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Central in the autumn had never looked so gloomy. The few trees that littered the streets were already bare; their skeletal fingers reaching up to an overcast sky like desperate children of the earth, begging for release.

Roy sighed from his spot in his office. This was the third autumn he'd have to go through with no word from his shortest member of staff. He rolled the scotch in his hand round the glass, never taking a sip, but staring placidly out the large windows behind his desk. HQ really hadn't been the same since Ed left, and the long absence of communication with the boy left Roy with little hope of his return. He sighed again.

"Are you alright, sir?" Hawkeye asked, ever perceptive to her Colonel's mood. When he didn't reply, she cautiously moved to stand next to him in front of the window and with the confidence of a General, wrestled the scotch glass out of Roy's hand. When even that did nothing to stir the man out of his stupor, Riza joined his vigil.

"Central really is pretty this time of year." She said, trying to start a conversation. It didn't succeed, but then, she didn't expect it to. "All the gold and red." Roy flinched slightly and stopped looking, instead turning his gaze to the unfinished paperwork on his desk.

When he actually sat down and began to read through them, Riza knew he was upset. "No news is good news." She whispered. Roy huffed into his paperwork and massaged his forehead with a weak hand.

"It's been three years, Hawkeye."

"In all due respect sir, time means nothing."

"Three years without a single word." Roy whispered, signing his name blindly on a form before reaching into a drawer and withdrawing a small silver key. Riza had seen him peruse the little thing several times, and knew it was Edward's dorm key and that it rightfully belonged to Winry, the girl who sometimes accompanied Ed and Al to Central.

"You should give it to her sometime, sir." Riza cooed, not wanting to pressure her Colonel. Roy gave her a tiny smile, the one he only used in her presence to convey his feelings. "I'm afraid to." He admitted. "Because when I do, it's like saying Edward isn't coming back."

"He'll come back, whether you give the key to the girl or not."

"You sound so sure Hawkeye." Roy smiled at her again before depositing the key back into the drawer and closing it, keeping the thing out of sight. Riza softened and would have continued had someone not stormed into the office.

"WHOA! Hold up!" Havoc shouted, coming face to face with the barrel of Hawkeye's gun and a gloved Flame Alchemist. He should have known better than to barge in unannounced. "I have something I think you both need to see." He finished; sweat slowly collecting at his temples and cigarette drooping in fright. When Hawkeye had lowered the gun and Roy lowered his fingers, Havoc grabbed both of them by the arm and proceeded to drag them out into the corridor and down to the main lobby.

"Havoc! What are you doing!" Roy shouted, worried the man had lost his mind. Beside him, Riza was watching Havoc carefully, her face turning to confusion as she spied a giant grin on the man's face. "Seriously, you're gonna shit yourself when you see!" He shouted, pushing past disgruntled men and superiors in his haste.

They entered the main lobby in a steam train of movement, until Havoc threw both Riza and Roy in front of him. "What the hell is going on?!" Roy ordered, turning on Havoc. The man just grinned a silly grin and pointed at something behind Roy.

"Hello Colonel Mustang, sir" A young male voice said, accompanied by a female's tittering.

Roy had never turned around so fast in his life, and his eyes had never gone so wide.

"You…you're…" He stammered, not quite believing what he was seeing. The young man in front of him, that voice…

"It's me sir," The boy said. "Alphonse." Behind was Winry, beaming for the entire world to see.

"Alphonse?" Roy stepped forwards. The boy had short blonde hair, not as gold as Ed's, not as yellow as Winry's and browner. His eyes bordered on gold, but were more of a light hazel. Surely this boy couldn't be the brother of Ed, restored to flesh. After all, he was tall!

"It really is Alphonse, Mr Mustang." Winry giggled as if reading his thoughts, but then her eyes softened and he giggles stopped to be replaced by a grin. "They did it in the end."

Her words, 'in the end.' Surely she couldn't mean…."Where's Ed?" Roy gushed. He didn't see the boy with his brother and Winry. That's where he should've been. An arm around Winry's waist, the other 'round Alphonse's now human neck. Where was he?

Winry lifted a hand, and pointed upwards and - was that a ring around her finger? – said, with the brightest gleam in her eye, "Where do you think?"

Roy was instantly running up flights of stairs, upsetting members of staff who had recently righted themselves after Havoc's rampage through the building, but he didn't care, he had to see!

In front of him was the door to the roof, now the staircase, now the expanse of roof and, in exactly the same place as he'd first found the boy, stood a short blond in a red jacket, standing atop the retaining wall.

"Hey Roy." Ed spoke, a cocky grin on his face, "You know what you said about girls…"

Roy could feel his eyes begin to sting and a second later, found Ed right in front of him. The boy looked tired, he stooped and something seemed wrong with his balance, but he was there! Roy hesitantly rested a hand on each of Ed's shoulders, just to make sure. "What about what I said?" he breathed, blinking away a traitorous drop of water.

Ed's eyes also seemed to become glassy, even as he held up an automail hand, a gold band around one finger.

"It works."

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From their hiding place in the stairwell, Riza, Winry, Alphonse and Havoc watched as the two friends finally reunited.

Evidently, the reunion had gone on too long for the ladies' taste. "Edward better get his hands off my Colonel." Hawkeye grumbled.

"Mr Mustang had better get his hands off my fiancé." Winry hissed back.

Alphonse and Havoc could only share a sigh.


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