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Warnings: Axel/Roxas/Riku yaoi. Very short.

A/N: My friends and I had a sleepover and decided to write some one shots. We gave each other prompts and had about 15 minutes to write. Here was one of mine. I forgot the balloons when I wrote it and had to go back so they're kinda just thrown in there...

Prompts: Axel x Roxas x Riku/ balloons

Axel and Roxas staggered into the room they shared, their lips glued to each other, hands each caressing the other's body. Roxas suddenly pushed Axel to the bed and straddled him. They began kissing again as Roxas worked to remove Axel's pants. He soon had them open and sat back to admire the view, grinning. Axel moaned softly, wanting Roxas to hurry. Roxas grinned again and went to work.

His lips closed over the older man's throbbing member. He began sucking, Axel moaning his enjoyment, eyes closed. He heard a gasp behind him and lifted his head quickly, Axel's eyes flashing open. Riku was standing in the doorway of their room his mouth open, a handful of balloons falling from his grasp.

Suddenly, he grinned. "Mind if I join you?" he asked. Axel and Roxas turned to look at each other. Axel shrugged and Roxas returned to his job. Riku took this as a yes and quickly removed his pants. He strode over to the bed and positioned himself over Axel's face. "Suck," he commanded. Axel grinned and did as ordered.