Her wet tears stained the blanket.

Hazel orbs shut tight behind the security of her eyelids.

A fragile frame mangled upon the ground.

She felt dirty.



Crystal clear nails dug into her pale silk skin.

A moan or two of agony escaping every few moments.

She wanted to fall back into endless darkness.

What the hell had she done…


His nude frame was hidden under the pure white blankets on their parents bed. Tachibana Kippei's dark narrow eyes slowly opened to the sound of Ann's weeping and restrained tears. Lips parting ever so slowly, his body groaned more than it did with the practice schedule. How exhausting such things were. He could only stare blankly at his sister's trembling frame that had moved it's way to the bedside floor. The desires he felt to reach out and stroke her hair, to cup her delicate face, to kiss her tearstained cheeks…

He'd put her through something they could never go back from. A new part of their past that would never be erased. Twitching his thick fingers upon the luscious pillow beneath his weary head, Kippei felt his urge to go to her side strengthen with every second more his angel remained within sight. Breathing became much more short, he put his strong arms on the mattress firmly and pushed his weak stature upwards.

"Ann…" She didn't reply. Not that it was a surprise. Easing his way over with a guilt-filled soul, his eyebrows furrowed up together, a falcon clawing at his heart with every new tear the girl cried. Kippei's hand reached her thin shoulder, grasping it lightly sent a shiver down his spine. Electricity shocked his body.

"Aniki…" Her voice sounded like it was shattering between the jagged whimpers, "W-What… What… Wha-"

Overcome by the tears, her sentence couldn't be finished. Pushing his hand through her short and loose brunette hair, Kippei pulled the naked girl's frame towards himself, holding her body to his own. His face lowered to her locks for a minute, before gently grazing across the side of her face.

Pressing his lips onto her own rosy ones.

"Sins can be forgiven…" Kippei mumbled to her faintly before losing himself.

In his sister's love.

NOTE:: I know I'll probably get flamed or something for this, so don't please. I love Tachibanacest. ;D Can you guess what they were doing? Haha, I just had an urge to write this. Not my best work.