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One shot centered around Narcissa's thoughts when she learns that her son is going to join the Death Eaters.


"Good evening, Cissy." Narcissa turned and saw her sister enter the room. Her hair was wild and face sunken. Yet despite the distinct air of insanity she was one of the most beautiful people Narcissa had ever seen.

Cissy looked nothing like Bella or Andromeda, which she was glad for. Unfortunately for Andromeda she looked like an exact replica of their younger sister. Being mistaken in the street for a known escapee of Azkaban was not something that Andromeda enjoyed.

Narcissa had never particularly liked Andromeda, but then again she didn't hold a grudge against her either. Andromeda had found love. No matter that he was a Mudblood, he loved her, and that was more than she could say for Lucius. Narcissa loved him with all of her soul. For years she had lied to herself, saying that he was just a hard man and showed his affections in other ways. But if he had ever loved his wife, those days had gone.

The beautiful home that they shared was more like a prison now than anything else. Death Eaters came to call more and more often as the weeks wore on. Cissy was afraid that the Dark Lord would make this his Head Quarters. Though she might support the cause, Narcissa did not want her home, her sanctuary, to be taken away from her. Though the house might be cold and uninviting at first glance, it was the only place she could say was completely hers. It was Narcissa who had decided they lived here. Narcissa that had hired the house elves. Narcissa who made sure that all of the meals were prepared correctly and the house just so.

But soon she would loose that. She could feel it. Just like how she could feel that Bellatrix had not come with happy news.

"What is it, Bella?" Narcissa asked somewhat coldly.

"I have wonderful news. The Dark Lord has just informed me," Bella sat next to her sister. Excitement making her eyes sparkle dangerously and the insanity seemed to grow. "Draco will be inducted into our ranks at the next meeting. Isn't this exciting, Cissy?"

"Yes, Bella."

Narcissa turned her head away. She joy on her sister's face was too great. Her worst fear, the nightmare that she had been having night after night was going to come true. Draco, the one thing that made her get up in the morning, the only one that ever seemed to care for her. He was being taken away. He would be assigned some dangerous task. The Malfoy's were falling out of favor with the Dark Lord after what happened at the Ministry.


Draco could be killed.

Narcissa closed her eyes against the thought, against her nightmare, and her boggart. Draco's death. She would not be strong enough.

Suddenly Narcissa's worst nightmare seemed to be coming true.