Hit the Floor Running
M- for inappropriate situations, language and violence
Pairings: SasuHina, NaruSaku
Disclaimer: Naruto (c) Masashi Kishimoto


"Mom, do you think you can call back later?" A weary Sakura Haruno asked as she collapsed back onto a sofa, fanning herself with her other hand. She rested her head against the couch's headrest and gave her eyes a dramatic role. Out of all the times her mother could call, she always managed to call at the most inconvenient times.

"Sakura!" Her mother reprimanded. "I haven't seen my only daughter in nearly forever and now you expect to give up my calling rights too? I don't think so young lady!"

Sakura sighed and scratched her forehead, succumbing to her mother's will. The headache that she would get if she didn't was so not worth it right now.

"Alright fine Mom, how are you doing?" Sakura adjusted her position so that she was lying on the couch and closed her eyes as she listened to her mother prattle on relentlessly about what she had been doing with her days and what she heard the local grocer say about her neighbor and other useless small town gossip.

In all honesty, Sakura could care less about the things her mother was talking about. Sakura loved her mom to bits, but she could help but feel a slight disconnect. Sakura felt as if she had left small town drama and gossip in her past a very long time ago. If she had been asked a year ago about anything concerning such, she would have happily divulged any secrets she knew and then would have listened with rapture to what new gossip she could learn, but now, it was the farthest thing from Sakura's mind.

"So enough about me." Said Mrs. Haruno, breaking into Sakura's thinking. "Tell me about yourself. I haven't seen my only daughter in two years!" She cried.

"I'm fine Mom." Sakura replied. "Don't be so dramatic."

"I'm not being dramatic." Said her mother airily. "How is that boy, you know, the one you said you were seeing…" Her mother said, sounding less than enthused.

Sakura rolled her eyes. "His name is Naruto mom, and if you're going to have such an attitude about it, then why did you even bring him up in the first place?" Sakura asked angrily.

"Oh sweetie, it's not that…" Her mother said apologetically. "It's just that you just broke off your engagement to Sasuke, don't you think you need some time, your just not…rebounding back?" Her mother asked hesitantly.

Sakura sat up straighter and moved her phone to her left hand. "No mom, it's not like that. I love him, and besides, Sasuke broke off the engagement remember?"

"Well…technically yes." Replied her mother. "But you said you loved Sasuke too. How can we really know if this time is different? We haven't even met the boy."

"Trust me mom." Said Sakura, putting emphasis in her voice. "This time it's different."

Sakura plopped her head back on the couch. Her mother just didn't understand. Naruto was so different from Sasuke and so was the way she felt about him. What Sakura couldn't understand was why her mother was giving her so much flack when Sasuke was married already. Not that Sakura doubted Sasuke and Hinata's feelings for each other in the slightest. Hinata proved to be a world class and dedicated friend to Sakura so far and kept in touch often. Sakura knew her and Sasuke were doing perfectly together.

"Well maybe if we spoke to Naruto, that would be a nice little chat right?" Her mother asked sweetly.

Sakura closed her eyes and put her hand over them. "Sorry mom." She replied, although she wasn't sorry in the slightest. "Naruto's not home right now."

Sakura was only half listening to her mother go on about how sorry she was when she heard the front door bang.

"You know," Replied a voice moments later. "You look kinda sexy when you're all sweaty."

Sakura's heartbeat started to race as she interrupted her mother on the phone. "Hey mom, listen, I'm sorry but I have to talk to you later. Love you, bye." She said rapidly before snapping her phone shut.

Before even lifting her hand from her eyes, she took the pillow out from behind her head and chucked it at the voice. She heard an oof and knew it made contact.

"Nasty pervert." She said grinning as she lifted her hand a little.

"Hey," Said Naruto complaining as he fell down onto the couch beside her. "I said that with 100% love in my voice."

"Hmm…" Said Sakura sitting up and looking thoughtful. "Maybe we should work on that." She said before leaning forward and kissing the tip of Naruto's nose.

Sakura gave her arms a stretch before she got up off the couch. "I'm gonna go take a shower ok?" She called out to Naruto.

"Can I join you?" Asked Naruto, as he claimed the whole couch for himself and grabbed the remote off the small table in front of him.

"No!" Shouted Sakura. "I just don't understand why it needs to be so damn humid here." She complained.

"Uhh…because it's Morocco…during the summer." Naruto replied back as he switched on the small TV. Although small, the TV happened to be Naruto's pride and joy. He had managed to snatch a cable signal from a tenet downstairs enabling him and Sakura with all fifty channels. Not the best deal, but Naruto would take what he could get.

As Naruto flipped through the channels, he lamented on his easygoing life. A few years ago, Naruto wouldn't have thought it possible for him to have a life like this. But the past six months for him had been an easy bliss. With the ITP disbanded and his thieving days put to an end, Naruto had more than enough time on his hands. He could settle down in one place and not be worried about assassins coming to find him. Living with Sakura on the other hand, well that was a challenge, but a challenge he was willing to take.

He had never before met a woman that he wanted to be with for an extended period of time. But, Sakura wasn't much like the women he had been with before. In fact, he and Sakura fought half the time, but it was all in good nature. But this new found relationship also scared him sometimes. He wanted to give Sakura everything that she ever dreamed of, but he didn't know if he was the right person for that job. The most that he could do was support her in all of her decisions.

They had stayed in New York for two months in the brownstone that Sakura and Sasuke owned. In that time, Sakura applied and successfully made it into the Doctors without Borders program. Sakura sold the brownstone (and dutifully gave Sasuke half of what she made) before moving across the globe, attending positions where she was needed. They had been in Morocco for three months already. Naruto had settled for a nice boring security guard position at a local business building. Neji had been kind enough to provide Naruto with some work history paper work. All in all, it was the most boring job Naruto had ever taken but he loved every minute of it.

Naruto twirled the remote around in his hand as he stared at an anchor man report the news, not understanding a word of the rapid Arabic the man was speaking.

"Maybe I should learn more languages." Mused Naruto to himself. It certainly would pass the time he spent sitting behind a desk more entertaining.

"Learn another language? That's intriguing." Sakura's voice drifted to him.

"Done already?" Naruto drawled, not bothering to look at her.

"Yep. So you can get your smelly ass in there now." She quipped.

Naruto grinned, a cunning grin that made him resemble a fox and sprang off the couch, surprising Sakura who had been bent over, looking inside the fridge.

"Jeez!" Shrieked Sakura as Naruto's arms wrapped around her neck.

"What did you say about me?" Naruto asked, his voice low as it murmured in her ear. Sakura blushed as she felt his hot breath against her cheek.

"Smelly ass." Said Sakura, careful to enunciate every word clearly.

"Hmm…" Said Naruto.

Sakura blushed a deeper red and let out a yelp as she felt Naruto's calloused hand travel up her bare thigh. 'Note to self,' Thought Sakura absentmindedly, 'Never wear long plain white T-shirts in Naruto presence.'

Naruto's nose was now trailing along her neck and his hand was tracing small circles along her thigh. "I suppose I could go take a shower, then I would smell as good as you."

"You wish." Growled Sakura. She quickly ducked out of Naruto's grasp and spun around, surprising the blond man. He took a surprised step back as Sakura grabbed hold of the front of his T-shirt and yanked him forward, pressing her lips aggressively to his.

Naruto grinned under her kiss. Kissing Sakura never got old.