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Previously on Supernatural- John stood back up, took Dean by the hand, and headed to the emergency room doors. Home schooling was looking better and better.


John and Bobby sat on the couch watching Dean and Sammy racing their cars around the obstacle course they had made on the floor. The two boys giggled as they drove their cars under book tunnels and over the book bag mountain. The cars tumbled down the mountain and around the bend only to screech to a halt at a boot wall. Looking up both boys saw their dad smiling down at them. "Bath time, guys." He said.

"Awwww, do we haveta? We're in the middle of a race!" Sammy whined poking out his bottom lip.

"Sorry, kiddo. You'll have to finish the race tomorrow." John told him. "If you hurry, I might have time to read you a story before you go to bed."

"No, David?" Sammy asked excitedly.

"Not that one again!" Dean groaned. "C'mon Sammy! You've got a ton of books in our room. Pick a different one already."

"Dean" John said. "We'll read "No David!" if that's the one Sammy wants and then you can pick the story tomorrow night. Alright?"

"Cool! Thanks, dad!" Dean shouted. "And I know the perfect story, too."

"Nothing scary Dean", John warned. "I'm not sitting up all night with Sammy."

"Aww man." Dean muttered as he headed to the bathroom. "That su. . . I mean stinks."

Laughing John watched his boys trudge down the hall and disappear into the bathroom. Sitting back down on the couch he scrubbed a hand across his face letting his mask fall now that his children were out of the room. "Today was too close, Bobby." John said quietly. "I almost lost my baby boy."

Bobby stared at his friend sympathetically. He agreed wholeheartedly but that wasn't what John needed to hear right now. "But you didn't Johnny. Sammy's here and he's fine. He doesn't even remember Mrs. Pool trying to take him." Bobby reminded.

"I know. But it shouldn't have happened in the first place. If I'd stayed with him, that witch wouldn't have been able to get him." John ground out.

Bobby scowled. He grabbed onto the couch tightly to resist the sudden urge to smack some sense into his old friend. "Dammit, Johnny! Listen up 'cause I'm only gonna say this once. This was not your fault, you idgit! Mrs. Pool is responsible for this mess. If you'd stayed at school today, she would have just waited until tomorrow or the next day. She wasn't going to give up. You know that. Quit beating yourself up over something you had no control over and move on. Pool's in custody, Sammy's fine, he's no longer in danger." Bobby growled. Smirking he added, "And I won the prank war just like last time."

"Keep thinking that, old man. I haven't lost yet." John threatened smiling. "I'm just waiting for the perfect time to spring my trap." Hearing Sammy's yell of "we're ready, daddy!" John got up and started for the boys' bedroom. "Thanks, Bobby." He said.

The next morning found the Winchesters and Bobby sitting around the table eating breakfast. John had stayed up all night watching Sammy sleep to make sure his baby boy was alright. Sammy had had a blessedly quiet night, and John decided that whatever the witch had done to Sam hadn't hurt him. He was just as rambunctious as ever, talking nonstop while eating his cereal. Sitting back John smiled as he listened to his little one's chatter wishing every morning could be like this one. The phone ringing interrupted his thoughts. Walking into the other room he snatched up the receiver hoping it wasn't another problem. "Winchester. Good morning, Mrs. Sheppard. He's fine. He's talking Dean and Bobby's ears off as we speak. You do? Sure. I'd love to help you out but I don't think I should leave my boys today. He does. Okay, I'll tell him. Thanks again, Mrs. Sheppard. Bye"

Hanging up the phone he walked back into the kitchen to find three pairs of eyes staring intently at him. "That was Mrs. Sheppard. She wanted to see how you were feeling, Sammy. And she needed a favor. Her kitchen sink's stopped up and she was hoping I could fix it for her." He explained as he reclaimed his seat.

"I can do that, Johnny." Bobby said. "You should spend the day with your boys."

"Thanks, Bobby. I owe you one. She said she wouldn't get home until late this afternoon. Told me to come at 6:00." John informed him.

"No problem. And you actually owe me way more than that." Bobby announced. "C'mon boys! Let's go set up that obstacle course and start the races while your daddy cleans up this mess." Laughing Bobby led Dean and Sammy into the other room leaving John to clear the breakfast dishes.

By the time John got the dishes washed and put away the races were in full swing. He settled himself on the couch and just watched as his little boys and Bobby played on the floor. The next thing he knew he was being shaken awake. Opening his eyes he came face to face with both his boys. Sitting up he pulled his sons into his lap. "What's up, guys?" he asked.

