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Saturday Night


"They are on their way Ino HURRY IT UP!" Tenten yelled banging into her bedroom door. She was already done and was waiting on Kankuro and Gaara to show up. Today was the day they get to meet the brothers family. Tenten was wondering if all of this was too soon. Yea, she grew up with them, but did she really know them know them. At that moment Ino walked out.

"So how do I look?" Ino was wearing a nice formal wear. Since she's meeting Kankuro's family, she didn't want to look like a prostitute.

"Gorgeous of course." Tenten said looking at her up and down with an amusing look on her face. "You look beautiful yourself." Ino said. "I can't wait to get this over with honestly. I know I sound wrong for saying this, but I feel like we are rushing the whole 'meeting your parents' thing." She finished off. Tenten felt relieved. She was feeling the same way. "Oh God I thought it was just me, what did we put ourselves into? I feel like we rushed everything ya know." She turned and faced her friend.

Right when she was getting into details someone knocked on the door.

"I bet that's them." Ino said while walking towards the door. "Right, lets get this thing over with." Tenten followed behind her. They both couldn't help but feel like something bad is going to happen.

"Hey ladies, you ready to go?" The girls had no choice, but to smile and nod at Kankuro. As he opened the car door he turned to Ino "You look beautiful babe, let me get that for you." She stepped in and said thank you. Gaara and Tenten are in the back seat while Kankuro and Ino are up front.

The ride was long and short at the same time. The girls were chatting amongst themselves and only had short responses from the guys. They arrived at their destination. The girls were at awe.

"This is a big house!" Ino was rolling down her window to look at it better "You almost have Hinata's father beat, what are your parents vice lords or something?" Gaara laughed it off "No not at all, my father owns a couple of businesses." He answered. "If you hurry up we can give you the grand tour." Both girls tried to open their car doors while it was still moving. This made Gaara and Kankuro laugh. "Wait, I'm still parking."

Walking towards their house was like walking towards an amusement park. Well at least that's what Ino was trying to explain to the rest. They walked in hand in hand with their date. The butler told them that dinner will be served soon and that their parents are downstairs in the winery.

"Where's my sister?" The butler turned to Gaara but before he got to answer a familiar voice was heard behind them.

"I'm right here." Temari said looking through her magazines subscriptions.

"Oh Shit…" Tenten and Ino said simultaneously once they turn around.


"Kiba STOP!" Hinata pushed him off. "What the hell!" She hopped off the table and grabbed her purse. He finally gathered his composure and realized what just happened.

"Hinata….I am so so sorry. I didn't mean to take things this far." He said following her around the clinic. "Let me take you home, let me at least do that for you." He said while grabbing his keys out of his pockets. Hinata looked at him long and hard before she said yes. The car ride home was full of 'apologies' and 'I will make it up to you'. She was looking out the window all the way till he stopped the car in front of her house. She didn't even realize she was home or even the car stopped.

"Look, I fucked up real bad tonight. I guess I just really really like you and I don't know how to control myself around you." He said leaning back in his chair. Hinata turned her head smiled at him and said "Goodnight." Got out the car and went inside the house. Basically left him dumbfounded. He didn't argue either he took the hint and left.

Hinata got into the house and leaned into the door with a loud huff. Is this what's going to keep happening. Will she forever be a sex object for the rest of her life? She didn't feel like talking to the girls no wanted to know if they were even home. Hinata went straight to her room showered and called it a night. Sleep was the only cure for how her night went. God knows tomorrow at her fathers house is going to be one hell of a roller coaster.