"Unexpected Parting" by Tris

Thanks for the reviews, guys. Aw, my first review from Alexa! Yay. So, I randomly got this idea one night and it turned into what you see below. It's probably one of my darkest stories, but I hope you like it. Reviews are always appreciated.

"You can't save me, Markus," Val rasped, fingers gripping her blood-soaked side. "All you need to decide is whether you want to watch me die. And you'd better decide fast."

"Don't say that. I've never lost a patient, and you're sure as hell not going to be the first!" Markus was kneeling on the dirt beside her sprawled body. Behind them, a couple yards away, swerving tire tracks let to a Chevy totaled against a rocky outcropping, one side crumpled and ruined.

"Markus, we crashed in the middle of nowhere because of a stupid jackrabbit." She paused, struggling to recover her breath, and wiped the blood from her cheek. "I doubt even an EMT could handle this. And anyway, we have no anesthesia. I…don't want my last moments to be spent biting a shoe while I'm being cut open."


"Be strong for Elena," Val instructed, her breaths shortening. "She looks up to you, you know. I think you're…like a second father to her."

"But…!" Markus cast a look of agonized longing over his shoulder, to the trunk where they'd put all their equipment.

"Markus," Val gasped out.

He turned back and gathered his broken colleague in his arms. "What is it, Val?"

"I…I want you to say goodbye to everyone at Caduceus and Concordia for….me…" Val gritted her teeth against the pain; Markus held her tenderly. "Everyone, under…stand? Even Luc…even…Isabella…" she squirmed and coughed up blood. It splashed onto her own sleeve. "Tell them…I said goodbye…and take care of Elena. She knows so…much, about medicine and children…honor my dying wish, Markus. Now go…you shouldn't have to see me d-die."

"Val…I—I don't want to leave you!" Markus cried, burying his face in her hair.

"I'm almost gone, Markus. Let me go," Val murmured. "I… don't want you to see…Please…"

Agonized, he lay her back down in a pool of her blood. "Val—I will never forget you," he stammered, tears staining his shirt front. "I will never stop loving you."

"Markus…" The way she spoke his name melted his heart, but the tenderness in her dark eyes was beginning to fog over.

He turned away quickly and crawled, dragging his broken ankle, until he stopped from the pain. Then he sat in the middle of the flatlands and cried until he threw up. After some time passed and the sun was beginning to drop, he crawled back to Val.

"My beautiful Val," he whispered, gathering her body in his arms. He reached out and gently closed her eyes. "Soon you'll be…all stiff and cold." Markus stroked her short brown hair. Suddenly he gasped. "Val, what did you…!" He stared in the dirt beside her, where with her last ounce of strength she had etched a heart, and two letters.

M and V.