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(Jasper POV)

When will they snap out of it? They know how frustrating it is for me to go from one extreme emotion to the next! I think to myself as I bring my legs up to my chest, trying to push all the emotions out of me.

I don't know which emotions are mine anymore. I mean, am I the one feeling giggly… hyper… childish… calmed? I don't know what's going on anymore? Is that paranoia mine? Am I paranoid because I think everyone is attacking me full force with all they're emotions? Trying to break me or something? Panic begins to rise in me again, grab a handful of hair in each hand, frustrated by the onslaught of raging emotions running through my mind and body.

I know that Bella's the one making me feel lethargic every once in a while, but having that mixed with paranoia is making me think… what if she's trying to get me into some sort of sleeping state… is she trying to help me escape from the other emotions or does she just think it'd be funny to see a sleepy insomniac vampire? I take a peek over the top of me knees to see her lying on the couch, looking serene, she looks innocent enough but that could all be an act. My Alice looks sweet enough, but you cross her path and the saying 'Hell has no wrath like a woman scorned' comes to mind.

An overwhelming wave of energy hits me, I clench my teeth, trying to suppress my urge to jump and run and release the energy from my system. Why cant my Alice just calm down! Even if it were just a little. I've never seen her so hyperactive, it's like she's on a mission! Not even her shopping trips bring these emotions out in her so strongly.

I wonder what she's up to? Perhaps she's sorting through everyone's closets, arranging all they're clothes by colour, or occasion. She likes to do that every now and again, usually once a week. But doing that alone wouldn't create such strong emotions to emit from her...

I stopped breathing, mind and body blank in shock.

I hope to God its not fashion week!! My mind trails off to remember one of my experiences with Alice at the Milan show, a few century's ago. That was the time where I had to put my foot down and say that I wouldn't go with her there anymore.

It wasn't so much as being surrounded by hundreds of humans… they're blood flowing all around me, tempting me to break from my diet. I actually forgot about they're blood once Alice was sat beside me, whispering at vampire speed about every little detail each model was sporting as they made they're way down the run way. I actually felt empathetic towards Edward at one point; I believe that I had an insight into what he has to suffer every day when he's surrounded by people's thoughts. I couldn't stop Alice from speaking, and couldn't get away.

I had to suffer that for a whole week… I love Alice, and I did it for her. But I won't do it again. I managed to get Rosalie to go with her for all the other fashion weeks after that one. It killed me to be away from her for a week, but it'd be like murder to suffer though that again.

A wave of satisfaction and almost overpowering energy hits me quickly and unexpectedly and I slump back in the chair.

I really wish she'd just calm down enough so I could get close enough to her. I miss her so much, and I've only been away from her for a few hours. I need her to help me control my emotions, and then I could help myself by calming her down some. If I wasn't dead already, I'd think that all these haywire emotions right now would be the death of me!

A massive wave of panic comes from Edward's direction and I react by jumping out of my chair. I land behind it, crouching, ready for what's coming after me. I steal a few glances around the sides of the chair, knowing that someone out there is after me…

(Edwards POV)

I hear an enormous 'BANG' ringing through the room.

This is it I tell myself.

That pesky little pixie is going down!! Her and her minions!

This battle shall be mine!

(Carlisle POV)

"Esme love, why don't we leave here, go somewhere. I really don't think there's anything we can do here tonight for them" I murmur to her as we both continue to look at the scene before us, playing out in the living room. "Alice will calm down soon enough… or she'll run out of things to burn. She'll go to Jasper and he'll then control his emotions and calm down too from her presence. Edward is just sitting under the blanket. As soon as everyone else calms down, he'll surely be able to read they're minds clearly and see that he was just being paranoid, that there was never anything to panic about. I'm sure he'll be fine once Bella wakes up, she'll reassure him. Emmett and Rosalie seem to be the most normal and sensible couple in there at the moment…" I finish off, hearing the shock in my voice from my last comment.

"Makes a change" Esme smirks from beside me; she must also be as shocked as I about the turn of events. Emmett and Rosalie being responsible just doesn't happen.

She turns away from the window to look back up into my eyes and sighs "I suppose you're correct; I doubt they'd listen to us if we went in there… it seems like they're drunk or something. But vampires can't get drunk…" she trailed off, her face scrunching up in confusion at her children's strange actions.

"Your right" I answer "But us vampires do get affected by some forms of drugs" at the mention of the word 'drugs' Esme's head whipped back around to look at her children, her eyes studying every inch of them. "Calm down love" I coax her attention back to me while I explain to her what my theory was. I pointed to the empty pizza boxes under the coffee table and tell her "They haven't done any drugs, not really… my guess is that they all at a few pieces of that pizza. And what ever topping they must have gotten somehow reacted to their venom, making them somehow ending up with the effects of being high" I looked at the sleeping form of Bella lying stretched out on the couch and added "I don't think it effected Bella in anyways, seeing as she can digest the food and doesn't have any venom in her system to react to the topping. I'm guessing she's sleeping because she's full and tired, and perfectly fine. So there's nothing to worry about. They should all have had calmed down within a few hours… I hope" I finish off a little weakly.

Silence stretched between us as we looked at out children.

Jasper had relaxed his crouching stance from behind the chair and had gone back to sitting in it, knees raised to his chest again. Trying to block any waves of emotions coming his way.

Edward seemed to have gotten bored waiting for the attack to arrive, probably assuming the 'BANG' from earlier was a false alarm. He was now lay, head poking out of the entrance of his little hiding place, plants pushed aside and staring at Bella as she slept deeply.

Emmett and Rose lay together on the floor in the far left corner. Emmett was playing with Rose's long blonde hair, trying to plait it without much luck. Rosalie meanwhile was drawing little designs over Emmett's shirt and across is mammoth bare arms. Both held smiles on they're faces, mixed with concentration at the tasks they had.

Alice seemed to be keeping more things that she was throwing out by the look of the fire that seemed to be dying down a little in the pool. By the looks of the dark, purple clouds moving over, Mother Nature was going to give a helping hand in extinguishing Alice's bonfire out too.

"Come… let's go somewhere" I told Esme as she beamed her beautiful smile at me and grabbed hold of my hands in hers, leading me back to the car.

"It'll be dawn in a few hours, why don't we go watch the sunrise? We haven't done that in a while, just the two of us together… alone" she purred as she proposed her idea, her eyes glistened mischievously.

I smirked, catching on at her plan and whispered to her before I opened the passenger door for her "I wonder what we could do to keep ourselves occupied until sunrise…" at which I hear her musical laugh.

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