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Chapter XXX

The Anbu Pair

It was finally the last night of the term. The last dinner where the winner of the house cup would be declared. And there was a cheery feeling in the air…Slytherin obviously hadn't won. Everyone was already sat in their places chattering happily to their friends and enjoying their final meal together. Harry, Ron and Hermione sat towards the end of the Gryffindor table surrounded by curious classmates. It was no secret what had happened a few weeks ago but everyone still wanted to hear the story.

Harry seemed to be suffering gravely from the attention that he as usual hated but Ron was enjoying himself despite the fact that he had been unconscious through most of it. He took it upon himself to tell the crowd his side of the story.

"…but actually none of us are to thank if there's anyone you should be talking to its…" Ron's words trailed off as everyone turned at the sound of the large, wooden door opening. The Ninja were standing, fully recovered in the doorway smiling broadly. Without hesitation all of them walked over to the Golden Trio and sat themselves down as the students scattered to make room for them.

"Speak of the devil." Harry grinned at them.

"Hey." They replied as they sat down to start eating, Sasuke and Naruto and Hidan sat on one side whilst Sasori and Deidara sat opposite them. Naruto looked up at the decoration and smiled eerily at the blue colours.

"So Ravenclaw won." He mumbled leaning against Sasuke who protectively put an arm around him.

"Not hard to guess who got the last minute points then." Deidara replied. They all looked over to Luna. She was surrounded by the other Ravenclaws smiling timidly.

"And she fucking deserves them." Hidan stated proudly pounding his fist on the table. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"You're right." Ron laughed. "Without her you guys would still be trying to kill each other at the ministry." Everyone turned to him in silence. A creepy smile spread across the Akatsuki members' faces.

"And you'd still be out cold on the floor." Sasori leered. Ron flushed a colour that could easily rival his hair causing the others to snicker.

"We really didn't do much did we?" Harry sighed.

"What are you talking about Harry? You fought so hard for everyone." Hermione interjected.

"But I should have killed Voldermort. He was my enemy." Harry insisted. He looked down at his lap in shame. He couldn't help but feel guilty that when it mattered the most he had lost to Voldermort.

Naruto and Sasuke exchanged a glance and sighed sympathetically.

"But could you really have done it?" Naruto asked kindly. Harry's head shot up and his wide emerald eyes met with a soft blue colour. "I don't think so." Harry was unable to say anything so he just stared.

"Don't worry about it. It's our job to kill. Even if this kill didn't go quite as planned." Sasori chuckled. The Golden Trio gaped wordlessly at the redhead. That had to be the first time Sasori had ever done anything close to a laugh.

"How do you plan on explaining this one to Pein?" Sasuke asked them, changing the subject.

"Who's Pein." Hermione asked curiously. Deidara and Hidan glanced at each other. Hidan rubbed the back of his head with a grimace.

"Our fucking boss." He answered dryly.

"We can worry about Pein later first we need to explain to Kakuzu un." Even Sasori shivered at this comment. Killing the client usually didn't help the payment.

"Is Kakuzu coming here?" Harry asked. He'd heard that name before and by the look on Hidan's face he knew the answer to that question.

"How else would we get home, un." Deidara replied. A heavy silence followed his last comment. Despite the happy occasion Deidara knew that Hidan still tried to avoid contact with his old partner. Sasuke was the one to break the silence.

"I think he may be here sooner than you think." Everyone's heads whipped expectantly to the door. Naruto and Sasuke laughed.

"He doesn't mean now. We saw a carriage on our way here." Naruto finished for the raven. "So I'm guessing he's outside." Deidara and Sasori exchanged a glance before both of them turned to Hidan.

Hidan was not the type to show his feelings. As he would say it was 'a sign of weakness'. So of course he seemed completely unmoved by the comment as he began to shovel food into his mouth at a speed similar to Ron's. Deidara sighed, raising his hand.

"OW! What the fuck Deidara?!!" Hidan yelled through a mouthful of food. Deidara looked at him sternly.

"Go on, un." He snapped, jabbing his thumb to the door.

"Oh hell no." Hidan exclaimed. Deidara scowled losing his patience very quickly.

"GO!" This time it wasn't just the blonde who was ordering. It was everyone. Hidan frowned and grudgingly got up. He slowly walked out the front door grumbling to himself. The Golden Trio and the remaining ninja watched him walk out quietly before they turned back to the food.

