Behind the Damacy

It's a never ending story about what happens if the cousins weren't rolling the Katamari to do whatever the King of all Doofuses broke.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Katamari series. Namco does.

Chapter 1: Before the Katamari Exsited

Prince decides to go back into his house after a hard day on Earth. But once he got back, he was surprised to see Honey in his house.

Prince: Oh my Sheesh!! What are you doing here...UNINVITED!!!

Honey: Sorry if I scared you. Just wanted to give you something kind of cool...Man, you looked exausted! What happened to you?

Prince: Well, Earth pisses me off at times.

Honey: What do you mean, Earth is a wonderful place to visit!

Prince: Maybe to you, but here's what happened to me.


Soccer Girl: Hey you, watch out!

(Soccer Ball hits Prince.)

Soccer Girl: Hey, are you okay little dude?

Prince: Yeah. Thanks for caring about my painful injury.

Gang Leader: Hey! Step away from my girlfriend, Leperchan Man!

Prince: Leperchan Man?

(Gang leader kicks Prince away from the school.)

(After that, Prince landed on a construction site...where he got run over by a bulldozer.)

(Then, he got hit by a wrecking ball to the circus.)

Prince: Let me guess, I'll get steped on by elephants, right?

(No, silly. You'll get crushed bu a stegosaurus, of course.)

Prince: Oh crap.

(After getting stepped on and swalloed by the dinosaur, Eventually, (I won't get into details of that, of course.) he got out.

Prince: That is it! I have had it with this planet! It sucks!! Someday, possibly today is when I get you...

(Then Prince got rolled over by a clown on a unicycle.)


Honey: Wow. Did all that happen to you? Harsh.

Prince: Yeah. Now is there something that I can help you with.

Honey: Oh right. I just wanted to give you this thing I made myself.

Prince: Wow! What is it?

Honey: Well, I haven't named it yet.

Dipp: Call that either a piece of crap or a gay sticky ball! That's why she's giving it to you.

Prince: Dipp! What are you doing at my house?

Peso: Well, Dipp and I didn't find any open clubs. So we came in here instead. But really, what is that?

Prince: Well, Honey haven't named it yet.

Honey: I've got the perfect name for it, but it may sound kinda stupid.

Dipp: You look stupid

Prince: Hey! Shut up! Now what was the name in your mind?

Honey: Well, I've decided to call this wonderous ball, the Katamari. So how did you like the name?

(Dipp and Peso start laughing there heads off. Prince kind of chuckled too.)

(Then Lucha peeked through another window along with Velvet.)

Velvet: Hey guys? What's so funny?

Lucha: Yeah? I can't afford to miss anything since we've read Dasiy's diary.

(Memory with Lucha, Peso, Dipp, and Prince reading Dasiy's diary.)

Lucha: Come on, Dipp. Turn the page.

Dipp: Here's a good one. Dear Diary. This may seen wierd, concidering that we're cousins, but I think Kuro is one of the hottest things on Earth. I even made of me and Kuro doing it! Moo! That's so sweet!

Prince: Well, what are you waiting for?

Peso: Ooh! Turn the page in suspense!

Dipp: Turning...turning...OHHH!!! That's nasty! (Everyone starts laughing.)

Dasiy: Hey guys. What're you're reading? (Then silence flew through.)

Lucha: Ummm, nothing to important is all.

Dasiy: Wait a minute. Is that my... YOU'RE READING MY DIARY!!! (Runs off crying.)

Prince: Maybe we should stop reading now.

Peso: I guess you're right...hey, turn the page!


Dipp: Honey is an idiot! She named that thing a Katamari...What a nut!!!

(After that, everybody, even Prince, start roaring up a storm.)

Honey: It may be a stupid name, but does that Dickhead Dipp have to make fun of me?? Wahhh! (She cries then leaves.)

Velvet: Way to go, Prince!!

Prince: Hold up a second!

(Somewhere in deep space.)

King: They see me rollin. They hatin. Protroling and...OH MY ME!! I'M GONNA CRASH!

(So then, the King destroyed every star, planet, and all in the universe...except one. It was Prince's Planet with a floating mushroom.)

(Back at Prince's house.)

Prince: Wow. I sure feel bad about this; even if I didn't do anything!!! (Prince grabs the 1 cm Katamari.) What does this sticky ball do anyway? I wonder...

(Moments later.)

Prince: Well, here goes nothing.

(Prince then rolls up all of the grass, mowing the lawn for him. When he was done, the 1 cm Katamari grew into 5 cm.)

Prince: Woah! This thing is so big that I have to roll up the Katemoki...whatever. How does it do that anyway?

(So Prince pushed the Katamari around his yards to mow up all the grass in the planet.)

(While doing that, the King noticed the Prince rolling up the grass with the Katamari.)

Prince: Well what would you know. 20 cm worth of grass. Thank you Honey for this wonderful lawn mower.

King: My boy. What is this mockery you used to mow the lawn?

Prince: Oh Honey gave me this. She said it was a Kakamaki...or something like that?

King: I don't care if all the people on Earth gave you that. Just get it out of sight!

(Then the King threw Katamari up in the air...and it recreated Earth.)

Prince: Umm, dad? What did you do the stars and my gift?

(So the King told his story about how he crashed everything in the Universe.)

King: And I guess that special ball recreates anything at it's right size. So I'm giving you an assignment.

Prince: Let me guess. You have to make Honey and me make Katamaris for you to fix all the stars? Hey. I finally pronounce it.

King: Are you kidding Me? Honey and your other cousins could make the Katamaris. You roll those Katamaris up in Earth so I can turn these stars back to normal.

Prince: Well, at least I can finally have my revenge on that pesky planet.

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