Man and Machine

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Shame, that's all that I feel for myself. I'm not worthy to have such a wonderful family, a husband that has always had my well-being in mind, a son that anyone could truly say that they're proud of and a younger brother who is doing everything in his power to try and change the world for the better. All I've done is shunned my brother, ever since the occurence of the explosion that took my parents' lives I've acted like I resented him, even outright hated him in hopes that he would finally stop all of his research. That explosion showed me something, he might not be so lucky with just surviving with some injury as a reminder next time. I did this to try and coax him into giving up this lifestyle he's so determined to keep up. That rocket he built at the age of twelve could have been a warning, but everyone passed it off as a twelve-year-old's mistake. In truth I've done worse to my son, sending him to a horrible place just so that his genius mind wouldn't develop as well as his uncle's. I only did more harm than good, I separated him from his best friend and gave him several phobias. It wasn't until he started going on these missions with said friend that I realized that no matter how much you want, sometimes you just can't change who a person is meant to be. My only wish is that they can forgive me for all of the wrongs that I have done to them.

- Veronica Nichole Stoppable

Chapter 6: Prom Aftermath

The song that was currently playing was Black Sabbath's Iron Man.

"Seriously," Ron said as he was listening to the song. This song could have been a complete representation of him if he hadn't had Kim by his side. "What was uncle Zeke thinking?"

Kim herself was chuckling, "Apparently he has a sense of humor."

"An odd one," Ron told her, though he couldn't help but snicker himself.

"I don't know, it seems pretty funny to me," Kim admitted to her cyborg of a boyfriend. "I think I'll start calling you my Iron Man."

"You're the only one allowed to call me that," Ron told her. "It's not like many people would get the reference."

Kim nodded. She asked, "Now, when exactly did the first two kisses happen?"

"The second one was during the incident with the moodulator," Ron said to her.

Kim nodded, remembering that day clearly.

"The first one happened shortly before we were properly introduced," the cyborg explained to her. "I was trying to lecture a few guys giving you a hard time because of how scared you were," he paused a bit, letting her recall the incident.


It was during recess of preschool and a young auburn haired, green-eyed four year old girl with pigtails was being teased.

A young male, around the same age, with messy blonde hair, chocolate brown eyes and freckles moved over to her.

"You shouldn't tease her," he lectured the guys teasing the girl. "It's against the school rules, the rules are to be observed and followed accordingly," he finished, causing them to look at him in dead silence, all wondering if this guy was for real.

Thinking he got through to them he turned around and moved to the girl, smile and asked, "Are you okay?"

"Look out," she warned a little too late as one of the bullies pushed him from behind.

This, in turn, caused the blonde to fall forward, being that the girl was in front of him, she fell too. Now it wasn't so much of the fact that he landed on her or how he landed, which body draped across one another as it was what had occured as they hit the ground. The position their faces were in were mouth to mouth, which not only caused them to open their eyes widely, but also caused the bullies to run away, completely disgusted with what happened.

After both had gotten out of that awkward position and the blushes cleared from their faces, the boy asked, "Are you okay, umm..." He thought for a bit, "What's your name, anyway?"

"Kim," she said to him. "Kim Possible, and I'm fine, thank you for asking."

"Ron Stoppable," the boy replied. "The incident aside, do you wanna be friends?" he asked her.

"Sure," Kim responded with a cheeful smile, the awkward position almost completely forgotten. This was the start of a friendship that would certainly change the world for the better.

End of Flashback

"I must say that, although the kiss was involuntary, it wasn't unpleasant," Ron admitted to his date. "Awkward, but not unpleasant."

Kim blushed and smiled as she remembered the incident clearly now. Ron had been her first kiss, and she wouldn't have had it any other way.

"Although it doesn't feel as awkward now," Ron admitted as he heard the sounds of the acoustics of the song starting to play. This caused him to smile as he recognized the song, given that it was introduced earlier that year. "Seems appropriate," Ron said as he looked at Kim as they started slow dancing again. When the main lyrics came up Ron started saying, "The more I hear the music, the more I find myself relating to it."

"How so?" Kim asked, listening the the music herself.

"Throughout the years, especially on missions, I couldn't help but think that we'd been together, just you and me," Ron admitted to her. "And nearly the entire time, I just kept looking, unable to break the contact my eyes had made to you," he continued. "And it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I stopped asking myself 'Why don't my eyes ever leave you?'," he finished, giving Kim another smile.

"And why is that?" Kim asked, although she had already suspected an answer.

