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Okay, and I'm sorry if Neji seems out of character. I just like, I don't know. JUST LET IT HAPPEN. :)

"Fuckfuckfuck! He's going to be here any second! I look like crap and—"

"Temari, shut the fudge up."

Who know a girl could freak out like this going on her first date?

(Except like, you know I love it)

"You look like a freaking goddess."

And honestly, it was true. Her hair was down from its usual pigtails, and it was all curly and luscious thanks go Herbal Essence's Tousle Me Softly (LIKE HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT TO BUY A PRODUCT WITH THAT NAME!?). I forced her into wearing a dress. And before you all think I'm the most cliché person ever—okay, well, yeah, I am.


The light blue dress clings in her huge boobs (that I may be jealous of), but goes all flowy at the waist, and ends right above her knee. And her make-up is gorgeous thanks to Hinata. And Tenten is helping with jewelry.

And it's just the most beautiful bonding moment I will ever have with these chicas. I feel like she's my daughter, and I'm getting ready for her first date, and it's all just so wonderful.

Once we heard a knock on the door, I quickly turned to one of my beautiful best friends, demanding, "Get upstairs!"

"Why?" The dumbfounded blonde asked.

I sighed. "Because I have to answer the door, and then you have to walk downstairs and have him be all flabbergasted, and it's just how it works."

And before Temari could retort, Tenten started dragging her upstairs.

(I love my life)

"Well hello there Shikamaru."

(insert older and concerned father position)

He looked around confused, before asking, "Where's Temari?"

"I'm right here idiot. Sakura made me wait upstairs so I could…make a…um…" I was currently looking up at the gorgeous descending down her staircase, but when I turned to her date, I could understand why she was confused—if that's even the word.

He had the most surprised face on, his mouth sort of hanging, but trying to pull it off as exhaustion when he had yawned, but didn't close his eyes due to the fact that he didn't want to take his eyes off of her.

(but really, who could blame him?)

And after he coughed, "Right, well, we should get going."

"WAIT! I need a picture first!"

I noticed the desperate look that Shikamaru gave to his date, as if begging to get out of here, but she just knew that it would be torture to him, so she obviously skipped to his side and turned towards me.

And of course I noticed the blush on Shikamaru's face when he got a whiff of the perfume we bombarded her with, and the smoothness of her hand when it entwined with his, due to the lotion we drowned her in.

"Say cheese!"

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Date: April 18
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To: Sakura Haruno
From: Sasuke Uchiha
Subject: no subject

Rehearsal at my house tomorrow.
Tell everyone.
What are we doing for costumes?


To: Sasuke Uchiha
From: Sakura Haruno
Subject: ilikesubjects!

After rehearsal, we are hitting a WalMart.
Ridiculously cheap prices with the corniest clothes.
You gotta love it.



Lovelyino: sharpening knifes?

Cherryblossomlove: you. suck.


Lovelyino: wait are you like, shitting me?

Cherryblossomlove: like ew. and no! he asked her to go cloud-watching with him!

Cherryblossomlove: and she is wearing a dress! and has make-up on! and just looks absolutely stunning, I can't even stand it.

Lovelyino: wait this sounds adorable!

Cherryblossomlove: I know! it's amazing. I love life.


Asskicker has just signed on!


Cherryblossomlove: wait she just signed on, I'll talk to you later my love!

Lovelyino: okay, okay; and tell her I say congrats.

Cherryblossomlove: …

Cherryblossomlove: wait…seriously?

Lovelyino: what?

Cherryblossomlove: idk this is so weird…

Lovelyino: just do it.

Cherryblossomlove: aight, aight, get your thong out of a twist.

Lovelyino: …loser…


Cherryblossomlove: HOW DID IT GO!?

Asskicker: nice.

Cherryblossomlove: that's all I get!?!

Asskicker: fine.


Asskicker: like kill me, please.

Cherryblossomlove: I hate you.

Cherryblossomlove: …but don't know whether to take that superduperamazing thing as a joke or not…

Asskicker: it was amazing. I'm just not going to decorate it with hearts and stars and all dorky things like you :p

Cherryblossomlove: not listening…

Cherryblossomlove: did he say you looked pretty!?

Asskicker: in so many words. I guess. idk how to explain it. it was just amazing.

Cherryblossomlove: AMAZING!?

Asskicker: well…yeah.

Asskicker: his mom like made him a basket, but I'm pretty sure he made it.

Cherryblossomlove: AW!

Asskicker: yeah I know, it was kinda sweet. and he made a playlist on his iPod and brought speakers, and it was just as cliché as everything you love.

Cherryblossomlove: wait, who knew he could be that sweet!

Asskicker: …I know. it was kinda amazing. and then we just cuddled and well…looked at the sky.

Asskicker: but it was cool cuz he knows like all the constellations and what they mean, and it was just interesting and fun.

