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Chapter 32: Ron Goes Too Far

*knock knock knock!*


Minerva looked up as Kingsley opened the door carrying Dumbledore's journals. He took one look at the sleeping Phoenix and sat them on the desk.

"Will you tell me what you needed the books for Kingsley?"

A Slytherin smile spreaded on the Ravenclaw's face.

"In due time Minerva. In due time."

Minerva raised an eyebrow when the Auror left without a word.


Severus glanced a concern look at Harry as he got ready for bed.

"Are you alright Harry?"

Harry sighed as he finished buttoning up his pajama shirt. "Just thinking about Tom and Dumbledore and..." Harry shook his head and got into bed. He grabbed Tom's diary from his bedside table but before he could open it, Severus took the diary and shoved it into his bedside drawer.

Before he could protest, Severus grabbed his hand and kissed it.

"I think you have done enough depressing reading for today. Now I want you to lay down while I tell you a story."

Harry laughed but did as Severus asked.

"I'm a little old for bedtime stories."


Severus laid beside him and put an arm over Harry's waist, pulling him closer. Severus gave him a soft kiss on his neck and began his tale.

"Once upon a time-"

"Are you kidding me Severus?"

"Shush! Once upon a time..."


Blaise's eyes close for a third time before Draco smacked him on the shoulder – hard. The hit woke Blaise and his nerves.

"God damn it Draco! What was that for?"

"You're falling asleep and Uncle Severus and that idiot Lockhart are about to duel."

"You didn't have to smack me!" Blaise said rubbing is now sore shoulder.

"Boys!" Hermione scolded. "Pay attention!"

The duel lasted for five seconds before Lockhart was sitting on his arse.

The Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs grumbled while the Slytherins and Ravenclaws chuckled at the idiot Defense professor.

Lockhart stood and dusted off the invisible dust. "Okay students, it's time to start dueling yourselves. Ladies first! Miss. Granger and Miss. Abbot."

Before they could step on the dueling stage, Severus' voice stopped them. "No offense to Miss. Abbot, but I believe Miss Granger should duel with someone on her level. Mr. Malfoy if you will."

With a nod of acknowledgment to his Head of House, Draco stepped on the stage along with Hermione.

After they bowed and walked a few paces, the duel began.

Draco struck first.


Hermione blocked his spell with a simple Protego.


Draco ducked just in time. "Damn it Granger you're playing dirty!" Locomotor Motis!



The two continued for another ten minutes and Severus declared the duel a draw.

"Excellent dueling Mr. Malfoy, Miss. Granger!" Lockhart clapped his hands. "Next up Mr. Zabini and Mr. Weasley."

Blaise rolled his eyes as he stepped up to duel. Weasley had a smirk on his face that annoyed him than he already was.

As Blaise began to bow he barely heard the curse.

Somnus Infinito!

Blaise threw a Protego but unfortunately the spell went through his shield and was hit square in the chest. He was unconscious before he hit the floor.

"Blaise!" Draco ran to his still form as Harry threw a Petrificus Totalus at Weasley, sending him to the ground with a loud thud.

"Class dismissed!" Severus yelled as he slid next to Blaise, casting diagnostic spells.

"He's not waking up! Why isn't he waking up?" Draco screamed as his hands shook. Harry picked him up off the dueling floor towards the door as Severus casted a Levitation charm on Blaise's body. Before he could leave he turned to Lockhart.

"I assume you are competent to levitate Mr. Weasley to the infirmary." It was not a question. Hermione held the door open as Severus stepped out with Blasie's body.


Severus gently laid Blaise's body on the infirmary bed as Harry left to find Poppy. Lockhart came in a second later levitating Weasley's body to another bed.

Severus muttered to himself as Poppy stepped out of her office along with Harry.

"What in God's name happened?" Poppy asking looking Blaise over with her wand.

"Weasley casted the Somnus Infinito spell on Mr. Zabini." Luckily for Draco, he missed her worried face, but not so lucky for Harry and Hermione.

"I'll alert Minerva," she said. "In this case she has to alert Mrs. Zabini...and the Headmaster.

Draco began to panic.

"Is it that bad? Why does she have to alert him? What the hell is going on?"

Severus sat him down in the chair next to Blaise's bed. "Draco, Blaise is not in good shape right now. What Weasley did..." He took one look at Blaise's still face. "It's dark magic."

"But you can save him right?" Draco's eyes were wild.

Before he could answer, he heard footsteps behind him and turned to see a pale face Minerva.

"The Headmaster is on his way. Mrs. Zabini will be here at any second." They heard the floo flare and seconds later Mrs. Zabini appeared in the infirmary. She made a beeline for her son's bed. Severus could tell she was holding her tears in. She took one look at the petrified Weasley and hissed.

"I want him in Azkaban immediately!"

" Ava-"

"No! Somnus Infinito is worst than the Killing Curse Minerva. I want him arrested! This is murder!"

At those words Draco began to sob hysterically while Ava held her son's hand. Harry and Hermione paled even more.

The infirmary door opened and in walked Albus Dumbledore with a blank face. Before Severus can stopped her, Ava ran to him and slapped him hard across the face.

"I know this was your doing Dumbledore," she hissed. Severus restrained her before she could do anything else.

"If my son dies, I will bring Hell to your door and I will bring down Hogwarts stone by stone."

Severus knew she wasn't kidding. Though they were Pureblood, Ava family best kept secret is that her family was filled with vampires, werewolves, and other dark creatures who would do her bidding when necessary. It was rumored her ancestor was Dracula himself. And Albus Dumbledore knew this.

"There is no need to make threats Mrs. Zabini. I am sure Severus will come up with a cure."

Severus narrowed his eyes. How dare he put the fate of his pseudo-godson in his hands like that!

Obviously Ava knew what he was thinking.

"I will not put this all on Severus. I will consult many Potion Masters around the world and they along with Severus will find a cure. And you will fund whatever they need."

Severus could tell he was about to protest but he gave in. " will be suspended for two weeks from school."

That caused everyone including Lockhart to protest.

Minerva stepped forward. "As his Head of House I am expelling on grounds on dark magic and attempted murder."

Silence filled the infirmary.

"Minerva!" Albus protested.

"I know you can overturn my decision Albus, but if you do I will see to it personally that will be charged with attempted murder by the Ministry." At seeing Ava about to protest, she added, "And if Mr. Zabini succumbs to the curse than will be charged with murder. No matter what your decision is."

Knowing he was defeated, Albus left the infirmary with a huff.

Lockhart cleared his throat. "I believe I should get back to my classes. Keep me posted." He walked out of the infirmary.

Poppy put a hand on Ava's shoulder. "I will call on a old friend in Muggle London. He is a doctor and can give me access to an IV and a feeding tube to keep Blaise alive."

Ava nodded her thanks. "I have to make a couple a couple of floo calls." She left the infirmary and went into Poppy's office.

"I will help with the research Professor Snape," Hermione said. All Severus could do was nod. The girl's research skills were becoming legendary.

Severus took a look at Harry. The boy was looking at Blaise's body stone-faced. He didn't know if he would scream, cry, or blow up Hogwarts. He came over and put a hand on his shoulder.

"We can't lose him Severus. " his voice breaking. "If he goes we might as well dig two graves." He looked at Draco's tear-stained face.

"We won't. I will try my best to make sure he stays with us."