Dean's eyes raked over the landscape he watched as John Winchester and Sam Winchester entered the old factory. Dean slipped out from behind the brush he had concealed himself in he had been tracking the Winchesters' for the better part of six months (Out of some morbid sense of curiosity seeing as he heard the families name since he was a child) staying behind the scenes waiting watching only to come out if they needed it. There had been a couple of times where he thought that they might have needed him but John pulled it out in the end but Sam god he was more of a liability then anything else even though for some reason Dean never looked at him that way he felt a need to keep the clumsy guy in pristine condition.

Dean came to a side window that was open he jumped easily enough into the building using the windowsill for leverage as he vaulted over into the disused warehouse. Dean crept behind a box that gave him access to the catwalk using the coverage of boxes on the catwalk he positioned himself with a 180 degree vantage point he had an assault rifle and his pistols he also had a boot knife, a dagger on his belt along with a machete. Dean sat silently watching the team his eyes shifted to a silver hue a trick his father had taught him...

Dean this is nothing more then a trick it helps you see in the dark just focus on an object and your eyes will react for you...

Dean waited he saw them come around the corner he sighted in his rifle and focused in as he scanned the area. Dean watched he looked at the two, he never understood why he wanted to protect these people they were just humans and they were hunting things like him. Dean's jaw tightened at the thought but these people had no clue how powerful demon's could be really which was why he figured he felt for Sam. Dean knew the plans for Sam and the others it was not pretty but hay such is life. Dean watched them threw the scope he saw a vampire coming up behind them they would be dead before they started Dean took aim and killed it right threw the neck severing (well blowing it of with .50 cal with silencer) with holy water soaked silver bullets. The bullet lodged in the wood I-beam two feet from Johns left shoulder.

Dean watched as John looked around for the origin of the bullet Dean didn't move or breathe for a while until the Winchesters move further into the warehouse. Dean found himself tracking the Winchesters further into the disused warehouse it was not hard with Sam, but John by himself that is a challenge even in a building like this Dean could almost lose John and his stealth advantage. Sam well he was not very good at this hunting and stalking thing. Dean moved watching Sam's every move, specially when Sam and John split up Dean found himself following the younger of the two.

Dean focused on his mission he stalked Sam quietly until he saw a vamp hit Sam over the head sending him to the floor. Dean moved in fast he grabbed the first vampire and pulled his boot knife and stabbed the first threw the neck then jerking the knife sideways then spun and got the second.

"Come on half breeds lets see what you got." Dean sneered as they group attacked. Dean shoved his boot in a blonds face he was butt fugly for a human so Dean didn't feel too bad when the vampire hit the beam behind him embedding a nail in his chest, then he circled around as he shoved his knife into another vampire. Vampires where fast but Dean was faster. Dean grabbed the second one and began to square off. Dean dodged the first punch. Dean grabbed one of them and plunged his knife into another one soon Dean was standing over piles of dust. Dean walked over to Sam, and pulled him to a sitting pose, then slipped out an opened window.

John had finished the last of his vampires he hadn't heard from Sam at all he went looking for his son fear nagging at the back of his mind as he walked through the warehouse. John rounded a corner he saw Sam shaking his head as he stood up. John rushed to his side.

"Sammy are you okay?" John asked.

"Yeah dad I am okay. It's just one minute I was walking looking for the nest the next I wake up sitting here, and I swear I saw someone sneaking out the window." Sam pointed to the window.

John sighed his son was a good hunter but damn if he needed to take it more seriously he knew it was a mistake but him and Sam rarely had anything together so Mary asked him to try this and explain why. When John had told Sam about Dean and what he saw Sam was skeptical but came along that first time and hell a werewolf would make you believe. John walked over to the window he saw a little displaced dust to confirm the presence of another person. John sighed at least this person was on their side.

"Well Sam we better get home so you and Jess can get cracking on the move." John smiled as he helped up Sam. The two walked back out to the car and headed home. John wondering who had saved his son but that could wait moving his daughter in-law and son into their first home was more important. John knew that he wanted Dean back but it Sam and the others were there he needed to be a father to them too he just hated the idea of never finding Dean again but the realization was starting to set in.

Dean watched as the car pulled out he started his ninja up and took of after him. Dean followed at a safe distance watching out for anything trailing them. That was normal for him he knew were they were going he never actually went all the way back to Lawrence with them but this time he felt something on the back of neck prickling and that wasn't a good thing it meant something was hunting the hunters so instead of peeling off right before the city he followed.

