Man and Machine

This is a crossover with the Darkman Movies. Anyone who's seen the Darkman Trilogy knows what I'm talking about. Good movies in my opinion, they show a human's potential for evil and their ability to use that evil to their own advantage.

The story starts a few months before STD and a few weeks after the Darkman III: Die Darkman Die. Anyone who's familiar with Darkman, well that's good for you. I'm using some dialogue from Classic Cowboy's 'Dark Knight'. It was his idea before mine.

Disclaimer: I own neither Kim Possible nor Darkman.




I thought I was dead, I thought I was useless. Just a distraction to insure that my best friend could live and save the world like she usually did. The more I looked back at my life, the more I see myself as a coward. I could barely admit my feelings to myself, let alone her. In a final act of desperation to insure that she lived, I sacrificed myself. In a slim miracle, thanks to family, my life was saved. I won't waste my time pitying myself. I survived for a reason, and I will take advatage of the fact that I am alive. I was given new life when I survived that explosion. I am alive. I have a purpose. I am Man. I am Machine.

- Ronald Ezekiel Stoppable

Prologue: Reborn

There was darkness.

All that he could comprehend at the moment was darkness and a beeping sound on his right.

He opened his eyes to see himself in what looked like a combination of a hospital room and a cybernetics lab.

"Dad, he's regaining consciousness," say a young voice, sounding female. He looked and saw a young girl who seemed to be around 12 years of age.

She was about 4'3" with shoulder length, blonde hair and bright green eyes. She was wearing a pair of black cargo pants and a dark blue blouse.

"Very good, Sarah," a man who looked to be in his late twenties early thirties walked in. He was about 6'5" and had long, mid-back length, dark-brown hair pulled into a braid and bright green eyes. He had such a good physique that quite a few people would mistake him for a female if he didn't have a serious case of five o'clock shadow. He was wearing a pair of eye glasses while he read up all of the notes taken about the young man's health. The father turned to the young man and asked, "How are you feeling, Ron?"

"A little stiff," Ron admitted as he tried moving his arms a bit to brush his messy blonde hair back a bit. He was feeling a great deal of resistance with his muscles. "Uncle Zeke, where am I and why am I here?"

"You've been in a coma for the past week and a half," the man, now known as Zeke, informed him. "What's the last thing you remember?"

"I remember going out on a mission to stop Dementor," Ron began.


It was suppose to be an average mission, infiltrate Dementor's lair, stop his doomsday weapon and insure Dementor's arrest.

The problem was that Dementor going beyond normal caution and set it up just incase he failed. He learned from a few of his mistakes.

Dementor had escaped launched an escape pod of his own before activating the self destruct for his lair.

They only had twenty seconds, all the openings were sealed off, there was only one escape pod left and there was only room for one of them.

Ron made the final decision and knocked Kim out before placing her and Rufus into the pod. "Take care of her, Rufus," was all he said before he pushed the close button.

Rufus nodded to his friend with a tear and activated the pod.

Ron saw the escape pod leave and the only thing in going through his head was, 'I'm sorry I can't be there for you anymore Kim, I love you.'

The last thing Ron remembered was the explosion and a great deal of pain before he blacked out.

End of Flashback

"Kim!" Rons exclaimed. "How is she? Is she safe?"

Zeke moved his hands in a gesture that said to calm down, "She's just fine, her pod cleared just outside the blast radius."

Relieved that she was safe Ron asked, "So how am I still alive?"

Zeke started reading over his charts while listening to his nephew. "Sarah, go get your mother," he ordered. When she was gone Zeke looked up and said, "Initially, I haven't a clue. It appears you have a strong will to live, but I digress. I had to put you through a biotechnological surgery procedure, most of your body couldn't be used under normal circumstances so it was the only way you could continue living any form of lifestyle."

"Biotechnowhat?" Ron asked, clearly confused.

"Biotechnology, or Biotech, is something I've been developing for quite a few years now, it is the result of an organism that has natural and technological components living in near perfect symbiosis," Zeke explained to his nephew. Noticing his vacant expression he asked, "You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?"

