The final letter. Its the shortest, and truth be told, we never finished it. I found it one day and decided to complete but I just couldn't bring up the weird humor to do so.

But my Baby Dragon made of rice cakes,

I do have feet, I swear! And Old Ladies…Ewww! I hope when you're screwing your old Lady with sagging skin and hanging 'old-lady'…boobs (gags), you think of me and what we could have had…

But I still want you, and I will fight for you because you are my hunk of dragon. If that what it takes, I will turn myself into an old lady for you and walk around bare-foot just for you.

PLEASE TAKE ME, DRAGON! I am down on my knees…all the better to see you at!

I'll still be waiting in Snape's dungeon, where the cauldrons are bubbling (at 451 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature of HELL) and the chains are waiting…

Meet me there, Snow White Dragon,

'And I'll give you a ride you've never experienced on a broom' Potter