Ron sighed, knowing this would happen sooner or later, he stopped the slow dance before the song stopped and brought Kim to the corner to insure that they'd at least have a somewhat private conversation. "The explosion was what made me realize it," he told her as they sat down in some chairs that were there. "Your life really flashes before your eyes when you're staring death in the face," he explained. "As the explosion occured, one thought went through my head, which lead to a regret, although I was glad that I would die, knowing that it was to save you, my only regret would be that I would die without you knowing how much you meant to me," he admitted, looking her dead in the eyes, showing that he meant every word.

"So you're saying..." Kim started, but Ron interrupted her.

"I love you, Kim," he finally admitted to her. "I don't know when it started, and I don't want to know if it will end, but all I know is that I do, and that's all that really matters to me," Ron told her, expressing himself with complete sincerity.

Kim just smiled, knowing that what he said was genuine. "To tell you the truth, I've never admitted having any kind of feelings, other than attraction, in any of the past relationships I've been in," she told him. "And I'm glad I didn't, because I would have been lying without even realizing," she admitted. "Ron, I love you too," she finally said with no hesitation or reluctance in her voice.

They both leaned in for another kiss when someone interrupted.

"Hey, hey, hey, no PDA on school grounds whilst in my presence," came the voice of Vice-Principal and substitute teacher on multiple occasions, Steve Barkin. "I let the first one slide, because I couldn't just ruin that moment," he admitted. "And all current students get one freebie from me during school events like this," he whispered to them.

"So you're not all Drill Sergeant when it isn't during school hours," Ron observed the man carefully. "That's certainly a relief," he admitted with a chuckle.

"Considering that it isn't school hours, I'll let that one slide as well, but best stay on your toes, Stoppable," Barkin warned the cyborg as he walked away from them.

"Yeah, he's out to get you," Kim finally admitted.

"Finally, you get it," Ron gave an exasperated sigh.

Both started laughing after he made this comment.

After they'd calmed down Ron said, "I think we've spent enough time here, and you?"

"I agree," Kim said as they walked to the door.

Ron pulled his left hand up, put his middle finger and thumb into his mouth and whistled.

Hearing his master calling him, Rufus ran straight towards Ron and Kim as they headed towards the door, but not before waving Monique good bye.

Monique herself just looked at the two of them in envy. "I certainly wish I could find a relationship like that," she said to herself as the doors opened and closed.


Kim and Ron decided to ride straight home, the excitement of today left them tired. They both knew that this night was only the beginning for them.

As Ron pulled into the driveway he knew that he would have to part ways with Kim for the moment. At this point in time, that was probably one of the most difficult thoughts for him to accept. As he took his helmet off, he noticed that Kim seemed to be having similar thoughts.

"Everything just seems so unreal now," Kim admitted as they dismounted the bike. "It's like I've been looking but never really seeing things. Now things just feel like a dream, and I'm afraid that I'll wake up when we separate."

Ron smiled as he responded, "Well if this is a dream, I can only hope that I sleep eternally."

Kim smiled as she asked, "When did you become this sweet?"

"I'm not sure," Ron admitted to her. "I'm just saying what I feel. It helps to have a beautiful girl standing in front of me."

"You're just trying to get another kiss from me," Kim remarked to him. "And it worked," she said as she lip locked with the cyborg.

As they separated for air the only thing Ron could say was, "Booyah."

They broke contact with one another, both reluctant to do so.

"I'll see you tomorrow, my Iron Man," Kim told him as she walked to what was left of her front door.

"Sure thing, my beautiful princess," Ron told her as he walked back to his bike.

Kim blushed at his compliment as she watched him turn the engine on and ride off to where he was currently living. One question ran through her head, 'Why didn't I realize that I loved him before?' She walked inside with a smile on her face. 'He knows how to make a girl feel special, especially with that talented tongue of his,' she thought as she was thinking about how good he was at kissing.

End of Chapter

The year this fic is based in is 2005, and I did my research before jumping the gun. The song indicated, if anyone can figure it out, was introduced near the beginning of that year so I don't want any complaints about whether or not songs are accurate when they're playing in the fic. The album was also released before the time indicated in the movie so there is no real grounds for complaints unless the people just want to complain simply because they don't like the song.

Sometimes I think about a phrase in a song that could be used in the situation. Like 'And it worked,' is right before the first chorus for Only by Nine-Inch Nails. You don't come across people using some of the lyrics to songs occasionally so it kind of makes the wording original.

And sorry it took me a while to update, mostly I've been thinking about the storyline and how I should word it. And I'm also working on another story. Simply called Flame of Penance, and you can just guess the reference, I'm not sure whether or not you'll be right, but that doesn't mean you can't try.

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