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He was lost in thought, like usual. Brown furrowed, lips pursued into a slight frown. One of his hands caressed a razor at his side, mind filled with dark thoughts.

Sweeney didn't take notice of Mrs. Lovett's approaching footsteps, even though he was seated in her shop. He assumed she had other things to do, and was simply cleaning up. Even after hearing the clink of a bottle on the table, it took him a moment to realize what she had set down.

She had already wandered off to somewhere else in the shop, leaving him to contemplate the gin bottle. The very full gin bottle. She had taken to buying it bulk since taking in Toby, and very rarely did he see an untouched bottle.

Why had she set it before him?

At the sound of her returning footsteps, Sweeney looked at her. "What is this, Mrs. Lovett?" He growled.

"Can't'cha tell Mr. T?"

He simply stared at her, expecting an answer.

She clicked her tongue against her teeth, setting down two shot glasses. "S'a drinking game."

"I don't recall agreeing to play."

"Ya don't agree." She laughed. "S'a challenge Mr. T." Mrs. Lovett sat down across from him, opening the bottle.

A challenge? She was actually challenging him to a drinking game? He eyed the bottle warily, then her. Surely she knew he could hold more liquor then her? Did she think he was a light weight, after everything he'd gone through?

"What are the stakes?" He found himself asking, disregarding his normal desire for solitude and quiet.

"The stakes?" She sounded surprised.

"Well there's no use playing a game if you don't win something."

"Oh," she filled the glasses. "I didn't think on that."

Her tone implied otherwise, Sweeney snorted at the remark. "If I win…" he began, taking the proffered shot from Mrs. Lovett. "If I win…"