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Sakura, Hinata, Ino, and Tenten finally got invited to a party by the "cool" people at school which insisted of Sasuke, Naruto, Shikamaru and Neji. Even though Neji and Hinata are related, he does not care much for her (That btch). The party was held at Naruto's place since he lives alone. What the girls did not know was the plan that the boys came up with. They wanted to sleep with the girls for fun.

The party was big and their was many kids there. The girls got separated into a big crowd of teens.

Sakura happened to be the girl getting something to drink at the punch bowl and Sasuke spotted her and his plans is now in action.

"I am glad to see you have made it Sakura". Sasuke said with a smirk at the end.

"Oh hey, Sasuke-kun, nice party" she started to talk, but Sasuke felt a rambling coming on so he changed the subject quick.

"I can't hear you to well want to go to a place silent so we can talk". He said with a smirk

"Umm… ok, but where".

"In one of Naruto's rooms upstairs".

"Sure lead the way".

Sasuke took her hand and led her to the room. They were talking for a little while until Sasuke planted a kiss on her lips.

"Sorry, Sakura I couldn't help myself". He said trying to sound guilty (which worked).

"It's o... o... okay" Her mind was blowing with, questions like why was he interested in her? She was a nerd/geek who had glasses and a forehead the size of a textbook! Her clothes is ridiculous and she was plain old ugly. (Sorry Sakura lovers

He leaned in for another and Sakura moved away and went to go stand by a wall. She was scared of going a step further with him. Sasuke stood up and walked towards Sakura slowly. Pined her against the wall and started to ravish her. She hesitated at first, but slowly got in the mood for it.

Sakura's POV

"Oh My God… Oh My God… Oh My God".

"This can't be happening; I am actually kissing Sasuke Uchiha, THE HOTTEST GUY IN SCHOOL!!!'

Man!!!! you are hopeless!

"Shut up"!

"No you!!"



"I know you want it, so just let me give it to you". He said in a husky and seductive voice.

That's' when everything went blurry for her. When it was all over he got up and got dressed, he didn't even look back. She was left all alone in the dark room sobbing quietly to herself.

This happened to each and every one of the girls that night, but what they didn't expect is what was going to happen in school Monday.


They walked into the building as usual, but this time everyone was looking at them shaking their heads disapprovingly, whispering things, giving deadly glares. Then a group of girls came up to them pushing them calling them whores for sleeping with their boyfriends. The guys just stood their staring at them smirking. Now they noticed that there were poster's pictures even videos about the event they had when they were each alone with the boys. Everybody at school heard and saw everything they did that night. The girls were on the ground struggling to get up. When everyone left for their class Sasuke, Shikamaru, Neji, and Naruto went up to them.

"I trusted you. I told you my deepest secretes". Sakura said eyes red with tears falling out.

"Hn" That is all he said and left. Shikamaru said troublesome shook his head at Ino and left. Naruto just looked at Hinata and said she was great in bed and left. Neji called them whores not just to Ten Ten, but to all of them.

"We're not whores." Hinata said whispering and stuttering at the same time.

The next day they were reported missing, nowhere to be found, but of course who cared about them. Only few cared… well less than few did. The girls made a vow to never be played or stuff like that. They will once return, but not in a while. They needed to become strong for each other because no one else will be.

With The Girls:

"I can't believe we ran away". Ten Ten said to the others. They fled the village and was now walking anonymously.

"I think I see a village." Hinata said. This got everybody's attention.

They got into the village, but they are underage so they couldn't rent a place to stay. They walked around a bit until they met a nice hearted woman named Hitomi who offered them a place to stay for as long as they want only if they become her servants. They agreed.

"Don't worry about clothes, or food, just do as I say and you'll be alright." She said that with a beautiful smile

not failing her lips. "Oh and I will also teach you to be more lady like and dress…….um how should I say this……better." She was eyeing Their clothes and their styles.

"So what you're saying is that you will make us pretty"? Ino said not being sure of what she heard.

"Yes I will and I will also teach you manners, strength, agility, and etc."

"Why are you helping us?" Sakura ask not being sure to trust this woman (I wonder why?)