"So," Ron smiled turning back to the other students. "As I was saying there we were at the Ministry…"

That night had to be the most fun Harry had had in years. It was the first time, even if it was just for a moment that he felt like he understood them. So it was no surprise that Harry felt certain feeling of betrayal when he woke the next morning to find the ninja gone. Naruto's and Sasuke's beds were stripped and empty and their entire luggage was gone.

Harry was walking sullenly through the corridor towards the Slytherin common room. Hidan, Deidara and Sasori were probably gone as well.

"Harry." Someone said from behind him. Harry turned to see Luna. Her pale locks were tied away from her face, her wand was still stuck safely behind her ear. In her arms she clutched several heavy books and oddly enough a shoe. Harry smiled, that was Luna.

"Good morning." He greeted politely. She waved off the greeting.

"They're gone aren't they?" She questioned knowingly.

"Are you ever going to warn me about these things?" He asked exasperatedly. When no answer came he sighed and continued. "You'd think they'd at least say goodbye. I mean we'll probably never see them again…" He whispered more to himself than anyone else.

"Maybe they aren't good at saying farewells." Luna replied serenely. "Maybe they'll keep contact." She took a step closer and leaned in. "Or maybe that's not it at all." Harry gave her a questioning look. Luna reached forward and put her hand into Harry's robe pocket. He gave a jolt of surprise and a gasp when she pulled out a small piece of paper.

Harry took it curiously. It was a photo of himself. It was taken on the steps just outside Hagrid's hut. On either side of him stood Naruto and Deidara; large grins were spread across both of their faces. Naruto was doing the victory sign and Deidara was merely waving his palm mouth was sticking its tongue out. Sasuke was stood beside Naruto, his arm around him. Naruto's other hand was resting on Sasuke's hand. Sasori was of course beside Deidara, his arms folded stoically or they would have been were it not for Deidara's arm that was linked with his. Hidan, Hermione and Ron were sat on the step below the others and were smirking.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at it. Luna did the same.

"Turn it around." Harry did so. On the other side scribbled hastily was a note. Harry grinned as he read it aloud.

"We took a look in the Mirror of Erised; guess what we saw...PS don't ever show this to anyone it could lose us our jobs."

"Now I'd go and hide that if I were you." Luna smiled she began to walk away. "As for me, I've got a shoe to find." She mumbled.

Harry cast one more look at the photo before tucking it back into his pocket and turning to walk away. After about three steps he paused and turned back.

"Luna." The girl turned back to see Harry standing right in front of her. "Thanks." He murmured leaning in and placing one small kiss on her cheek. Harry turned around and ran off.

Harry missed many things when he turned his back. He didn't see the hand that traced along her cheek, the sapphire eyes that had flown wide open. But the most important thing that Harry missed was the faint blush that was now stained across Luna's cheek. He smiled happily to himself. There was no need for sadness.

After all, the Anbu Pair weren't gone just yet.

The Anbu Pair, The End


The Anbu Pair

Summer was definitely the most disgusting time of year. Harry thought bitterly as he sat in his room alone. Not only was Hedwig confined to the cage, his foster parents from hell had locked him in and refused to let him connect with humanity for the past one and a half months. At that moment he was lounging on his bed read Hogwarts A History. It was amazing what boredom could drive people to do when the door flew open. In the threshold stood Vernon Dudley with hid ever purple face and piggy eyes.

"Listen boy I'm having guests over tonight. You will get dressed and behave." He snapped. "Any magic or funniness and you will not be going anywhere for the rest of your life." Harry rolled his eyes. Uncle Vernon's threats really weren't what they used to be.

"Yes Uncle Vernon." H sighed, rolling off the bed and sauntering over to his cupboard. Might as well dress nicely for this guest.

A few hours later and a set of muggle clothes later the doorbell rang. Harry being the slave of the house ran down to open the door. Outside the house stood a man.

"Good Evening, Oh a new face."

"Hello. Harry Potter." He introduced himself.

Now Harry usually had no interest in his uncle's friends or work colleagues but there was something about this man that he found intriguing. He had familiar blonde hair down to his shoulders that was pulled back neatly into a pony tail. His eyes were a rather unusual colour of gold. Harry somehow felt himself drawn to them.

The man smiled calmly, bowing his head slightly.

"Pleased to meet you, I'm Edward Elric."

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