"Daddy, Uncle Bobby said we could go to that fun restaurant again." Sammy squealed. "Can we go now? Please? I'm really hungry."

"Sammy, you can't be hungry yet its on. . ." John stopped mid word as he glanced down at his watch. "Huh, its noon already? Guess I took a little nap. Okay, go wash your hands and faces and we'll head out."

Minutes later they all piled into the impala. Pulling out of the driveway John cautiously surveyed the road. Deciding the coast was clear he turned onto the highway and set off for the restaurant.

At the restaurant the boys gulped down their chicken nuggets and French fries. They then waited as patiently as they could for their dad and uncle to finish eating so they could go out to play. When the men finally finished their meal, both boys quickly steered them outside to the huge play place. Dean and Sammy raced to the slide shouting and laughing. The next hour was spent with Dean, Sammy, and eventually John, and Bobby playing on the equipment and having a blast.

Everything was going great until they pulled back into their driveway and saw the police car. "Shit! I knew it was too good to be true." John thought as he parked the car. Climbing out of the impala he took his boys by the hand and started for the door stopping as the door to the police car opened.

Officer Pulliam stepped out of his car and strolled over to the Winchesters grinning from ear to ear. It wasn't often that he got to bring good news to families. "Afternoon. Thought I'd come by to see how Sammy's doing." Kneeling down in front of the small boy the officer asked, "How are you feeling, sport?"

"I'm great! We went to the fun restaurant and we got to play for a long, long time and daddy and Uncle Bobby even played with us!" Sammy recounted.

Ruffling the youngest Winchesters' hair Officer Pulliam laughed. "Really? It sounds like you had a great time. Maybe I can go with you next time." Standing back up he faced John. "I've got some news, too. Do you think we could talk for a minute?"

"Sure. Boys go on in the house with Uncle Bobby. I'm going to talk with Officer Pulliam and then I'll be in." John ordered. Once the boys were out of earshot he asked, "Alright, what's going on?"

"Calm down, Mr. Winchester. Everything's fine." Officer Pulliam soothed. "I just thought you'd like to know that Mrs. Pool's been sent to the local hospital for a psychological evaluation. She's there on a seventy-two hour hold and after all the ruckus she caused at the school and then the police station she'll probably be there for a long time to come."

"That's great news." John said. "It's about time something went right."

"I can't agree more. Listen, I have to get back to the station. I just wanted to tell you the news in person." Officer Pulliam told him as he shook John's hand. "And don't worry, if anything changes, you'll be the first person I call."

"Thanks for everything, Officer Pulliam. You've been a great help with both problems." John praised. He watched the officer hop back in his car and back out of the driveway before turning and going into his house feeling safe for the first time in a long time.

A few hours later Bobby grabbed his toolbox and trudged out the door. He climbed into his old truck, pulled out of the driveway, and turned left headed to Mrs. Sheppard's house. He had a sink to fix. Several minutes later he was standing at her door knocking.

Mrs. Sheppard schooled her expression and opened her door. "Hello, Mr. Singer." She greeted. "Thanks for coming and helping me out."

"No, problem ma'am. And call me Bobby. Mr. Singer makes me sound old. I should really be thanking you. Coming here saved me from playing hide and seek with the boys." Bobby told her. "Now just point me in the direction of the kitchen and I'll see what I can do."

"Right this way, Mr., I mean Bobby. "Go right through that door." Mrs. Sheppard directed hiding her smile.

Bobby stepped through the door and walked smack into the middle of some kind of party. Women filled the room and they all seemed to be staring at him. Crap! It was a setup! Bobby quickly turned around determined to get out the door. He was blocked by Mrs. Sheppard and Ms. Bridges.

"Sorry Bobby. You can't leave yet. The party's just starting." Mrs. Sheppard informed him with a sly wink. "By the way, John says, "Hi". Turning to the group she announced, Hey girls! Look! The stripper's here!"

"Stripper?" Bobby thought as he looked around searching for the man. He turned beet red as he realized that all the women were staring at him. "Oh, shit!"

Ms. Bridges reached over and turned on the music. "C'mon Bobby! Get your groove on!" She yelled laughing as the man turned an even darker shade of red.

With no way out Bobby conceded defeat. Setting down his toolbox he steeled himself for what was ahead. As he started to slowly unbutton his shirt to the ladies' cheers one thought crossed his mind: "I hate prank wars!"

The End

An- Before anyone starts saying EWWWW, remember Bobby's about twenty years younger in this fic.

"No, David!" was written by David Shannon.