Summery: Its been 35 year since Edward Left. Bella is changed by Victoria. Now 35 years later they meet again. Bella's in a band. Edward and Rose are now together. What will happen? RxR Takes place right after Edward leaves in New Moon. Except he didn't get all suicidal.

Disclaimer:I own nothing EXCEPT Blair, Austin, Cody, and Dan. Yay I feel so special!

Chapter 1-Remembering

We were on our tour bus. I was watching out the window. I was thinkin of how I was a vampire.


'Where leaving.' Edward said.

'You don't want me?'


'You don't love me.'

'I'll always love you in a way. Just not how I used to.' And he left me. 35 years ago. I now I should get over it. Stop being sad. Well I'm not. I moved on.