The Winchesters pulled into there drive Sam ran up to house as a petite blond came running out of the house to hug and kiss Sam. Dean growled under his breath as he watched then a blond came out her hazel eyes drew Dean in he watched as she moved with fluid grace to John and hugged him they talked and her face dropped slightly for an odd reason Dean wanted to go over and tell her everything would be okay. Dean decided enough was enough and revved his engine and peeled out.

The next morning Dean found himself at a local cafe drinking a coffee it was too early for beer or any hard liquor. Dean sighed as he watched John's shop was across form Mary's store so Dean had the perfect spot to watch them come to work right now till a heavy set black woman came up to him.

"Dean, young man what are you doing?" the woman said looking pointedly at Dean who glared gripping a knife he had in the small of his back.

"How do you know me?" Dean questioned popping an eyebrow as the woman chuckled.

"I know more then you think, get your butt up and follow me and yes you are right something is after them but you have some work to do before you can help them. My name is Missouri you will be staying with me." the woman told him Dean looked at her like she had a second head but nodded to her she knew his name and didn't seem threatening and he was able to read people pretty well.

Dean walked behind her his duffel over his shoulder the two had stopped at his hotel room before going to her place. Dean followed eyes scanning the area as they walked into her house the woman smiled and told him were his room was and he was to go put his bag down in there then come down for lunch after that she would explain things to him.

Dean was nothing if not obedient so he did what he was told to do. When he walked into the kitchen, he was not prepared for the sight he saw Missouri was talking to someone when he had been up stairs he had not heard the door open so whoever it was must have been there already when Dean and Missouri arrived. Dean came into the kitchen and Missouri smiled, "Sahara this is Dean he will be staying with us okay hun."

The girl nodded Dean felt his heart stop his memory kicked in...

Dean looked over his shoulder as the door opened and she walked through and dropped her bag. "Hay baby how was your day?"

"Just great dad made his normal visit in the middle of my class." Sahara smiled.

"Really?" Dean stood taking off his glasses and dropping them on his open notes as smiled and he walked over to kiss her.

"Yeah ranted on and on about the war and that I need to stop all this human bull shit." Sahara looked down then popped her head back up smiling.

"We don't have to do anything in this war it is our father's war not ours." Dean held her close.

"What would I do with out you Dean?" Sahara smiled and kissed him.

Dean smiled as he moved forward and went to hug her when Missouri stopped him he looked at her and his heart rolled over and did a couple of flips. Missouri smiled sadly, "Sahara has amnesia she doesn't remember she had experiences that have caused her to forget her past."

Dean sunk into his chair the weight on his shoulders crashed down so hard he felt as if he wouldn't be able to stand, "Oh...okay."

Dean sat quietly he watched as Sahara washed dishes he had no idea how to talk to her he wanted to jump up and hug her, kiss her but he knew she had no clue who he was and it was honesty ripping him apart. Dean coughed as Sahara turned around, her eyes searched his face for a minute for two seconds it looked as if she was going to remember him so Dean decided to open his mouth, "So how did you get here?"

"I don't really know, I was just here." Sahara's eyes flashed darkly as if remembering something Dean wanted desperately to know what she saw, so he could kill whatever or whoever had done this to his lover.

"Oh well if you ever want to talk you can always talk to me." Dean stood and walked over, "Can I help you finish?"

"Sure I would love help." Sahara smiled an easy smile but Dean saw through to the tension behind it.

Dean walked over and dried the dishes as Sahara wash he inhaled her scent it was roses and orchids but she had a scent of brimstone Dean's jaw clenched as his memories flashed of the couple visits he and his father made to his uncles place after he came up from hell. Dean looked at Sahara sweetly trying to figure things out. Dean sat silently as they washed even if she didn't remember him, her reflex moves were still there she passed dishes without thinking about it they worked easily together.

Dean found himself sitting in his room focusing his hearing (yet another trick his father taught him) so that he could tune into what she was doing he had listened to her shower and her changing now she was getting ready for bed so Dean waited till she was firmly asleep to relax enough to fall asleep himself.