Ron shook his head.

"Well, I guess that's the result of your laid back lifestyle," Zeke said, mostly to himself.

"Although, I didn't get most of what you said, I did catch the part about near perfect symbiosis," Ron responded. "I may not be the best student but there are just some times where you can't help but listen to what's being taught," he admitted sheepishly. "Symbiosis the living together of two different organism, be it through benificial terms or dependence. Now why is it only near perfect symbiosis?"

"Because no one, as of yet, has cracked the code for self healing and self advancing technology," Zeke explained. "It's only near perfect because your body is still adjusting and growing and will, most keep on doing so for the next nine years of your life. Which is why a colleague of mine is transferring copies of his data to my computer every time he advances, no matter how small the step. Meaning that this project is only half of a success."

"And who exactly is this colleague you're getting help from?" Ron asked.

"James Possible," a voice said from the doorway. "Good to see you again, Ron. Although the circumstances could be better."

"You're telling me, Dr. Porter," Ron answered. "Anyway, what are you doing here? And why is Mr. Dr. P involved?"

"To answer your first question, Vivian is Sarah's mother," Zeke explained as Vivian took Sarah to bed. "And James is only involved because of how far and how extensive his research has gotten. Knowing all the benefits of my research and how far his project he's named Haphaestus could bring, he's agreed as long as I keep it out of the wrong hands."

"Okay, how exactly could that project be used for evil?" Ron asked curiously.

"That's not something for me to answer," Zeke admitted honestly. "I'd prefer to keep all things confidential for the sake of safety. If you want all the facts, just ask James himself, he should be here in a few minutes."

"Why is he coming here?" Ron asked. "And where exactly is here?"

"We're actually about halfway from the Middleton space center and the Middleton Institute of Science and Technology," Zeke answered while double checking all of the health charts.

"So why did you choose this location?" Ron asked. He then remembered something and asked, "Wait, are we at your house?"

"Very astute of you," Zeke said while putting the charts down and taking off his glasses and placing them on the stand next to Ron's bed. "I'm actually surprised you remembered where I live."

"It actually kind of burned into my memory when you told Mom and Dad," Ron admitted while rubbing the back of his head. "Why haven't you been over recently? I mean the last time I saw you was at the wedding."

"Yeah, that was something to remember, especially with that plasma cannon motorcycle you tried to use on Shawn," the recollection brought a chuckle to his face.

"It's been a while since I've seen you think anything was humorous," Vivian said, bringing attention to her.

"As the saying goes, 'What goes around, comes around'," Zeke explained. "Shawn has been asking for it for some time so when I saw Ron put him in his place, albeit, moreso than necessary, I couldn't help but laugh. Anyway, did you call James?"

"Yes," Vivian answered.

"Okay, quick question," Ron said. "When exactly did you two procreate?"

Zeke would have done a spit take on Ron had he been drinking anything, "Do you know what you're asking?"

Ron just replied, "Should I have asked when you two consumated your relationship?"

"Apparently he does," Vivian responded.

"Sarah is a result of a form of procreation but not the traditional kind," Zeke explained after getting over his initial surprise of Ron's vocabulary. "Through the usage of a DNA sample from myself and Vivian I was able to construct a perfect human through my experiments, Sarah was the experiment number sixty-eight, the last one I attempted and the only one to survive," he finished with a tear in his eye.

"So your failures saddenned you?" Ron asked.

"Hardly," Zeke answered. "Failure is just another learning experience, which is actually most scientists, myself included, enjoy. It was the fact that the first sixty-seven died, every one of them were my children and I valued each of their lives," he admitted with another tear.

"You said that Sarah is a perfect human," Ron said as he remembered the conversation. "Does that mean that she's capable of extraordinary feats?"

"Sarah is no more capable of anything than Kim," Zeke explained simply. "When I said that she's a perfect human I meant that she carries the potential for greatness that every human has and that she has faults that normal people carry as well, she has no extraordinary features and can't do anything a normal person can't." Zeke paused and then added, "The same thing can be said about Kim, the only reason she is able to do what she does is because not only does she believe she can but others do too, more specifically you," he finished.

