile to himself. So this was the boy who they were supposed to bring to him. He seemed weak. 'This mission will be easy enough' he thought as he threw himself onto a chair in the rickety old house of Godrics Hollow.

Naruto yawned. He had only been on this mission for a few days and was already bored.

Yes, going on a mission with Sasuke was good. He had become rather attached to his raven haired partner. It was nothing intimate but the thought of not seeing his best friend for a year would be rather lonely.

He yawned again but was rendered completely awake from someone hitting him on the head.

"Dobe, you can't just go falling asleep here." Naruto leaned his head back to see the raven ANBU mask of his partner. Naruto pouted but got up nonetheless.

"I wasn't falling asleep teme." Naruto said before putting his own fox mask on.

"Sure you weren't" Naruto was about to respond but stopped as he noticed a new presence in the house. He and Sasuke vanished and reappeared sitting on the window ledge by the front door. The ceiling of the front hall was high so they were able to sit there and go unnoticed.

Beneath them was a touching scene. Three teenagers had just walked through the front door. Naruto forgot the other two and only focused on the male in the middle. He had unruly black hair and glasses. On his forehead he had some sort of scar shaped like a lightning bolt. "Weak" he heard Sasuke mutter under his breath. Naruto nodded he was not impressed. This child was meant to be extremely powerful and hold large amounts of chakra. He did have a fair amount of chakra but compared to Sasuke and he this Potter boy was nothing. It was only after they had exchanged greetings that his two friends began looking around nervously. Naruto grinned behind his mask. Potter's friends knew they were there.

Harry secretly looked around too. The Ron and Hermione had told him that there were two very dangerous guards residing at the Order's base. He froze as he suddenly saw them. Two figures sat on the windowsill a few meters up. Their masks were what struck Harry first. They reminded him faintly of Death Eaters. He had to move his gaze elsewhere when the fox mask turned towards him. He could not see the person's eyes but he could feel their gaze piercing right through him and that manic grin plastered across the mask was enough to drive anyone insane.

Sirius followed Harry's gaze to the ANBU sat on the windowsill. He knew they were going to be there, but it gave him a shock anyway. When he had first seen the two ninja Sirius had not been impressed. They had looked like two small boys with a few tricks up their sleeve. He had decided to keep quiet about this but Snape had very clearly stated his obvious disapproval towards the ninja.

This he had instantly regretted when the fox masked ninja pulled his hand back to punch him. It had been fortunate that his partner had been there to stop him but as the raven mask had turned towards Snape he had felt a chill run down his spine. The boy's eyes were red. Sirius had only glimpsed it briefly from behind the potion master's back but it had been there. It had made all wonder just what was hidden behind the mask.

Sirius was torn from his deep thought at the sound of the two ninja lightly landing on the floor in front of them.

"Greetings Mr. Potter," the mask shaped like a raven said coolly. "We are to be your guardians for this entire year. You may call us fox and raven." He continued. Naruto thanked Dumbledore inside for casting the translation charm on himself and Sasuke. If he had not this mission would have been a lot more troublesome.

Harry looked hostile but he nodded with acceptance anyway.

'They don't know what they're letting themselves into' he thought before walking past them and up the stairs.

When the guards were left alone Naruto snickered "He's almost as nice as you teme" he said sarcastically. Sasuke just sighed. This was going to be a long year.

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