I figured that since readers on Livejournal have had these for more than a year, there was no real harm in posting them here too. They were written over the same time period that I wrote Rediscovered Hearts, but take place after both RH and its planned follow up fic, Beyond Breaking. I do have explanations for things like the fact that the team don't seem to have aged as much as they probably should since the kids are getting older, and how exactly the kids learned about the Stargate Program. Trust me, it will be explained in Beyond Breaking. Think of this as a glimpse into the future of the AU. No, I cannot write in chronological order. In this story, Manda is 10. Carter is therefore 9, and Nicky is 8. Possible spoilers for Beyond Breaking


"I'm not sure what it is, sir," Carter responded, peering at the strange being that was now tied up against the massive, twisted trunk of the tree in the center of the alien jungle. "The ship crashed just over that rise. Never seen anything quite like it. The technology really is fascinating. I don't think the Asgard even have anything like those bubble ships…"

"What's that thing on its…uh…forehead? Is that a forehead?" the CO asked, frowning and bending cautiously toward the creature.

"Yeah, I think it's a forehead," nodded the thoughtful figure on the other side of it. "Listen, do we have to keep it tied up like this?"

"Well, whadda you wanna do, Jackson? Leave it loose so it can attack the people in the village?"

"Well…no…but we don't have any reason to think it's going to do that, do we? Just because we don't understand something doesn't…"

A shrill whistle cut off the rest of the sentence and all three spun around, raising their arms to shield their faces from the sun as they peered toward the white house in the distance. A man appeared on the deck, then quickly walked down into the tall grass, his arms rising as he cupped his hands in front of his mouth.

"Hey!" Jack O'Neill shouted toward the treehouse. "Will you kids untie Teal'c and get in here! Its time to eat!"

"Okay, okay, we're coming, Dad…" Carter sighed, bending to pick up the supersoaker he'd just finished using to help "subdue" the Jaffa warrior. Slinging it over his shoulder, he dashed off toward the house, leaving the other two to release their victim.

"Thought I told you to untie T," Jack remarked, giving his son's backside a light swat as the boy raced up the steps.

Watching him go, the brother-sister pair by the tree only sighed and turned to release their prisoner. Teal'c made a show of rubbing his wrists and glaring at the "commander" before turning toward the girl with a deep bow.

"Thank you for attempting to secure my release, AmandaJackson," he rumbled.

She took a half step back and returned the bow, then both turned and ran off after Carter. Jack, by then, was walking back inside, and they ducked under his arms, squeezing past on either side to thunder into the kitchen.

"Next time, I get to be team leader, Nicky," Carter declared as they slammed up against the kitchen sink on either side of him and thrust their hands under the faucet.