The next morn Dean awoke to the smell of Stake and eggs, he rolled out of bed he pulled on a pair of pants and headed down stairs to the kitchen his stomach was empty and one of his favorite breakfasts was sitting on the table. Dean sniffed looking around as he saw a t-bone and eggs with hot sauce next to his plate. Sahara was eating eggs with cheese as Dean sat down next to her where his plate was set. Dean smirked as he sat down to eat he popped an eyebrow as Sahara looked at him.

"Like what you see?" Dean smirked waiting for a comment that Sahara would toss her eyes flashed with pain her hands shook. Dean got up and came over and placed his arms around her. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Yes...I mean No, it just that is what they use to say." Sahara stared down at her plate.

"Who, Sahara who use to say that." Dean looked at her anger rolling off him he tried to bring it down because he knew she could feel it but he couldn't help it anyone that hurt her deserved to die a horrible death that he was willing to dish out.

"Please, stop I can't I can do just oh god..." Sahara started to cry as Dean tried to hold her but she pushed away and ran up stairs.

"Boy don't push her, she still loves you I can feel it her emotions and her mind are at war right now." Missouri looked to Dean and sat down across from him.

"What happened please tell me I need to know." Dean pleaded.

"I can't it is something she has to work through herself." Missouri looked to Dean, "But she will come back to you I know this for certain."

"How she just ran from me." Dean looked too the door that Sahara just ran through. Missouri herself cringed at him emotions Dean looked back with an apologetic face as Missouri waved her hand dismissively.

Dean stood and walked out the door and lit a cigarette as he stood on the back porch. Dean's mind reeled from what was said as he decided that he wanted to go check the Winchesters out. Dean made it to the shops in easy time he decided a closer look was on the days to do list so he decided the garage was first come up with some story about bike parts and seeing if they had any when John was up front.

Dean walked in John was filling out some paper work, "Hay do you carry bike parts for a Ninja?"

"No." John didn't even looked up. Dean popped an eyebrow damn the man was not known for his congeniality but he was plan rude at the moment and Dean heard his father's voice in his head about respecting elders.

"Damn." Dean muttered to himself, "Thanks anyway."

"If you need a part we can order it." John said as Dean was at the door.

"I was just seeing if you had the turbo for it, but thanks anyway, by the way whose 67' Impala is that." Dean smirked he knew it was John's he just needed to get the man to talk more to get his mental signature to track him better.

"Mine." John answered flatly.

"It's a kick ass car you're lucky." Dean smiled as he walked out noting John's imprint mentally so he would know it elsewhere. Off to Mary's store Dean smiled as went strolling across the street whistling Metallica's "Enter Sandman".

Dean entered the shop smelling scents of roses and other flowers he smiled when he saw a tiger orchid he picked it up and walked up to the desk to pay when Mary walked up. Dean put on his best smile the one he knew was a "lady killer".

"Will that be all?" Mary asked.

"For now." Dean smiled thinking of how much he might be using this shop.

"She must be special." Mary smiled sweetly at Dean who smiled back nodding.

"Yes love of my life." Dean's eyes dimmed for a second.

"What happened?" Mary asked politely Dean actually felt as if he could talk to her but then closed down.

"We just found each other again." Dean stuck to a more normal story then what was most likely true even though he want to pour his heart out to this woman.

"Oh well good luck, and this is on the house." Mary smiled as Dean picked up the plant while sliding a fifty slyly under the corner of the cash register he paid for everything and left again imprinting the other Winchester to his metal scans.

Once back at Missouri's he put the flower in Sahara's room and smiled as he slipped back out to his own room wondering where she had gone. Dean put his head back on his pillow and stared at the ceiling his mind going over his day and the two older Winchesters.

Later that night Dean was in his room sleeping when he heard Sahara screaming. Dean bolted from his bed to Sahara's room. Dean opened the door to find her entangled in her sheets as she took turns from whimpering and screaming. Dean went to wake her when a hand was on his shoulder Dean looked behind there stood Missouri she looked sadly at him.

"She has to go through this to remember anything Dean. I know it is hard but soon the bad will give light to the good and you can help her from there but she must walk through the valley of shadows on her own as do you before you can walk together again." Missouri sighed.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." Dean whispered softly, "Thou art with me."

"Good now you can sit with her but do not wake her." Missouri closed the door behind Dean.

Dean sighed as he watched her struggle against her nightmare but he couldn't he wouldn't do any thing to wake her even if everything in him told him to save her by waking her. Dean knew it was for the best but that did not mean he wasn't going to watch her to make sure she came out of it in one piece. Dean woke the next morning with a blanket over him and an orange juice next to him. Dean rubbed his face as he stood and drank the juice then walked down stairs. Dean walked into the kitchen Sahara was sitting at the table and looked at him.

