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Summary: Albus Dumbledore has a big secret. One secret that will change the lives of the Wizarding World and a boy name Harry Potter.

Warning: This story contains child abuse and implied sexual abuse. There will be SLASH but not for awhile.

Now on with the story...

Chapter One: October 31, 1981

"Albus have you lost your mind?!"

"This is the only way Minerva."

Minerva sighed and sat down in the comfy chair across from the Headmaster's desk. She looked up at him eyes blazing.

"Albus those muggles are horrible people! Those Dursley's believe wizards and witches are FREAKS! Would you have him grow up in that kind of environment?! He's already been through enough just tonight!"

Albus looked at her through his half mooned glasses and frown. He asked her did she want any tea but declined, instead pouring himself a cup.

"He will be just fine" I have to convince her. The only thing she'll do is worry about the boy for the next 10 years!" he thoguht.

"Albus you are making a terrible terrible mistake. Why cant you give Harry to Remus? He will surely take care of him."

Albus glanced down at his tea before adding a few lumps of sugar.

"Yes, but who will take care of him when he transforms every full moon. And plus it his illegal for him to have him"

Minerva opened her mouth to say something but no sound came out and she lowered her head.


"That must be Hagrid now."

Albus took his wand and opened to door.

Hagrid stepped in carrying a small bundle in his arms. Minerva quickly stood from her seat and ran towards Hagrid holding out her arms as to hold something. Hagrid gently put the bundle in her arms. She took off some of the blanket that revealed a beautiful baby boy with hair as dark as the night sky, cheeks rosey red...but with a lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead.


Minerva looked over at Albus and reluctantly handed the baby over to him.

"It's time. Severus is waiting for us."

Before he could apparate, Minerva kissed the baby's cheek and whispered a few words to him before stepping back.

Albus placed a sad smile on his face and apparated.



Severus turned around and greeted Albus with a cute nod.


They both walked up to 4 Privet Drive.

"Albus care you sure this is the only way?"

Albus looked up at Severus Snape with a sad twinkle in his eyes.


Severus nodded and looked down. Albus placed the baby on the door step with a card bundled in the blanket. Severus reached down and touched the baby's cheek.

"Prends soin de toi, mon petit."

Severus rosed up and apparated away.

Albus stared down at the boy as if to study him. Eyes twinkling he knocked on the Dursley's door and apparated away.


A/N: Severus and Minerva knows what will happen at the Dursley's and they are very concerned. No matter what they say they have no choice but to let Dumbledore do what he think is best for Harry. Prends soin de toi, mon petit means "Take care of yourself, my little one" Thanks Ellyanah

Next chapter: Harry's life at the Dursley's