"Well I always wanted to have girls of my own to raise, but I am unable to have children." She looked away at a near by store.

"Ok" They all said in unison.

At Hitomi's Place:

The girls were at awe except Hinata she already knew how it felt to be rich. Hitomi had a big place with everything you can possibly want. She showed them around and told them what to clean what to do in the morning's afternoons and a nighttime. It was more like a routine actually. Hitomi kept her promise and taught them how to be a lady.

Two years have passed and they were completely beautiful.

Sakura once be forehanded, now grew into it. Her eyes were a darker green and her hair grew longer (like in the anime before she got the courage to cut her hair). Her Body was perfect and had the most beautiful smile a woman can ever posses. Ino in was al so the same, but her eyes was different and she was like a lucky charm. Ten Ten was also beautiful, but what got put her out of the group was her nice long legs you just want to rub up and down. Hinata on the other hand had the breast you just want to squeeze the life out of. Her Hair was longer and she revealed herself. They all did. They were not the same as their old self anymore.

They were sitting in a restaurant chatting away. Getting looks from boys.

"You know we have to go back right"? Ten Ten announced.

"Yeah" Sakura answered

"What's the point on returning, I love it here we finally have attention that we always wanted" Ino said

"But Konoha is our home and we can't hide away forever Ino" Hinata

"Like hell we can't" She said huffing

"Come on Ino we have to tell Hitomi that we are leaving tomorrow." Sakura Declared

"Fine then, it's not my fault if you break her heart."


Knock. Knock.

"Come in"

All the girls entered one behind the other. Hitomi was sitting at her desk facing them.

"And what do you lady's want." She said looking up from her paper work and then looking back down.

"Well Ino wanted to tell you something". Sakura said while pushing Ino up front.

"I…I…I.. I mean we wan…wanted to tell you that we are leaving tomorrow bright and early."

No one made a sound for what seemed like eternity.

Sigh "I Knew this day would come, but I was never quite prepared on letting you go." She said honestly.

They all paid attention on to what she was going to say next.

"I had watched you girls grow into young woman now and I am glad that I was the one to see it." She said as she was putting her paper down looking at them each in the eye.

"I want to wish you the best of luck; remember my training." She said as she dismissed them.


"Well that went well let's start packing." Ino said

Everyone except Ino sweat dropped.


"Are we set now." Ten Ten asked

"Yeah let's go say bye to Hitomi." Sakura announced

"Right behind' ya" Hinata said with her backpack on.

They were looking everywhere for her just when they were about to give up they heard a humming sound coming from the garden outside.

"Hitomi, we are leaving now" Ino said

"Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Ten Ten, come here, I have a gift for you." Hitomi said while she had a small box with her.

They all stood in that order facing her. She pulled out the small box in front of her and showed them what's inside. In that box was for beautiful belly button rings.

"These rings represent you" Hitomi said.

"Ino". At this Ino stepped forward. "You are the courage of the group and the ring I give you has an air picture in it. She pierced it on and Ino flinched a little bit, but stepped back in line.

"Sakura". Sakura stepped in front of her. "You are the brains in this group and the ring I chose for you has an earth picture in it." She smiled because she was called smart.

"Hinata". Hinata stepped up in front of Hitomi. "Hinata, your are kind and gentle so you are the heart of this group and the ring I chose for you has a water picture in it, because I seen you train with that water jutsu

"Ten Ten". Ten Ten stepped up ecstatic as ever to know what she is. "Ten Ten I saw you fight one day and I realized how strong you are so that is why you are the strength of this group so the ring I chose for you has a fire picture in because of you firery temper." She said

"With this said you ladies have a nice trip and my home is your home". She said giving them hugs good-bye

"Don't Forget your training". She yelled that last part because they were far away.


"You guys remember our vows". Sakura asked

"Yep". Ten Ten said

"Do you guys still think about them"? Hinata asked looking at the sky.

"Yea". They all said.

"Should we forgive them" Ino asked

"Naaa, let's make them go through hell firs, then we'll think about it." Sakura said with a smirk plastered on her gracious lips.


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