"We know each other." Sahara looked at Dean oddly then smiled.

"Yeah we do." Dean sat at the table.

"What would I do with out you?" Sahara smiled, stood up and walked away as Dean smile to himself it was a step in the right direction.

Dean smirked she might not totally remember him but she would soon. His had touched something he looked down it was a ring with barbed wire designed into it with a note under it.

Thanks for the flower.

Dean laughed and put the ring on as he went out to watch the Winchester this time he was going on a job hunt starting with John's garage he saw the back up and he figured that he might be able to get a job with John and he could watch over the Winchesters like that. Dean got his resume together and walked to the shop he laughed (it was luck or cosmic interference he figured the latter he didn't believe in the former) as he saw the help wanted sign he walked in to find John sitting in a chair on the phone with a client. Dean waited until he was off and smirked as John looked at him.

"Hay, still don't have those parts." John gruffly answered as Dean leaned on the counter in his normal "I am the shit way".

"Not here for that saw your sign and seeing as I just moved her with a family friend I thought I should get a job to help out so here I am as if a stroke of luck would have it." Dean passed his resume to John. John looked at the document then excused himself to a small office to what Dean presumed to call the numbers after about ten minutes John walked out and looked a Dean with a straight faced but his emotions of relief where crashing off him in title waves towards Dean who smirked against the assault.

"So a that job your references check out and I need the help and they say you are very qualified and do what is asked quickly with out questioning. I like that and so will Mike. He is on leave right now with his wife they went to Florida with their kids but he agreed to taking on a new hand." John said as he walked through the doors Dean followed, "This is the garage I expect you here a seven to help open and we work till we are done for the day I will pay you for the hours worked."

"Not a problem, so when do I start." Dean smiled.

"Now if you want otherwise tomorrow morning." John said as Dean stripped his jacket and followed John into the bay.

Dean pulled in a second car into the garage he knew what was wrong when it started. Dean was under it in a flash working on the transmission. Dean enjoyed the grease and sweat hell he lived for it besides the fact he loved cars and bike this was therapeutic for him he was able to get lost in a easily solved problem for a while. Dean was on his third car when a boot kicked him Dean rolled out as John looked at him.

"Closing time James." Dean cringed at the name he did not like lying to John.

"Call me Dean it's my middle name my father's name is James." Dean lied a bit more a dark look crossed John's face,"Did I say something?"

"No not at all Dean." John almost seemed to force out the name Dean felt the anger, pain and sadness hit him like a sucker punch to the gut.

"Ok see you tomorrow." Dean grabbed his jacket and went out as John responded the same.

John looked around his new hand was going to help a lot especially when he left for his hunts. Mike would love him we worked and didn't talk allot and he was good hell good was an understatement this kid was awesome with a wrench.

Dean had arrived home and went straight to the shower he knew better then to do anything but shower because he felt like a grease ball so he knew that he must have looked worst then he felt. Dean was drying off when he heard his name screamed he pulled on track pants and ran out to the source.

Sahara was in the living room in a corner huddled in a ball with a broken glass Missouri was looking at her worriedly. Dean moved in he pulled her close as she was shivering. Dean smiled as he held her muttering Latin verses softly in her ear. Sahara clammed and looked up her eyes focused on him.

"How did you know to do that and why do I call you when I am scared." Sahara asked.

"I use to do that to my fiancée when she was scared." Dean looked to Missouri who shook her head. Dean sighed, "Remember when you asked if we knew each other and I said yes."

"Yes." Sahara pushed away a bit.

"We dated." Dean said softly as Sahara smiled a bit then frowned.

"What happened?" Sahara asked.

"Hoping you could tell me one day you just vanished." Dean looked at Sahara who looked away, "when you are ready till then I will be here."

"Okay." Sahara said as she stood.

Dean stood as Sahara walked away Dean ran a hand through his hair as he let out a sigh. Missouri walked up behind him. Dean looked to the woman, "Don't give up."

"How can I she is my world, no matter what I will fight for her." Dean smiled softly, "I got a job working at John's garage." Missouri smiled as Dean walked to the kitchen he needed a beer.

A/N: okay so I am redoing this story I want to redo it to explore and build relationships that I grazed over.