Ron thought about this and wondered, 'Why would she be able to do those things because I believed she could?'

"You're gonna have to figure out why on your own," Zeke said responding to Rons thoughts. "Before you ask, your facial expressions are like a looking glass to your thoughts, and, from what I've examined, the only one who can't read you like a book is Kim herself."

"Okay," Ron said somewhat skeptically.

"Now I need to give you a physical examination to see how your body is adapting," Zeke said and turned to Vivian. "Please leave the room for a bit, I think he would prefer a bit of privacy."

"Sure," Vivian said, understanding the implements. Before she left she said, "I'll call down when James gets here."

"Gotcha," Zeke said as he started all necessary procedures.

Meanwhile, at the Middleton Space Center...

James possible was working late on the Hapheastus project when he received a phone call, to which he answered, "Middleton Space Center, Dr. James Possible speaking."

"James, its Vivian," she informed. "We need you to come over to Zeke's lab for a bit."

"Thank you for the info, Vivian. How far is Ezekiel's project?" he asked.

"That's one of the reasons why we need you over here," Vivian told him. "The other is for personal reasons."

"What kind of personal reasons?" James asked, curious as to what was so personal that his colleague needed him to go to his lab.

"You'll find out after you get here," Vivian responded vaguely.

Although James didn't like secrets being kept from him he knew about Ezekiel's paranoia, most of which he has for good reason.

"I'll be there in about ten minutes," James told her as he saved all the data for the Hapheastus project. "See ya soon."

"Sure," Vivian answered and hung up.

'Now what exactly is so personal for all the secrecy?' James thought to himself as he clocked himself out of the space center.

It took all of eight minutes for James to reach his destination, which wasn't all that surprising given it was around 11:40 pm.

James pulled into the driveway, parked his car and locked it before he walked to the front door. He rang the bell and it wasnt ten seconds later before Vivian answered the door and let him in.

"So what's with all the secrecy?" James asked.

"It's more of a see and believe kind of secret," Vivian told him as she pushed a button on a machine on on of the coffee tables. "Zeke, James is here," she said through a microphone of the machine.

"That's good because I just finished the physical," Zeke voice responded through the speaker. "Send him down."

"You heard him," Vivian said. "You know where to go."

"Of course," James answered as he walked down the hallway. When James reached a three-way intersection in the hallway, he moved a flower pot to reveal a thumbprint scanner to which he placed his thumb, the computer scanned his thumb and a section of the wall moved upward, revealing a doorway, a retinal scanner and a keyboard and monitor. He placed his eyes on the retinal scanner. After the scan was completer he moved over to the keyboard and typed in his password. 'I wish for my children to be happy' was what he typed and pressed the enter key. The doorway openned horizontally to reveal an elevator which he stepped into.

"Good evening, Dr. Possible," a computerized voice greeted.

"Good evening, Veronica," James replied.

"Which floor will you be visiting tonight?" Veronica asked.

"Ezekiel's lab," James answered. "He has something he needs me to see."

"Right away," Veronica said.

The elevator started and about fifteen second later the doors openned to reveal Zeke's research and development laboratory.

Zeke walked out of the medical ward and saw James, "Good for you to come on such short notice."

"Anything for a friend," James responded. "First, how far is your research? Second, what couldn't be said over the phone?"

"The first and second are actually intertwined," Zeke admitted. "A life was on the line, and as far as my research was, I could save him."

"Who did you test it on?" James asked seriously.

"You can come out, Ron," Zeke called out.

A few seconds later the form of Ron Stoppable walked out of the medical ward, surprising James.

"Hey Mr. Dr. P," Ron said, confirming the authenticity.

"Ronald, I thought you were MIA since the mission almost two weeks back," James admitted.