Asskicker: and he was definitely nervous around me because of my whole kickass dress situation.

Cherryblossomlove: who could have dressed you up so nicely!?

Asskicker: well…yeah. it means a lot.

Asskicker: you're a really good friend; even if I don't show it a lot.

Cherryblossomlove: wait…I feel like I'm going to cry.

Cherryblossomlove: that was the most beautiful thing you've ever said to me!

Asskicker: whatever. I have to go to bed.

Asskicker: don't write about this in your diary okay? :p

Cherryblossomlove: and you're back.

Cherryblossomlove: well it was nice while it lasted.

Asskicker: you're the first to hear about this.

Cherryblossomlove: OMG NO WAY!

Cherryblossomlove: I love you chica!

Asskicker: yeah, yeah, love you too.

Cherryblossomlove: oh and we have rehearsal at Sasuke's tomorrow!

Asskicker: k, bye:)


Asskicker has signed off!


Troublesomelife: you talked to temari, right?

Cherryblossomlove: yeah, why?

Troublesomelife: she said she had fun right?

Cherryblossomlove: WAIT are you nervous that she didn't have a good time?

Troublesomelife: just answer the question.

Cherryblossomlove: her exact words? AMAZING.

Cherryblossomlove: and yes, caps were used.

Troublesomelife: wow.

Cherryblossomlove: awh! so does this mean you two are dating?

Troublesomelife: I don't know. I'm nervous to change the fb status, if like, we aren't.

Cherryblossomlove: WAIT I LOVE THIS.

Troublesomelife: can you just shut up and help?

Cherryblossomlove: fine, fine. she hasn't been on all night, so I'd say that since she hasn't, she's waiting for you to do it.

Troublesomelife: whyyyy?

Cherryblossomlove: BE A MAN.

Cherryblossomlove: wait this is so Say Anything, it's not even funny.

Cherryblossomlove: "The world is full of guys. Don't be a guy. Be a man."


Cherryblossomlove: in your eyessss!

Troublesomelife: are you done?

Cherryblossomlove: yeah, yeah, sorry; got caught up in the moment.

Troublesomelife: so I'm changing our status.

Cherryblossomlove: kay, and I'll text her?

Troublesomelife: …hn. yeah, I guess.

Cherryblossomlove: you don't know how much I love this.

Cherryblossomlove: but I gotta go. oh and rehearsal at Sasuke's tomorrow!

Troublesomelife: hn, first day of spring break, and I have to spend it with you freaks.

Cherryblossomlove: …and Temari!

Troublesomelife: the only thing that will make it worth while.

Cherryblossomlove: SUCH A SOFTY.

Cherryblossomlove: see you later. don't make any more picnic baskets!


Cherryblossomlove has signed off!

"Are you sure they're going to be open?"

I rolled my eyes at Sasuke's stupid question, because HELLO, 24 Hour WalMarts honestly pwn all. You gotta love it.

I just kept silent as we got out of the car, headed towards the greatest store at one in the morning. Rehearsal ran so late, so when Hinata fell asleep in Naruto's lap, and Tenten had kept complaining that she had to go home, and Neji just needed to give her a ride, we figured it was time to end it.

I grabbed a shopping cart and headed right towards the clothing section. From the horrible old lady skirts that were out of date three seasons ago, to the dorky hoodies that Miley Cyrus tries to pull off as cool in the teen section, I couldn't think of a better place to get some costumes.

We had made a list while everyone was preparing, and I brought around a 100 dollars of saved up babysitting money. It would be worth it to get an A, and I find it terribly romantic that I'm venturing through a WalMart with Sasuke-kun.

(don't judge me)

After getting most of the clothes, I couldn't help but venture into the shoe section to pick out some knock-off converse. I was considering spending the usual 50 on them, but I just couldn't do it.

And finally, since no one was in the store, I had to drag Sasuke to the exercise section.

"What are you doing?" He asked as I got on a pink tricycle that was obviously too small for me.

I just rolled my eyes and pointed to a matching blue one. "Come on, it's really fun. We can swerve through the aisles and check out what creepy things WalMart employees do at odd hours of the night."

And while we rode those ridiculous bikes and beeped at anyone that came by us, seeing some employees sleeping in the vegetable aisle, a couple making out under a clothes rack, and the most bizarre game of bowling with cans I've ever seen, I don't think I've ever had more fun.

Especially since Sasuke paid for it all.


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Naruto Uzumaki FINALLY MAN.


You've been invited by Hinata Hyuuga to:


Who: Neji Hyuuga
When: April 20th
Where: Hyuuga Mansion.

If you are not wearing any type of periwinkle pink, you cannot enter.
(and yes, I did lose a bet)

Attending . Maybe Attending . Not Attending .


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I honestly have the best remedy ever for it.

Picture Sasuke in Periwinkle Pink.


