"Let's hope they're gone." Wolverine said as the engine started up. Rouge sat in the passenger's seat. She rolled down the window and said "I'll be on guard." Logan nodded and pulled forward slowly. He turned the car around so that it was facing the way to get out. "Here goes nothing…if we don't make it, I wanna tell ya, I love ya kid." Blushing Rouge said "I love you too Logan." Wolvie started out slow but quickly got the petal to the metal. They pulled out front and, nothing. The Zombies were gone. But where? Looking out the window Rouge noticed there was a trail of blood heading away from them. With a sigh of relief she rolled the window up and said "So how are we gunna get into the mansion?" Logan looked puzzled and he said "I dunno kid; Xavier probably has the defense grid on high. So its gunna be tough"

Wolverine was about half way to the mansion he was going as fast as he could with all of the bodies and other cars which was about 78MPH. As he was going he looked over at Rouge on a straight stretch and opened his mouth and said "Any ideas on how to get into the Mansion?" Rouge shook her head and said "No none yet every one I think of," she looked out the front window and saw a person in front of the car "Look out!" she screamed. Logan looked forward and slammed on the breaks starting a screeching halt. But he came to a stop without hitting anyone. "What the hell" he turned his head and saw that the person was still standing in the same spot. "It's…Kitty?" Rouge was now on guard. Kitty Pryde turned around, he skin wasn't off colour, her eyes were their normal brown and there was no blood on her at all. Smiling Kitty walked over to the car and said "You guys! You are normal!" Rouge opened the car door and said "Kitty! Get in, Logan and I were heading to the X-Mansion, we figured it would be the safest place to go!" Kitty got into the car and said "That sounds great to me."

Rouge got back into the car and closed the door. About five minutes later Wolverine said "Rouge, I think I just found out how we are gunna get into the mansion." Rouge looked over at him and asked "How?"

"Simple" he replied "Kitty can phase us through the guns and fire then we can find Xavier and come up with a plan."

The three of them traveled to the X-Mansion; there oddly were no zombies around, where were they all? They safely arrived at the Mansion, parking outside the gate so the defense system wouldn't get them.

"Ok" Wolverine said lighting up a cigar. "Kitty you need to phase us through the wall and the beams."

"Got it" Kitty Replied

She grabbed a hold of Logan and Rouge's arms and started her phase. Slowly, she poked her head through the wall and then brought the others with her. As soon as they passed a certain part the defense lasers started firing at them but going straight through them. All of them ran for it as the beams passed right through their bodies. They got to the front steps and the weapons adapted to Kitty's power and the canceled out her power and knocked her out.

"Damn it!" Wolverine called out still holding Kitty's arm. He let go of her and said to Rouge "Quick kid get inside! I'll handle these" Logan ran towards the turrets and said "Hey! Over here!"

Most of the turrets fired at Wolverine but some remained on Rouge and Kitty. Rouge picked up Kitty while dodging the fire of the lasers and got her inside. She put her down on the floor and sat next to her. Just a few seconds later, Logan came crashing through a window near the door. "Well, Xavier knows were here now I'm sure. I'll carry Kitty, if anything they are in the basement. Let's go."

Logan put kitty over his shoulder and walked with Rouge over to the elevators. They got inside and headed down to the basement. The doors opened and they walked out "Hello?" Wolverine called out "Xavier?" Slowly they headed forward looking in every room. As they walked past the mission briefing room, there was a loud growl and something jumped out and onto Rouge knocking her to the ground. Logan put down Kitty and said "Easy fur ball" and grabbed the white lab coat that the furry blue Dr. McCoy was wearing and lifted him off of Rouge.

"Logan, you can put him down. Its ok we are all friends here" Charles Xavier said wheeling himself out of the room. "They must have set off the alarm, but its alright they are normal."

Wolverine let go of Beast who said "I'm sorry my friends, we were just being cautious"

Charles then added "I've just told everyone its safe." There was a puff of blue smoke and a bamf noise.

"Looks like McCoy isn't the only blue furry thing here eh kid?" Logan said smirking.

"Very funny mine friend" Nightcrawler said smiling "It is good to see you Wolverine"

"Always good to see you, ya furry elf," Wolvie replied.

Out of another room walked Colossus followed by 5 other guys who looked exactly the same. Noticing his love lying unconscious on the floor Colossus rushed to her side "What happened to her?" he asked

"She got knocked out by the defense system" Rouge said putting a hand on Colossus' shoulder. "She should be fine in a bit."

"Wait a minute bub!" Logan said walking up to the 5 guys "What are you doin here Madrox?"

4 of the five men walked into the one in the middle and they all became one. "Me and Toad came here because it was the only safe place, Xavier would accept anyone if they really needed the help."

"Yeah we both needed the 'elp" Toad said hopping out of another room. "We are still livin' thanks to Xavier"

"Well" Professor X began "Shall we all go into mission briefing room? I believe that I have a plan."

Once everyone was assembled in the Mission Briefing room Professor X discussed his plan. "We need to find a cure for this horrible mess. I believe that the two best places to search would be the Baxter Building and Alkali Lake. The Baxter Building as you all know was home to the Fantastic Four. Usually it would be a challenge to get into there, but there is a chance that the security system wasn't turned on if they were concentrating on their hunger, or there could be a broken window if the escaped that way. So only two of you will be sent there, Toad and Jamie, I am trusting you two to get to get to the Baxter Building and search it for survivors and something that could stop this mess. Since you have the power to make duplicates of yourself, Jamie, you can cover more ground than anyone else. Rouge, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler, and Colossus, you five will be going to Alkali Lake also to search for a cure. You will be taking the X-Jet. Also if you find anyone help them out, they could hold valuable information."

"Great" Wolverine said "Back to my home town again"

"Well you all know what to do" Xavier said again "Are their any questions?"

"Yeah" Toad said "Why are we botherin with tryin to find a cure? I mean why don't we just say 'ere and hide out?"

"Everyone you have ever known is a zombie and you just want to stay here and not help them?" Kitty said crossing her arms "What a jerk"

"Hey, why don't you just shut your mouth you ruddy wanker," Toad said back "All I'm tryin to say is wouldn't it be much safer 'ere than out there?"

"You are correct Toad" Xavier said "It is safer here but if the…zombies, as Miss Pryde calls them, were to attack here there is no telling how long the defense would last against them, so our safest bet is going out there and finding a cure then if they do come here we can give it to them."

"Some how I don't think they are just gonna line up for that" Logan replied

"We will cross that bridge when we come to it" Xavier said "But I was thinking that we would cure them the same way the humans tried to force the mutant cure on us and put it into needles that fire out of guns. That would be our safest bet."

"Vat if zez Zombies attack while we are at Alkali Lake? How vill you protect yourself?" Nightcrawler asked worried

"Don't worry about us Kurt, Hank and I will be fine here" Xavier said smiling "Now go, this may be our last hope"