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John Winchester pulled into the parent parking lot and sat back to relax for a moment before he got his boys. He couldn't believe two months had already gone by since the incident with Mrs. Horton. Sammy had rebounded quickly. He had had a couple of run-ins with Bo on the playground but the bully had been swiftly dealt with. Sammy loved school now and he thought the world of his teacher. Every other sentence started with "Mrs. Sheppard said" or "Mrs. Sheppard told us". And the two boys that had talked him into playing blocks with them had become his two best friends. Sammy, Nolan, and Christian were practically inseparable. They had even had play dates at each others' houses. Sammy was thoroughly enjoying his school experience. And Dean actually liked school for once. He was the first one up and ready in the mornings. Sure he still grumbled about homework but he was excited about going everyday. John knew that was due to all the projects his teacher liked to spring on them. Since the car race, which Dean had won, there had been paper airplane races, exploding volcanoes, and rockets made from film canisters that they launched with Alka-Seltzer.

John sighed. Both his boys were happy here, and he hated to take that away from them. But there were only a couple more hunts in the surrounding area. Those would take a few weeks to complete and then they were headed out. He was already on the lookout for another hot spot. He just hoped that the next school didn't have any Mrs. Horton's in it. One was more than enough. "Too bad Mrs. Sheppard and Ms. Bridges can't go with us" he thought as he climbed out of the car and walked toward the school building. Stopping by the office he signed the boys out and headed for the kindergarten hall. Noticing a new picture and story on Sammy's hanger outside the door John stopped to check it out. Sammy had drawn their house in the middle with stick figures labeled "Dad", "Dean", and "me". In the top right corner was a carefully drawn church with a figure labeled "Pastor Jim" and in the bottom left was the junk yard with a stick figure wearing a ball cap and labeled "Uncle Bobby". John turned his attention to the story under the picture. Sam had written a long story about his extended family. John was amazed at how well his baby boy wrote. Sammy was smart as a whip just like his mama. John looked at the picture for a minute more before walking to the door. Looking in he saw the children packing to go home.

Sammy, Nolan, and Christian looked up from their book bags when they heard the door open. "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" Sammy shouted as he launched himself at John.

"Hey, sport" John said throwing Sam into the air and bracing himself for what he knew was coming next.

"Mr. Winchester! Mr. Winchester!" Nolan and Christian hollered as they each grabbed on to one of John's legs.

John reached down and ruffled both boys' hair. "How's it going guys?" he asked as he attempted to pry the boys off him. When his efforts proved fruitless, he called for backup. "Ah, Mrs. Sheppard a little help here?"

"Alright boys that's enough" Mrs. Sheppard told them hiding her smile behind her bus list. "Let Mr. Winchester go before you hurt him. Sorry about that, John." she added as she shooed the boys back to their seats.

"Don't worry about it." John replied. "They're just playing." Looking at Sammy he asked, "Ready to go, kiddo?"

"Wait a minute" Mrs. Sheppard called. "Got a question for you before you go."

"Okay, shoot" John responded.

"We're going on a field trip to the zoo on Monday, and I was wondering if you would be able to go with us." Mrs. Sheppard said.

"Yeah, daddy can you go with us, please?" Sammy begged with Nolan and Christian joining in.

Not wanting to be trapped in a bus with a bunch of hyperactive kindergarteners John quickly thought up an excuse. "Sorry guys, I have a job out of town that day." he informed them while trying to look disappointed about missing the trip.

"That's okay, Mr. Winchester. Maybe you can go next time." Mrs. Sheppard stated.

"Sure, maybe I can" John said. "Not" he mentally added. "See you on Monday, Mrs. Sheppard" he called as he went out the door. He made it halfway down the hall before Dean came barreling around the corner. "Dean" he gruffly bellowed.

Dean came to a screeching halt in the middle of the hall. "Sorry, dad" he said smirking. Waiting for his dad and then falling into step beside him Dean started filling his dad and brother in on the latest news. "Guess what we're gonna do next week! We're gonna watch a show about tornados and then we're gonna make tornados in bottles!"

"Guess what we're doing, Dean" Sammy countered. "We're going to the zoo! And we're gonna see the monkeys and the tigers and the elephants and the zebras and. . . . "

"I think he gets the idea, Sammy" John interrupted as they stepped out of the school and headed to the waiting impala. Turning to his eldest he asked, "You have any homework, Dean?"

"Just one math page, dad. I finished the rest already." Dean informed him. "Why?"

John opened the car door and deposited Sammy inside before answering. "I thought we'd go camping by the lake this weekend. What do you say, sport? You up for some fishing and target practice?"

"You mean it" Dean squealed. "I get to shoot a real gun! Cool! Hugging his father he added, "You're the best dad in the whole world!"

"It's gonna be a great weekend." John thought as he climbed into the impala and drove away.