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Bella POV

It has been one year and three days since I have been changed. The Cullen's and I have moved around quite a bit until we settled on England. We are all separated now, but we come back together often.

Emmett and Rosalie took another honeymoon in Ireland. Jasper and Alice have a second home in Paris, so Alice can go shopping more frequently. Carlisle is working at Cambridge as a Professor of Medicine and takes some shifts at the local hospital. Esme is with Carlisle, of course, and is remodeling a house for all of us to come and stay in. Meanwhile, Edward and I are living on the country side in a charming little cottage.

It's just perfect for us. I told Edward I didn't want anything extravagant (but you know the Cullen lifestyle, the bigger and flashier, the better.) So we settled on a bigger cottage but nothing too large. It has a stone walkway leading up to the door, gorgeous Freesias and various wildflowers guiding the walkway, ivy climbing the right corner of the house, and bushes and trees everywhere. The inside of the house is just as charming. Esme came and remodeled the whole thing so it was still comfy and cozy but more modern for Edward. We have several fireplaces, one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in our "bedroom." We mostly use our bedroom just as an office or for alone time.

We are not married yet. I wanted to wait for a while because I wanted to get used to all of the changes first. I got used to not being able to talk to Charlie, Renee, and everyone else I love. The Cullen's had to tell them that I got into a horrific car accident and there was no possible chance of saving me. They did a great job at fabricating evidence, from what I have heard. The last time I saw any of my human friends or family was when I snuck to the graveyard to see my funeral. It was just like my dream, from when I was dying, but the Cullen's were not there. It still stings, having to leave all of them behind, but at least the second part of my dream came true.

Suddenly, I heard the notes from our baby grand piano drift up the stairs to where I was. The melody welcomed me and surrounded me. I got up from the window seat in our room and went downstairs to sit beside my love. He had just finished playing the song Serenade by Franz Schubert, and he twisted around to look at me.

"Hello, my soul. How are you?" Edward asked lovingly.

"Perfect." I responded. "Now that I am with you."

"You look a little thirsty. Do you want to go out and hunt?" he said touching what was sure to be a purple bruise under my eye.

"In a little bit, I can handle it for now." I was getting better at managing my thirst. All of the Cullen's said I was doing better than any of them ever had. I think that is only because they were there for me, to make sure I did not do anything I would regret. They have been the best supporters anyone could ask for, except for Emmett, who gets a kick out of testing my limits. Don't even get me started on what stunts he has pulled.

I was snapped back into reality by Edward's soft and smooth lips connecting with mine. How much more enjoyable these kisses were, now that we could move past our boundaries. I wanted this kiss to last forever but then he started to move away. I wanted to use my power, but I felt bad using it. I believe people should have control over what they say and do and not be controlled by another.

Edward started to feel the tingle in his head that would happen every time I tried to use my power. A smirk came on his face and he started shaking his head disapprovingly at me. He put his face right next to my ear and I could feel his breath on the side of my neck. "If you didn't want me to stop, all you had to do is ask." He breathed.

His lips came in contact with mine again and they did a dance of their own. I had a sense that everything turned out the way it was meant to. All of the puzzle pieces were falling into place. Edward pulled back again but his lips stayed perched over mine.

"Marry me?" He asked quietly.

"Yes," was all I could get out before his lips collided with mine again. Now I knew for sure that this was just the way it was meant to happen. There could be no other ending to our story.


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