Jump in! Fanfiction

What if Izzy and Mary's child found that she didn't like doubledutch or boxing? Oneshot.

It was the middle of a double-dutch competition. Leah was doing amazing, the other

girls on her team spinning and one jumping also. She looked out and saw her two

bestfriends- boys from her boxing team- in the audience. They were laughing and

pointing at her. Her face grew hot. She was very angry. Her eyes traveled to her parents

who were cheering her on. She looked to her peers, girly girls- who were smiling and

clapping- Jennifer, their "leader" smiling approvingly. She grew hot. Her eyes

traveled back to her boy friends. They thought this was easy? She looked from

one group to the other. She stepped on the rope, and the whole auditorium fell silent. She

was red faced and tired. She then realized that both doubledutch and wrestling were not

her thing. She had no true friends in either. She stepped off the stage and into the hallway

where the sighn up sheets for the school were. She smiled as she wrote her name on one.

"Honey!" Mary cried coming into the hallway behind her. Her dad followed.

"What are you doing?" They asked. She smiled, putting the cap to her pen back on.

"Signing up for tennis." She smiled. Turning and running back to the gym, she cried

"But first I have to finish my last doubledutch competition!" Cheers were heard from the

auditorium. Her parents looked at each other and smiled. Then they followed her back

into the audtitorium to watch her final preformence.