Rain Water

By Miah The Storm Wolf

I've been here for a while now. I don't really know where here is, let alone how I got here. It looks like a city, but it's completely devoid of life… unless you count those black things. I call them shadows because of the way they move. When I woke up here, not remembering much of anything other than my name, they were the first things I saw. There are hundreds of them here in this dark place. That's something else. I've never seen the sun here. Everything is always bathed in moonlight, even though I've never seen the moon either. I don't question it though. After all, if it weren't for that hidden moon, I'd never have seen the shadows. They're kind of creepy, but weak enough and they don't follow very far. Most of them can be easily out run. At least the little round-headed ones can be. The bigger ones with the long antennae pose more of a threat. They're fast and powerful, but they never come into My Place. Then again, I can barely get into my place.

You see there's this huge pit right at the center of the city with a castle floating above it. Before you ask, no, I don't live in the castle. I live in a dead-end alley just to the left of the road leading to the castle. I actually have to use a rope to swing around and get in, but it's protected from the shadows and gives me a great view of one of the castle balconies. Ninth floor if I'm counting right.

It's not so bad here, but I have to go to other places for food. Izzy helps me with that. Izzy is one of the black shadow things, but he's nice. He's my buddy. More importantly he opens portals and leads me to places where I can get life's necessities. You know; food, clothes… soap. In return I let him stay in My Place where he's safe from the other shadows. He's a round-head, but he's a lot smaller than the others. He probably got chased a lot before I came along. He can't talk, but he seems to understand me. We both love music. I know this because he woke me up one morning (It might have been evening, hard to tell with no Sun.) to show me a guy on the castle balcony. He had blonde hair and was playing some sort of string instrument. I didn't recognize the song, but it was beautiful. I had never heard anything so wonderful. He played for about an hour I'd guess (no watch) before disappearing back inside.

And so it went. For weeks Izzy would wake me up, we'd listen to Blondie, and then go to another world to earn some munny. Killing the black things does give us some munny, but not much. Besides, it makes Izzy nervous. Eventually I started waking up on my own, before Izzy. Recently I've just been letting Izzy sleep in. Little guy deserves the rest. One thing I noticed about Blondie is that he always plays with his eyes closed. He never looked around or came out and not played… until this morning. This morning he finished playing, opened his eyes, and looke. Dead. At. Me.