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There were a laptop, a desktop, and a miniature television set at his desk, all of which the owner of the café switched onto the designated channel. Every patron managed to squeeze behind the limited space behind the desk, and fought for a clear view. Kagome managed to get a spot right behind the owner's chair, albeit there were several bodies uncomfortably pressed up to her, not that she really noticed.

In a hushed silence, everybody watched as a disembodied voice, recorded on a video tape, systematically declared the names and times of his next victims to prove that he was indeed, the Kira. Several new casters died, right on schedule.

Then 'Kira' demanded the life of L, and Kagome had no doubt that whoever this person was, he would not hesitate to take a few more lives along the way.

But something nagged her about the way Kira was acting. Before she could place her finger on it, something interrupted her thoughts.

On the mini-TV, the scene switched over to Sakura TV station's entrance, where a man was beating at the doors, attempting to get in. A little over half a minute later, he let out a strangled scream, clutching at his chest. After a few desperate spasms, he fell over, dead.

"This is seriously messed up," a patron murmured, and several people nodded.

Kagome had been feeling plenty of negative feelings over the past few years: sadness, depression, loneliness, but she hadn't felt this one in awhile: complete and total helplessness. Her maternal instinct was coming back to her as well, and she would be damned if she was merely watching people die without being able to do a thing.

Of course, when a bus recklessly crashed through the front entrance of the station, she couldn't help but to let out a little mental cheer.


Kagome had been meaning to talk to Light sometime after, but she never seemed to be able to meet up him. They had different classes, and whenever she tried looking for him afterwards, he never seemed to be around. Strange. How hard could it be to spot Ryuk towering over the hordes of students? She was sure that she had seen the shinigami several times, but he only grinned and waved to her before going off.

Kagome wondered if Light and Ryuk had anything to do with the Kira case, but somehow, she couldn't imagine either one of them killing like the one in the Sakura TV incident. True, she had only known them for a short amount of time…but then again, Ryuk was a shinigami, and was bound to have a clue about what was going on…

Sitting in the living room of her home, Kagome reached for the remote control. She never was fond of television very much, but the captain of the archery team had suggested that the younger girl take a break from the shooting range. Besides, ever since she had seen Kira's powers in action, she had been watching debates and reports on the so-called 'god'.

"And it's a stunning victory for the Deimon Devil Bats with a score of-"


"That's right! The Three Lights' new CD finally hits stores tomorrow-"




"I am Kira."

Kagome's thumb froze over the button.

"The person who sent in the tapes a few days ago is nothing more than an impersonator."


The next Kira-related video involved the second Kira asking the first for a meeting. When the second said that they'd have to show each other their shinigami for confirmation, Kagome dropped the remote.

Nobody else would make sense of the message, but of course, she knew. She had to talk to Light and Ryuk as soon as possible.

When she looked over the schedule that had come with the video message, Kagome traced the words on screen with her finger. Most everything involved everyday activities, except for a single one:

30th. Saw a shinigami at the Giants game at the Tokyo Dome.

That was a couple days away.


Light sat at his desk, pondering about the latest dilemma. It was obvious that the police force would concentrate on Tokyo Dome because of the blatant shinigami reference, but at the second Kira had slight brains enough to slip in something that only he would recognize:

22nd. Met with friend in Aoyama and exchanged notes.

"Just to let you know, if I see another shinigami, I'm not telling you," Ryuk said. Light shrugged his shoulders in response, having fully expected that comment.

"I thought you wouldn't-"

"But you could always ask that Kagome girl. She'll be able to see that other shinigami just fine, and you do have a way with the ladies."

Light's eyes flashed angrily before he screwed them shut, forcing himself to remain calm.

"It's too dangerous to use her. I don't know if she's a Kira supporter or not. If I could, I'd just control her with the Death Note and have her die afterwards…"

"But you can't," Ryuk practically sang out to him.

"I'll just have to do this myself."


It was April twenty-third when the second Kira announced that he had already found the first. Kagome didn't have a clue of what to make of it.


What the hell's going on? Kagome thought to herself as she raised the bow.

The arrow sang through the air; it hit the first ring outside of the bull's eye. Kagome frowned before notching a second arrow. This time, it hit its mark.

Strange, she hadn't missed in ages…

"Are you alright, Higurashi-san?"

Kagome looked to the side to see the archery team captain, a serene, kind smile on her face. If Kagome didn't know any better, she'd guess that the captain actually looked a little relieved and pleased about something…

"I'm okay, Hououji-taichou. I guess I'm a little out of it," Kagome answered, lowering her bow and adjusting her yugaku glove. "Better practice a lot more."

Hououji-taichou seemed disturbed slightly at her words. "You know, Higurashi-san, if there's anything troubling you, you can always come to me to talk about it."

Kagome froze for a moment before looking straight into the captain's bright green eyes. There was a genuine sincerity in them that was rarely seen in other people, and for some reason she couldn't fathom, Kagome was sure that she'd actually understand, and not just listen as Light had done.

Of course, that was stupid. It wasn't like anybody really would.

"Thanks anyway."


As she walked out of the changing room and into the campus, Kagome was wondering to herself exactly what made this particular practice session different from the others when she spotted Light and Ryuk. It didn't seem that the duo had yet noticed her.

Light was talking to a pale man who was sitting on his hunches on a nearby bench. Kagome remembered his to be Ryuuga Hideki, the other top scorer and Light's tennis opponent. They seemed to be having a deep conversation, and Kagome sighed, thinking that she wouldn't have a chance to converse with Light on her own. Wondering is she should wait it out, Kagome had her thoughts interrupted by a cheerful cry of "Liiiiight-kun!"

The first thing Kagome saw when she turned her head towards the direction of the shrill voice was not its source, but a large, skeletal white creature.

Kagome's breath caught in her throat. Her eyes darted towards the girl the creature was hovering behind, and seeing how nobody seemed to be freaking out by its presence anymore than Ryuk's….not to mention how it followed the girl the same way Ryuk did with Light…

Oh god…

The girl, a beautiful blonde, was cheerfully talking to the two boys when Ryuk finally noticed her, and waved at her. "Kagome! Got any more apples? Light hasn't been feeding me as much lately."

The white one looked alarmed, especially when Kagome's gaze was still locked on it.

Light's eyes flashed towards her, and it might have been his imagination, but did he seem very, very tense…?

The girl turned her head to face her, her expression confused. "Huh? Hey Light-kun, did-"

At that moment, someone exclaimed, "Look, it's Amane Misa! Man, she's a whole lot cuter in real life!"

A small crowd formed around the girl, and, in turn, Light and Ryuuga. Kagome thanked whatever deity was looking after her for providing the distraction, took a step back, then turned away and ran.

Oh god, oh god, oh god…

As Ryuuga's hand slipped into Misa's purse and pulled out her cell phone, unnoticed in the throng, he watched Kagome's back getting farther and farther away.