(2013 Edit):Well, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Yeah, I'm coming back to this. I'm going to re-edit what I have first and go on from there. I'm a bit sorry and I doubt anyone's following this, but I'm going to try to at least finish this one off as to polish off my writing skills.

As he was about to start on the first question on the Tokyo University entrance exam, Yagami Light had the nagging feeling that he was being watched.

Scratch that. Somebody with some serious, almost killer, intent was practically boring down on him. He turned his head around, and among the sea of bent heads, it was easy to see the one boy staring at him owlishly a few rows back. His appearance alone was unsettling enough: unnaturally pale skin, unkempt hair, scruffy clothes, and, above all, the piercing, intelligent eyes that showed that he had a clear, distinct purpose that he had every intention of carrying out.

Light put his attention back to his paper. He didn't have a clue why this guy was staring at him like this, but he had to focus on his exam for now. The intent seemed to have somewhat died down for now. Ryuk began to chuckle, and Light's eyebrow gave a small twitch of annoyance before he realized something else. Now that the major intent was gone, there was a smaller one, less hostile, but nevertheless there. He turned to the other side, and there was a young woman staring at him from one row back. She seemed normal enough, dressed casually, with long, slightly wavy hair and wide eyes. She was staring at him with what could almost be called a stupefied expression, one of shock, as if he was something she didn't expect to see.

Light frowned, but when Ryuk moved towards her, her gaze followed the monstrous shinigami.

She can see him. She can see Ryuk, Light realized with horror. He definitely had never met this girl before, so there was no way she had touched the Death Note to be able to see Ryuk. He tensed, waiting for her to fall off her chair and start screaming. After all, he had done the same thing when he first met the shinigami, but to his amazement, she stayed silent, and just continued to gape.

There was no way anybody could be that controlled after seeing something like Ryuk for the first time. Had she seen something like shinigami before…?

"You'd better focus on your test. You do want to do well, don't you?" Ryuk said, sounding highly amused. The woman nodded faintly, still dazed before bending down her head to start her exam. Light doubted she'd be able to do well after this little exchange, but he pushed all other thoughts and worries out of his head for now. He had an exam to pass himself.

L wasn't exactly sure what was just happened between Light and that girl, but he decided that a little research on her might prove a little useful on his task of discovering and capturing Kira.

The moment they were allowed to leave the room after the exam time was over, Light headed straight towards her. He couldn't talk to Ryuk now when he was among all these people, so there wouldn't be any straight answer from him. But the girl saw him coming and her eyes flickered between him and Ryuk several times. She froze for a moment, as if she couldn't decide whether she wanted to go to them or run away. Clenching her small fists, she made her decision, and ran off.

All the while, L was watching, his mind whirring off a mile a minute.

Flicking on the light in his room, Light sat at his desk and wasted no time getting to the point. "Who was she? How could she see you?"

Ryuk made himself comfortable on Light's bed. "How should I know?" was the answer.

Light sighed, and reached into his bag to pull out an apple. Ryuk's bulging eyes bulged even further before relenting.

"Light, what do you think of the Death Note?" he asked, fidgeting slightly with the eagerness at the thought of getting an apple.

"You mean other than it's what's going to help me cleanse the world of filth?" Light answered with a question of his own, taking a pen to safely remove the false bottom in his drawer.

"The Death Note is a powerful thing, something that defies all human logic in its workings," Ryuk said. "A shinigami, something that most people would dismiss as an imaginary creature and one is in your room talking to you right now."

"Your point?" Light said, starting to get impatient as he placed the supernatural notebook on top of his desk.

Ryuk laughed. "My point is, doesn't it get you wondering? If things like Death Notes and shinigami are real, why not the other things that you humans consider nothing more than myths and fairy tales? Things beyond what you consider to be reality?"

Light narrowed his eyes.

"I could exchange my eyes with you, and you could see anyone's name, which is a useful ability. However, there are some people with other kinds of eyes, natural abilities, that let them see things that others can't. That woman probably has a powerful sixth sense."

"A sixth sense?" Light said, deciding Ryuk was being uncharacteristically helpful right now. He tossed the shinigami the apple, who caught it and immediately took a big bite. "As in being able to see spirits?"

"You got it."

Light opened the notebook to a clean page. His first impulse was to kill her, but unfortunately he didn't know her name. What was stopping her from telling anybody what she saw? When he stopped to think more clearly for a moment, his mind raced with possibilities. It was unlikely anybody would believe her, and judging from her reactions, he doubted she would tell anyone anyway. She was probably hiding something of her own, perhaps something supernatural as Ryuk implied. What kind of experience could she have? And most importantly, could he manipulate the girl and the situation in anyway to further his dream of becoming God?

Light knew that he had to meet up with her sometime in the very near future.

Higurashi Kagome lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. How long had it been since she seen something like that leathery blue creature? It had been nearly seven years since she had first fell down the well, six since she had been trapped in her own side. She missed her friends terribly. Had Miroku and Sango finally gotten married? How was Shippo doing now that she wasn't around to spoil him rotten? And Inuyasha…

Kagome flipped over and buried her face into her pillow. She missed him so much. That loudmouth, rude, arrogant jerk that she had grown to love. The pointless fights they had, the tender moments they shared before it was usually ruined, the rides on his back, the way he would look just so darn cool when he just killed whatever was threatening her, with his long silver hair blowing in the wind with the Tessaiga resting against his shoulder…

She sighed. Ever since she was stuck in her world, an empty hollowness seemed to eat her from the inside that no amount of hot water, good food, or anything could fill up.

So when she saw that thing in the exam room, she really didn't know what to make of it. Sure, it did distract her and fat chance she was getting into Tokyo U now when her chances were already incredibly slim, but she realized that a little part of her was a little happy.

Kagome frowned. Why the heck was she happy? That thing was probably dangerous! But why was it hanging around that boy? It seemed that he knew of its presence and he was undisturbed by it…

"Kagome?" a voice called from outside her door. "Are you alright?"

"Yes mama," Kagome called back, and she whispered to herself. "I think I am now."