Neji's spin-off of a "white party" is kind of spectacular when you're blinded by the color of Blue from Blue's Clues' lover—except like, Blue is a girl, and Periwinkle was a guy; like what the frick?—and Sasuke is wearing a pink tie, complete with well, everything else pink.

I wonder what the saleslady was thinking when they purchased all these items.


…okay seriously though, I'm done.

"Sasuke, that's an excellent color of gay you have on today."

I couldn't help but laugh at my own horrible joke while he put on a little pout because he knew he couldn't come up with a better comeback for my own witty phrase.

"Did you use the same dye that's in your hair for your outfit today, Sakura?"


I am all natural.

He would know that if he had just jumped me all ready, because well…awkward.

But still. With me in this gorgeous pink dress, my amazing pink boots, and of course the amazing make-up Ino did before we came, how could he not at least compliment me!?

"I'm going to ignore that Uchiha, because we both know that's a lie. I just wanted to make sure you weren't suffering over here with Karin attacking you—red and pink are such a clash, if you ask me—"

"Hn, well at least she didn't kiss me twice and then run away."

I could already feel the tears coming. Sometimes I wish I was stronger. "You kissed me the first time, after your freaking rapist brother stole the only thing important in my life! And the second time, well, we said we wouldn't talk about ever again. You wooed me with an awkwardly sweet line, you turdnugget."


I was about to cry and run away, but Ino could only be annoying and come up to us, demanding, "Hey Sasuke, doesn't Sakura look absolutely dazzling?"

"Oh Ino-chan, Sasuke already made it clear that I wasn't his type. Remember?"

"Look, do you want to dance or not?"

Sasuke's random question had obviously caught me by surprise because really, what a random statement. Was dancing ever an option?

But before I could answer, he took me out of my stupor my grabbing my hand and dragging me towards the dance floor. Not that I was COMPLAINING or anything, but just—woah.

And lucky for me, it was a slow song. And Sasuke is a pretty good dancer. And I could get used to his hands on my waist like that.

Stupid Neji for making a secret relationship.

Stupid Tenten for letting him pull her into a closet.

Stupid Sasuke for turning me a certain way so I was facing said closet.

Stupid me for needing to know everything pertaining to love.

Because I just know its love.

(and that's why I'm hiding outside the closet instead of dancing with the love of my life)

"What the hell are you doing with Shino?"

"What does it matter to you, mister, "hey let's keep us going out a secret because I can't honestly be seen with you in public!" I can dance with who ever the fuck I want."

"I'm not embarrassed by you."

"Oh great, I didn't even mention embarrassed, but you had to add that little snip into it!"

"Tenten, obviously I like you. I wouldn't have asked you out on a date after Uchiha called to tell me that Sakura told him that you liked me."

Well fudge.

"So that was why. You didn't even take a freaking chance on me!"

"Why does that even matter?"

"It matters a lot. In fact, it explains a lot. You just want to date someone and kiss someone and you know that I would be able to because I've been in love with you since I first started doing karate five years ago."


"Okay, awesome, don't answer. I'm just gonna—"



"Mmm, Neji, I—oh…"


Yeah, no, but a girl can dream.

"I don't want you to think I'm embarrassed by you. I just, I don't know. I suck at doing things in public. I get nervous. And jealous stupidly. And I don't know. I really like you, but I have too much pride to actually try and fail to get your attention. That's why I asked you out after Uchiha told me. And I haven't been able to take my eyes off of you since you walked into that karate studio and—"

Really though, how long can these people make out for?

"Sakura, what are you doing? You left me alone out there for me to be attacked by Karin."

I turned only to see his (gorgeousbeautifulamazing) face right in front of me—KISSING DISTANCE PEOPLE—but my life isn't corny enough for that so obviously we wouldn't accidentally collide, and lead into the life of future marriage and little Uchiha's running around.

And Mikoto can spend that saved money on a new house for us!

Right, so anyways.

"I'm sorry but like Tenten and Neji are making out in the closet right now!"

He gave me a confused look, but we both turned towards the door when we heard the groaning stop.

"Neji-kun, do you hear something outside?"

I couldn't help but giggle at the new nickname, and the smirk on Sasuke's face made it obvious that he would annoy him about this later.

But before we could verbally make fun of him, we needed to get somewhere else—and fast.

So obviously before they could open the door, I grabbed Sasuke's arm and pushed him into the closet conveniently located across from…well a closet.

Freaking rich Hyuuga's with their freaking large amounts of closet space…

"Sakura, why are you pushed against me?"

Okay, maybe they're not so rich because this is a ridiculously small closet. Why would anyone get a closet like this small!? What is the point?

And while the world decides to hate on me (but not really); I answered "The wall is pushed against my freaking back right now!"

And while I'm standing there squished between a wall and the most handsome man I've ever met, I realized that this so beat any WalMart trip.


(who hates the new Facebook form!?