"He's been in a coma since the explosion," Zeke explained. "During that time I had to reconstruct the majority of his body cell by cell. Unfortunately, I couldn't use all cell, so, as a result, he is the first success of my research, although he's also the first attempt."

"I thought you wouldn't test your research until it was at least ninety percent complete," James interjected.

"The situation was dire. The world, among others, needs Ron, I didn't want him to die and Veronica would have rung my neck otherwise, especially considering we're not on the best of terms right now," Zeke said. "Besides, what would you have done if your brother's only child's life was on the line and you were the only person in the world who could save her."

"The same thing," James asked. "Wait, Ronald's your nephew?"

"You mean, you didn't know?" Zeke asked. "But you've met my family before, how could you have not known?"

"Sometimes I forget, you and your sister look nothing alike," James admitted.

"That and I'm not Jewish," Zeke said. "Sometimes I think you are probably the stupidest genius I've ever met.".

"I concur," James said, of which both started laughing.

"James, you can't tell anyone about this project," Zeke said in all seriouness. "You both know how I feel about this country, especially considering what they could do with my research. This city is a diamond in a pile of coal. I'll be educating and training Ron with his abilities until I feel he has enough control to live at least a remotely normal life."

"What about Kim?" Ron asked. "Surely she needs to know that I'm alive."

"Kim isn't the only one," Zeke admitted. "I'll inform Veronica and Jerry ASAP."

"What about me?" a voice said from behind them. A figure of medium build wearing a trenchcoat and a hat with bandages wrapped around his face and hands stepped out of the shadows.

"And who are you?" James asked.

"James, Ron, let me introduce you to my partner," Zeke said as he walked right next to the bandaged man. "This is Dr. Peyton Westlake, his area of expertise is advanced bio-chemistry."

"Thank you for the introduction, Dr. Williams," Peyton said. "And thank you for your assistance, if not for you, my finished research would have been lost."

"Westlake..." James said to himself. "I've heard of that name before, I thought you died when your lab exploded."

"I survived with severe burns," Peyton admitted. "My lab was right by a harbor, the explosion blasted me straight into the water."

"Sounds like you went through a great deal of physical pain," Ron said.

"That would have been the entire case, had my nervous system not been disconnected from brain," Dr. Westlake admitted.

"He has no sensation of feeling within any of his limb," Zeke informed them.

"I had also heard that you were working on a form of synthetic skin tissue, through which could replace scar tissue, allowing the person to be able to commune freely, as if no disfiguration had occured," James added with some thought.

"Due to Dr. Williams assistance, I was able to have a backup copy of my data," Peyton said. "He's also promised to assist me in another project for humanity's benefit."

"That's all great, but what does synthetic skin have to do with me?" Ron asked.

"Did you honestly think that I could have been able to insure your survival if I'd focused on appearance?" Zeke asked.

"The final result of my research, the liquid skin that wraps around the persons limbs, is what is covering the majority of your body," Peyton informed them. "Without my research, you'd most likely be even more of a social outcast then before."

"Okay," Ron stated. Wanting to change the subject he asked, "So what exactly is the project I've become apart of called."

Zeke extended his hand, "As much as I would love for you to have had a choice, there was no alternative."

Ron took it in confusion, "Whats with the greeting?"

"In this case, I'm welcoming you," Zeke said. "You are now an active member of this project."

"Whether or not I have a choice doesn't make a difference to me," Ron said. "Will this allow me to be of more help to Kim?"

"That depends on how well you adapt and perform with all the changes, as well as the final upgrades you'll be receiving," Zeke told him firmly. "Are you willing to do the work?" he asked.

"If it means that Kim will be a great deal more safe, then I don't care if I have to die again," Ron stated with no hesitation as he made uey contact with his uncle. "I'm here for the full duration," he said not breaking the eye contact.

When Zeke looked into Rons eyes he saw a determination like no other. He saw how serious Ron was. Zeke smiled and said, "The name of this project will be your code name." Zeke paused to let Ron take in this information and continued, "Ronald Ezekiel Stoppable, let me be the first to welcome you to Project Cyborg."

To be continued...

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