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Hinata wondered what Naruto would do when he found out. At first she became so tense and then finally she looked at the test and saw the confirmation to what she had wondered. "Oh Naruto... I hope that he's like you." She thought to herself. She walked to the mirror and straightened her hair. "I don't want to tell him yet, but I want him to know. I guess that I could go and see Kakashi sensai, and see what he thinks about it all." She thought to herself.

(At the Hokage office)

"So what are you needing Grandma Tsunade?" Naruto asked. "Naruto I am needing all of the ninja in the area to go out into the field. We've received reports about rouge ninjas much like the one you caught attacking Hinata a couple of years ago. These ninja are calling themselves death dealers. So far the attacks have just been outside of the village, but it is obvious that they are attacking families related to families that are considered some what powerful. It is our belief that they may be working for Orochimaru." She said looking at Naruto.

Naruto looked at the window his fists balling up in rage. The mention of Orochimaru was enough to get his blood boiling. He wanted to punish the evil ninja for what he had done to his friends, for tricking Sasuke, and for killing the old man. He turned toward her. "When do I leave?" He asked. "Naruto the mission I have for you is a little more complicated than just investigating the last place hit by the death dealers; I need you to go and stake out Hinata's family summer home outside of the village and wait. The death dealers will be hitting there sooner or later. When they do I want you to follow them to their base of operations. Once you have found where they are reporting back to I want you to return and we will send out a team to deal with them." Lady Tsunade told him.

Naruto nodded and took off toward the western edge of the leaf village. He knew that was where Hinata's family's summer home was located at. She had pointed it out to him once when they where dating. He landed outside of it and stayed far enough back to be out of their line of sight. Once there he waited to see if the death dealers would show up and then he would be completing his mission.

(At the bookstore near the hokage monument.)

Hinata stood outside of the book store waiting for Kakashi sensai to come out. She had seen him going in to buy his love novel and knew that it would be a little bit before he returned outside. After several minutes of waiting she was rewarded with Kakashi walking out holding a new novel. "Kakashi sensai?" she said in a questioning tone. "Hinata, what are you doing here? Are you looking to get the newest novel? It's quite good, but a little more fluff than I am use to." Kakashi said as he walked near where she was. "No it is about Naruto and myself." she said as she walked beside him. "Oh has the lunkhead done something?" Kakashi asked as he read his new novel. "Please don't call him that, and this was as much my doing as his." She said. At that Kakashi stopped what he was doing and looked at her. "How long have you known?" he asked. "Only for certain a couple of hours. I don't know how to tell Naruto." She said. "He is a good choice Hinata despite what your family said about him. I know that he will do everything possible to stay and be a good father. However I fear that your child will be shun by many of the people here. Not just because of what Naruto carries inside of him, but also because of how strong Naruto has grown in the past few years." Kakashi said. He then smiled and patted her belly. "But to tell him just hand him a bag of infant clothes. If that doesn't do it then send him to me and I will explain it to him." He said as he continued on his way.