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Chapter 30: Homecoming

"You do know there a world of people in front of you." Draco pulled Harry's robe for the third time, avoiding a pillar. Of course Harry did not seem to notice nor respond to Draco as he was engrossed in Tom Riddle's diary. He sighed. Ever since his father gave Harry the diary he locked himself in his room, only to have his food sent there. The only thing drew him out was seeing Severus again.

"Are you going to tell us what he talks about?" Blaise asked.

Harry took a bookmark from his robes and placed it in between the pages. He quietly slipped the diary into the pocket of his robes and straightened his collar. He looked around not seeing the his object of interest.

"Where's Hermione?"

Blaise pointed a finger over his shoulder and Harry looked back to see Hermione talking with her mother as her father dragged her trunk.

"Made up I see." Harry took the diary from his pocket to read where he left off but was snatched from Draco, who put it in his own pocket. "One Hermione is good enough."

Harry fumed but did not say anything. He walked ahead of them to walk beside his mother, who is under a glamor, and held her hand. Lily threw a knowing smile at Ava and held her son's hand tighter.

After making it to the train with fifteen minutes to spare, the three women said goodbye to their sons.

"I'm not going to tell you to be good because I know it is out of the question," Lily said as she hugged her son to her chest. "Just be careful and stay away from him as much as you can." She gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. "You know where to find me little one. Off you go." Harry nodded and walked on the train.

Narcissa smoothed her son's hair with her hands. She looked at her hand disgustingly and took a handkerchief out of her robes to wipe her hand. "You really should stop putting those chemicals in your hair Dragon." Draco rolled his eyes and kissed his mother's cheek. "Take care of father will you," he said. After seeing her nod, he boarded the train.

Blaise turned to follow but next thing he knew he was held tightly into his mother's bosom. "I know you are the biggest softy of the four but you are the strongest physically. Take good care of them." With a kiss on the forehead she released her son.

"Bye Teddy Bear!" the women said in unison. Blaise looked at them in horror and quickly boarded the train; Hermione followed after waving her goodbyes.

"And to think we get to do this five more times," Narcissa said.

The three women laughed and watch as the train left the station.


Harry snatched the diary out of Draco's willing hand and sat the diary into his own robes. They were all seated before Blaise asked the question again.

"Let's just say my life with the Dursleys was a walk in the park compared to his."

Harry turned to his page and began to read silently while the three of them were trying not to think what was worse than the Dursleys.

A hour later had Hermione asleep on Blaise's shoulder and Draco's head in his lap. Blaise watched as Harry shook his head in pity after finishing a page. He watched as he closed the diary and removed his glasses to place his hand over his eyes. He watched as the silent tears spilled over his cheeks. He watched as he said a quiet prayer for the soul of Tom Marvolo Riddle.

Blaise closed his eyes.


Hours later the lack of movement from the train awoken them and soon they were in the carriage on their way to Hogwarts.

" So, anyone excited about DADA this year?" Pansy asked.

"No," Hermione said flatly.

The conversation was short lived.

Once they made it to Hogwarts they walked to the Great Hall for the Sorting of the first years. Harry saw Severus and gave him a grin in greeting; which was returned with a nod. Minutes later the first years entered the Great Hall rushing memories to Harry's mind. He saw the feelings of the first years written on their faces and remembered feeling the exact same thing standing in the middle of the Great Hall.

Harry, Blaise, and Draco barely paid attention to the Sorting, being distracted by their growling stomaches until the last sorting.

"Ginevra Weasley."

Their heads popped up from the table as they watched a small red head girl sit on the stool.

"Another one?! What is that now twenty?!" Draco nearly yelled.

"Seven," said Blaise.

"Shouldn't there be a law on how many times to procreate?"

"In their case yes."

"Well, as the seventh Weasley and probably the only bird in the family, I christened her Weaselette."

Harry rolled his eyes as they laughed. After the Sorting, the Headmaster came to the podium to speak but his voice was immediately droned out. When he saw the food appear, he knew the bastard had finally shut up and dug in.


Blaise threw himself on Draco's bed, "I hope it stays like this from now on. No more fighting for the showers anymore huh Draco."

