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Chapter 1

"You could have just walked away back there."

He wasn't following. "So?"

"So… No matter how shallow and self-absorbed you pretend to be-"

"Excuse me, there's no pretence here!" he cut her off again, quickly, afraid that she could read him like a book. "I happen to be genuinely self-absorbed and deeply-shallow."

She shook her head at that statement, and looked at him seriously. There was something else in her eyes now, and it wasn't mockery. "No, you're not," she said softly, honestly, "or you wouldn't be so unhappy."


"Elphaba, I'm happy for you," he told her and quickly handed her the flowers he had gotten her. Poppies to be exact. They are her favorite flower.

"Yes," Galinda said as she grabbed onto his arm. "We are so happy for you." He could sense her jealously, but he ignored it.

"I've been thinking-"

"Yes, I've heard."

He stared at her and then looked at Galinda, who smiled sweetly at him. He should have been offended, but he could never be mad at her. Never. "…About the Lion Cub. I think about that day a lot," he told her truthfully.

He watched as she searched his eyes in disbelief and shock. After a moment she looked down and blushed deeply. When she finally returned his gaze, he almost didn't hear her. It came out just above a whisper, but she meant every word. "So do I."


Fiyero blinked, shaking off the memory. It had been so long ago, but the memories still burned inside his head. He had so many memories of her, and they tortured him constantly all day, every day. It had happened so long ago, but he couldn't let them go. He couldn't forget her, but then again, how could he? Her name was posted in the newspaper, on billboards, Morrible talked about her every day, and all of Oz whispered absurd secrets about her. They didn't even know her. They didn't know anything about Elphaba Thropp. They didn't even know her real name. They called her the Wicked Witch of the West, and it killed him. She was anything but wicked, and she surely was no witch. Sure, she had magical powers, but did that really make her a witch?

Fiyero closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. He had a mind-boggling headache, and he was sure it would kill him. Ok, he was exaggerating, but he couldn't take it anymore. All of this publicity was driving him to insanity, but he had to stay strong, for her. It could be so hard sometimes. Everyday he would hear someone call her The Wicked Witch of the West, and he would force himself to smile. He wasn't aloud to defend her, no. He had to pretend. Pretend to hate her. Pretend to enjoy this fame. Pretend. His whole life was a fake, and he hated it. Even his relationship with Glinda was a fake. He didn't love her, but he couldn't tell her that. Not yet. He had to find Elphaba first then he would tell Glinda everything.

He had to find Elphaba, but he knew it would be very unlikely. She didn't want to be found, and he hated her for that. Have she forgotten him? Fiyero sighed. He had to find her. He longed for her touch, her presence. This was the only reason he had become captain of the guard. To find her. He remembered when Glinda had come home without Elphaba. It was the worst the day of his life as Glinda told him everything that had happened. It was awful, but then Glinda told him about being offered a job by The Wizard himself. She still had three more years at Shiz, but once she was finished school, she would take the job. At first he was furious with Glinda for taken a job that Elphaba hated so dearly. She had told him that they could help Elphaba, but he didn't believe her. He knew she wanted to be a public figure and wanted the attention. However, he knew Glinda loved Elphaba and would do anything for her. This had got him thinking. Thinking that he could help her too.

Less than a year after they had graduated from Shiz Glinda became a public figure and she had gotten him a job as one of the guards. It didn't take him long to prove himself and several months into the job he was the new Captain of the Guards. He commanded the searching in finding The Wicked Witch of the West. Of course, it killed Glinda that he was gone for weeks at a time, searching for her friend, but he had to find her before the others. If the other guards found her first they would kill her. He wouldn't know what to do if she died. He would be lost forever.

Fiyero sat up in bed and put his head in his hands. He couldn't lose her. He couldn't even think about it. It made him sick. Fiyero felt a stab of guilt at a sudden memory. She had been sick before she left for the Emerald city. She had been throwing up and he had asked her to stay, but she refused. She said this was her only chance and whatever she had would pass. He shouldn't have let her gone. If he didn't let her go she would still be here, with him. He blamed himself for what happened.

It had been almost been five years since that night. Five years since he touched her, loved her. How he wanted – No – needed to see her again. Fiyero smiled. He could so easily get lost in her memory. Memories of her and no one else.



He shook his head. He shouldn't think about that memory. Especially, with Glinda sleeping soundly beside him. That type of memory would cause someone pain, but on the other hand it had been the most wonderful night of his life. Fiyero gave a frustrated sigh. Too many memories. He hadn't seen her in five years, but it felt like she was with him everyday. And even though she was only with him in his memory, she was there.

Fiyero carefully crept out of bed, so he wouldn't wake Glinda. That last thing he wanted to do was talk to her. It was nearly midnight and he couldn't sleep, so he went to one of his favorite places. The balcony. He loved it, and the cool breeze felt nice against his hot skin. Fiyero loved the balcony, it helped him relax. It also gave him the perfect view of the Emerald City. Fiyero laughed. Even though it was late at night almost every building was lit up. "The city that never sleeps," he thought. He sighed Elphaba would love this.

Fiyero took a seat in one of the wooden chairs, so he could look up at the night sky. Sometimes it amazed him how big the sky was, and he wondered if it went on forever. He hoped not because then Elphaba could be anywhere, and it would take him forever to find her. He liked to think that they were both sleeping underneath the same big sky. It made her feel closer to him. Fiyero smiled as he felt the night winds blow by him. It sounded like they were singing a lonesome lullaby to him. Fiyero silently began to look for stars, but only one seemed to stick out. It was so bright it looked like magic, so he decided to wish on it.

Fiyero sighed. He wondered if she was wishing on the same star. He wondered if dreams really did come true. He wondered if love could see them through. He wondered if they would ever be together. He knew she was somewhere out there and he promised himself that he would find her.


Somewhere, not to far away, a figure, dressed all in black, sat watching. She knew she was hidden by the shadows, so she was positive he couldn't see her. She wondered if he had forgotten her. If he had forgotten what had happened. She wanted to jump onto the balcony and tell him everything. Then he would kiss her and leave Glinda, but this was only in her fantasy. He would never leave Glinda for her. Elphaba sighed. It had been pointless to come here. She really wanted to show herself, but she didn't want to risk his life. If they were seen together then they would kill him. She couldn't bear that, so she promised herself that she would never let him find her.

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