Harry looked at Blaise confused at his statement. Then he looked around the dorm and realized what was missing.

Crabbe and Goyle.

After their fathers went missing, their mothers decided to transfer them to Durmstrang, which they considered the next best thing.

Draco laid down next to him and took his hand. " Yes, that means more time for us," he growled placing a soft kiss on his lips.

Harry shook his head at the two. "You both are such whores," he said.

He shielded himself from the onslaught of pillows.

"Fuck off Potter!" Draco laughed as he threw another pillow at Harry. "Go make out with the future Mr. Potter."

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Future Mr. Potter?"

Draco rolled his eyes. " You know as well as I know that Uncle Sev is going to take your last name. He'll be a fool not to."

Harry sat at the edge of the bed contemplating this. "Well...I think I rather have both of our names hyphenated ya know. Severus Potter-Snape sounds a whole lot better than Severus Potter. And Harry Snape?" Harry shuttered.

Draco cringed. "Yeah Harry Snape just makes me think of Uncle Sev being hairy."

Blaise burst into laughter. "Hairy Snape! Oh God I can picture it now!"

Harry rolled his eyes and walked to his bed to grab a few clothes from his trunk.

"So what about you two? Whose last name will be changed?" he asked as he organized his clothes for tomorrow.

Blaise put his arms around Draco. " I think it's safe to say that Draco will become a Zabini." He leaned to kiss Draco's temple but Draco pulled back at last moment. He shook Blaise's arm off him.

"Excuse me? A Zabini? You're joking right?"

With the hurt look on Blaise's face, Harry had to pity him. " I...I just thought."

Draco stood up. "You thought wrong. You're becoming a Malfoy and that's final."

A bit of hurt faded from Blaise's eyes when he realized what Draco was saying. He sighed in relief. "I thought you meant you don't want to marry me."

"Of course I want to marry you you idiot! But I refused to take the Zabini name!"

Blaise's eyes went from hurt to anger as he stood up as well. " What's wrong with Zabini?! It's a highly respectable name in the Wizarding World!"

"So is Malfoy!"

So is Potter. Harry wanted to say but decided it was best not to get into it. He placed his clothes in his satchel along with his books and after covering himself with his invisible cloak, he left them to their bickering.


Harry was barely in the room before Severus called out to him.

"I was wondering if you're staying in the dorms tonight or not," he called out from his potions lab.

Harry sighed and sat on the couch. " Draco and Blaise were arguing."

"What about?"

"Last names."

"I see," Severus said as he came out of the potions lab. He placed a soft kiss on Harry's lips before sitting down beside him.

"And just how did that get started?"

"Well they were saying about you should take my last name and I said that I rather get it hyphenated instead."

Severus raised an eyebrow. "I didn't know you want to get married."

It was Harry's turn to raise an eyebrow. "Of course I want to marry you. I want the whole world to know that you are mine."

"And that you are mine," Severus said putting his forehead against Harry's.

"So have you had a chance to finish Riddle's diary?"

Harry nodded his head.

"Have you talked to him?"

Harry looked at Severus. Can he do that?

Severus smirked. "Yes you can do that. Ask him some questions; you might get to know him better."

"Yeah hopefully."

Severus kissed his right temple and stood up. "I'm off to bed. Come in when your ready. And that should be before 10 P.M," he said with a stern voice.

Harry rolled his eyes and watched as Severus closed the bedroom door. Walking to Severus' desk in the back of the room he retrieved the diary from his robes and sat down. Instead of writing he decided to read some more until the clock read Pass Your Bedtime. He yawned and closed the diary; stretching after the stood up. As he walked away from the desk he heard the sound of papers rustling. He turned to see the diary flip a few pages before stopping. Curiously Harry walked to the desk and saw the words written on the page.

Long time no see Mr. Potter. But don't worry, you'll see me very soon.


The words disappeared in the blink of an eye almost not believing they were there in the first place. He took the diary and slammed it in the desk drawer. He was so distraught he didn't remember hearing the bedroom door open or a pair of arms wrap around his waist.

"Harry, what's the matter?"

Harry looked up at his concerned face and closed his eyes.

" No importance. Let's go to bed." He grabbed Severus' hand and led them to the bedroom.


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